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1) Outline the external marketing environment for the Boston Ballet.

1) Outline the external marketing environment for the Boston Ballet.






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    1) Outline the external marketing environment for the Boston Ballet. 1) Outline the external marketing environment for the Boston Ballet. Presentation Transcript

    • 1) Outline the externalmarketing environment for the Boston Ballet.
    • Macro Factors The one which can affects the organization INDIRECTLYEnvironment Wang Center The Colonial TheaterSocio-Cultural Changes amongpopulation of female dancers
    • Socio-Cultural Dancing andsinging culture (in Cuba, LatinCountries and Spain) New trend in thedance (Hip hop, Jazz, ContemporaryDance)
    • Micro Factors The one that affect the organization DIRECTLYCustomers Interest in buying the tickets, $25 forNutcracker, $18.50 for the RockettesCompetitors Radio City Rockettes, Popular TheaterBlockbusters, National Shows, New Trends in dance andentertainmentPublic Television programming/Broadcasting
    • 3) Can ballettroupes manage their environment? How?
    • The presence of competitors like the RadioR City Rockettes has been booked by the Wang Center rather than Boston BalletE (commercial competition). Increased competition faced byA Boston Ballet like popular theater blockbusters.S Better attended from National ShowsO like Radio City Holiday Spectacular, The Lion King and BlueN Man Group.
    • Tremendous competitions from new trends in dance and entertainment.
    • Customers - Struggling to maintain revenues (just only $2.2 million) - Customers may choose $18.50 of the Rockettes ticketsrather than the Nutcracker $25.Environment - Moving from Wang Center to the ColonialTheater shows and illustrates that Boston Ballettroupes are having difficulties to manage tomanage their environment with uncertaineconomy and commercial competition.
    • Public - Television programming : A & E made a dramatic shift from broadcasting thefine arts performances to nonscripted programs.Socio-cultural & trends/changes - Ballet suffers lack of interest among boys in US which they are now intocontemporary dance, hip hop and jazz. - In Cuba, Latin countries and Spain, dancing and singing are their life andsomething that is welcomely accepted. In short, these are part of them andtheir life.- A long time, ballerinas are rarely to have children in their careers butnowadays, dancers are permitted to have children and return to their careersafterward.
    • 4) How can ballet troupesmodify their marketing mix to be more competitive?
    • Apply the business the tools namely the 4Ps. Product : providing an excellent andattractive show to the audience to enticethem. : recruiting more ballet dancers : introducing contemporary danceand ballet more widely : carrying on with the Nutcrackerperformance since the profits are mostlycame from them : urging the dancers to improve theirperformance so it wont bore the audiencesout
    • Price : affordable price (less than previous pricein order to compete with others) : researching consumers’ opinions aboutpricing and try to compromise with itPlace : if the economy is pretty stable, they should perform attheir previous stage, namely, the Wang Center or both, theColonial Theater. : but if its not, they have to change the venue ofperformance (demographic factors : to perform your strategicplan to market your product)
    • Promotion : by bringing a special guest like the famousand hugely well-known celebrities (dancer) to attractmore audience. : creating more attractive adverts to gatheraudiences’s attentions either through onsite, newspapers, magazines, tv and etc. (technologicalfactors : must seek out technology that will make thembetter and competitive competitors) : doing a lot of promotional activities (offerspeople to join ballet, for those who are interested andwilling to join) with the purpose of enabling BostonBallet to develop and build up succession of messages.
    • Thank you foryour attention!Solikewise, anyquestions?