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  • 1. Being A ColonyBy Sarah Wyczawski
  • 2. Hi my name is Sasha. I live in Africa and my country changed a lot once we became a colony.
  • 3. I go to school now.
  • 4. There are roads for us to walk on, canals for us to boat, and railways for trains to pass.
  • 5. There are new ways to learn information. There are telegraphs andnewspapers. I always like to look at the pictures in the newspaper.
  • 6. There is more food around too. My daddy says that he doesn’t have towork as hard now, but can make more food. This is because the new men that run our country gave us new crops, tools, and ways to make food.
  • 7. Also, our country has become a lot cleaner. Less people are dying because of sanitation issues.
  • 8. Lots of good things happened once the new men took over, but some strangethings are happening too. Men with books that have the letter B-I-B-L-E walkaround and try to tell us about “God”. This is different than what my mommy told me.
  • 9. My friends parents have left the farm to go work in factories. They do notlike this as they do not get paid very much.
  • 10. Also, I heard my daddy talking about the men stealing all our resources.One time I wanted to go up to one of them on the street and start yelling at him for taking our stuff.
  • 11. I do not know why these men came. We were doing fine without themand now the whole country seems upset and just want the men to goaway.
  • 12. Credits• http://www.aldridgeshs.eq.edu.au/sose/modr espg/imperial/essays/effects.htm