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  • 1. A short listof referencespublicatedafter 2000
  • 2. A short list of references published after 2000[A] Advertising[B] Biografie[E] Editorial Design[G] Grafische vormgeving[i] Information Design[T] Typografie[A] Advertising Now [isbn 3-8228-4027-0][G] Albers, Josef, Interaction of Color [isbn 0-300-01846-0][E] Andersson, Patrik (ea), Inside magazines [isbn 0-500-28364-8][A] Arden, Paul, It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be [isbn 0-7148-4337-7][G] Barratt, Krome, Logic & Design [isbn1-871569-09-5][G] Bhaskaran, Lakshmi, Size Matters [isbn 2-88046-705-5][G] Bos, Ben, Huisstijl de kern van de zaak [isbn 90-6369-033-9][G] Bosshard, Hans Rudolf, The Typographic Grid [isbn 3-7212-0340-2][E] Blackwell, Lewis, The End of Print: The Grafik Design of David Carson [isbn 0-8118-3024-1][B] Burke, Christopher, Paul Renner [isbn 1-56898-158-9][T] Coulmas, Florian, The writing systems of the world [isbn 0-631-18028-1][–] deBono, Edward, Lateral thinking, creativity step by step [isbn 978-0-06-090325-1][–] deBono, Edward, Simplicity [isbn 0-14-025839-6][T] Drucker, Johanna, The Alphabetic Labyrinth [isbn0-500-28068-1][G] Elam, Kimberley, Grid Systems [isbn 1-56898-465-0][G] Ferweda, Rein (ea), Aristoteles over kleuren [isbn 90-5573-129-3][G] Fletcher, Alan, The art of looking sideways (Phaidon)[G] Frutinger, Adrian, Signs and Symbols [isbn1-85170-401-9][E] Gill, Bob, Graphic design as a second language [isbn 1-920744-39-8][T] Gill, Eric, Een verhandeling over typografie [isbn 90-70368-08-9][G] Gerstner, Karl, Review of seven chapters of constructive pictures [isbn 3-7757-9151-5][E] Johnson, Michael, Problem solved: a primer in design and communication [isbn 0-7148-4453-5][E] Johnson, Sammye (ea), The magazine from cover to cover [isbn 0-658-00229-5][i] Harmon, Katharine, You are here. Personal geographies [isbn1-56898-430-8][i] Harris, Robert L., Information Graphics [isbn 9-780195-135329][G] Heller, Steven (ea), Handwritten [isbn 0-500-28595-0][T] Hochuli, Jost (ea), Designing books [isbn 0-907259-23-5][i] Holmes, Nigel, On Information Design [isbn0-9774724-0-X][B] Huygen, Frederike (ea,) Wim Crouwel – Mode en module [isbn 90-6450-310-9][T] Kinross, Robin, Unjustified texts [isbn 0-907259-17-0]
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