7 gate game design document


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7 gate game design document

  1. 1. Game Design DocumentBy: Syabrin Kian Foong Gou Liang MinyiGame Title: 7/6 GATE
  2. 2. Table of Contents• Design history o 1.1 Ideation process o 1.2 Iteration process  1.2.1 evaluation of iteration  1.2.2 changes made from prototype to final game• Game Overview o 2.1 Game concept o 2.2 Asset list o 2.3 Target audience and rationale• Gameplay and Mechanics o 3.1 Gameplay  3.1.1 Objectives  3.1.2 Playflow  3.1.3 Decision tree/flowchart o 3.2 Mechanics  3.2.1 Movement  3.2.2 Objects • Using objects  3.2.3 Actions • Picking up  3.2.4 Combat• Story, settings and character o 4.1 Back story• Playtest results
  3. 3. 1. Design History 1.1 Ideation Process
  4. 4.
  5. 5.  Our game is inspired by the 7 deadly sins input by the Roman Catholic. The idea here in the game much influenced from many vintage video game in which player are to go though different stages of the maze in which in each stage there would be a boss you have to defeat.
  6. 6. (Final Game)
  7. 7. o From the paper Prototype, we changed several mechanics. For example: o We do not input the use of collecting the different weapon to kill the different boss. o Default weapon are already given on the start of the round in which you could use it to kill all the boss. o We input a lock at the other door of the other stages if you have not clear the earlier ones.1.2 Iteration 1.2.1 Evaluation of Iteration o We play tested the game many times to look for possible bugs that might be in the game and also for spotting design error in which in terms of the GUI layout of the games and also the size of the sprites on the game itself. o We are to use different weapons for the different boss to kill with but the time constraint for overall art did not permit us to do so o Changing the sizes of the characters several time in order for the programming to work on the sprites and also for the character to be able to move around maze. 1.2.2 Changes made from prototype to final game o We did not input the idea of first finding and collecting the needed weapon in the maze in order to kill the boss at the end of each level o We changed the whole layout of the game. o We keep on changing the measurements of sprites due to fact that our gameplay run through mazes in which precise sizes of the sprites needed to proper o We add on challenge like obstacles which consist of monsters, flying knife, black hole and also invisible walls to increase its intensity o We input 5 lives and a health bar for the player to balnce out the game o Balancing of the game. We playtested the game several times and adjusted the objectives of the game
  8. 8. o After many playtests , we also adjusted the health bar to a certainpoint. This is so that the player will not lose too fast due to the contact with obstacles or the flying objects.2.Game Overview 2.1 Game Concept o The game concept is to show the audience of the 7 deadly sins through the different stages of mazes in which it would lead you to a boss at the end in which each boos would represent the different deadly sins. The mazes use in the game is to let the player to control his own precession in terms of speed and also decision making along the way. 2.2 Target Audience and Rationale o Ages 12 and above. o This game is rather challenging as it requires precession, speed, skill and also a bit of luck in which so teenagers will like to challenge the game. o The theme of this game is the 7 deadly sins but in a simplified way. It allows players to understand about the different deadly sins through the different boss on the different levels. o The game does not include any gore but mild violence in terms of the theme of killing a creature which makes it much appropriate for teenagers. o This game is designed to be cute and appealing. Therefore attracting both males and females to play.
  9. 9. 3.Gameplay and Mechanics 3.1 Gameplay 3.1.1 Objectives o Navigate your way through the mazes by avoiding the different obstacles. Survive your way through the next round by killing the boss at each stage in order for the next to be unlock 3.1.2 Play Flow o Used of the 4 different directions from the direction keys to navigate through.. Primarily based on being fast paced and accuracy. Use the no. 1 key for attack.
  10. 10. 3.1.3 Decision Tree/Flowchart  Avoid the obstacles like the flying object, black holes and also creatures in order not to lose your health or die  Kill the boss by avoiding the flying object and also creature in order to unlock the door to the next level.  Players require some thinking and have to be quick to react. The player have to check whether the destinations for the passengers is matching the one stated on the plane
  11. 11. 3.2 Mechanics 3.2.1 Movement o The use of the directions button in which the character can move to 4 different directions and also the number button to attack 3.2.2 Objects o Flying knife • It will decrease your health bar o Flying creature • It will decrease your health bar o Boss • It will decrease your health bar Using Objects • When in contact with the object the player will loses its health 3.2.3 Actions o Player have to be quick to avoid the obstacles and also the flying object otherwise health are going to be deducted. o Players are to kill the boss at the end of each level in order to unlock the next level4.Brief Setting 4.1 Brief SettingThe game is based on the Roman Catholic belief in which all human being are consist of this7 deadly sins inside them. The sins are greed, lust, envy, pride, sloth, wrath and lastly
  12. 12. gluttony. The game main character name Xephan who later on embark on ajourney to the hell to save his friends soul from Lucifer through the book ofMishlai that would lead to the 7 different doors inspired by the 7 deadly sins.There are 7 different bosses in every room and in which we have to go through anumber of different mazes before facing them. The game was for the player tolook forward in helping the character in saving his friend by facing all the demonsfrom each of the room. The demons represent each of every of the 7 deadly sinsand also Xephan has to collect a number of weapons to defeat the boss.
  13. 13. 5.Playtest Results Playtest results are in separate files.