2010-2011 Class Poetry E-book
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2010-2011 Class Poetry E-book



This e-book contains my students' poetry.

This e-book contains my students' poetry.



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2010-2011 Class Poetry E-book 2010-2011 Class Poetry E-book Presentation Transcript

  • Where I’m From Poems Written by Mrs. Patel’s Bridge and RAMS Classes
  • Where I'm From (Your Name) I am from (3 ordinary items that have shaped you). I am from (describe a place you stayed in that means a lot). I am from (plant, flower, insect, or animal that means something to you). I am from (a family tradition). I am from (3 people who have shaped you). I am from the (describe how your family is). From (2 quotes that you grew up hearing). I am from (place of birth and other locations that mean a lot). I am from (2 food items that represent you and your family). From the (describe a childhood memory).
  • Where I'm From (Mrs. Patel) I am from dizzying hula hoops, from "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs," and homemade book shelves. I am from the pink house with no garage, home for 18 years. I am from the hibiscus flower that I saw every summer day while walking with my grandma. I am from weekend picnics at the beach, starving after swimming. I am from my loving mother, caring father, and supportive brother. I am from the loud Indian family that was strict, yet caring. From "When are you going to learn to cook?" and "I expect all A's." I'm from Illinois, my birth state, from Florida, my home state, and from India, my heart. I'm from dar and bath, Indian food almost every day. From the summer road trips to Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Canada, and more, with all the crazy laughs.
  • Bridge
  • Where I’m From (Bianca) I’m from teddy bears & make up & all those other things that make me look beautiful. I’m from a white apartment with 3 bedrooms & I love where I live. I’m from one dog that’s nice & friendly & will never harm anybody. I’m from a loud, fun, crazy family that knows how to throw parties. I’m from my mother who’s nice & sweet & my one great grandma that I care so much about & my old brother who always is there for me & watches out for me. I’m from a fun & crazy Mexican family that sometimes can be a little mean but at the same time nice. I’m from “be careful & listen family.” I’m from Texas, that’s where I was born & raised, that’s my hometown. I’m from rice & tacos, I love that kind of food, & I used to eat it mostly everyday. I’m from all my family’s birthday parties.
  • Where I’m From(Carol) I am from a good living environment, Texas, it’s hot there. I am from Texas, it means a lot to me, best place ever. I am from a cat named Bella, she is my life, I have another cat named Little. I am from a family tradition where all my family members get together on Christmas . I am from my grandma, my mother, and most of all my older sister Samantha. I am from a weird family, they do really weird things together. From the last song “being away from the people you love doesn’t make you love them any less; sometimes it even makes you love them more“ and “live like there’s no tomorrow.” I am from Texas. I like Rochester though. I think it’s amazing. I am from spaghetti and lasagna. My family loves them both because they’re yummy. From when Aaron, Allison, Jessie, and I went to Burger King everyday after school. I miss Aaron John Ernst, R.I.P August 12th, 2010.
  • Where I’m From (Jasmine) I am from family pictures and fun posters. I am from a white house with the paint chipping on every corner. I am from my orange kitten Spongy and my old but still fun loving dog Buster. I am from the tradition where every month on the 8th at 3:43pm we let balloons go in memory of my little brother. I am from my loving little brothers, Tommy and Dalton, my cool and understanding mom and dad. I am from a family that is fun, loving, and calm. We are part native American. I am from my mom saying “believe in yourself, be nice to others, and you can have hopes and dreams but you have to believe in yourself to make them come true. I am from the cool and big state of New York. I am from the good taste of ramen noodles and tasty cheese puffs. I am from the sad day that my little brother passed.
  • Where I’m From (Justice) I am from my bb or my baby blanket, my puppy, and my stuffed animal I got when I was born from my god parents. I am from a small blue house with a small garage , a big backyard, and a tree house in the back. I am from Rocky and Barney, my dogs. I used to have a dog named Freckles. I am from eating steak and pizza every Friday. I am from my dad Mike, my mom Jenny, and my cousin Casey. I am from a fun family that’s nice to everybody. I am from sayings like, “run like a bunny.” I am from Rochester, Minnesota. I am from steak and pizza. I am from the time I wrestled with my family.
  • Where I’m From (Jeremy) I am from delicious hamburgers, juicy steaks, and scrumptious chicken. I am from my father’s filled house. I am from a furious wolf. I am from an exciting Christmas day. I am from my dad, my sister, and my uncle. I am from a boring, non-traditional family. From “Never pay attention to the doors closing behind you or you might not see the ones opening ahead” and “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I am from Rochester, Minnesota and Nashville, Tennessee. I am from buttery mashed potatoes and delicious steak. From the fun days of going back to the park.
  • I am from beautiful make-up, nice clothes, straightner, all of those wonderful things that make me. I am from a large white & black trailer that has a parking lot for us that fits 4 cars for us. I love that place cause I’ve lived there for 13 yrs. I am from a small, beautiful, fluffy, clean dog that my uncle has & that I love a whole lot!! I am from a beautiful tradition that we celebrate like quinceanera, el grito de Mexico, Cinco de Mayo, and el dia de los muertos. I wouldn’t change any for anything at all. I am from my wonderful, loving parents Roberto Hernandez Gutierrez& Lucia Valdivia & my horrible, nasty, but wonderful brother Roberto Estrada. I am from my beautiful, wonderful family that is calm, but sometimes funny, hahahaha. I am from these hating words, “go clean your room” & “behave. ” I am from my #1 hometown that I wouldn’t change for anything, Los Angeles, California but lived N the hood rampa. I am from theses delicious, incredible food tortillas, chile, beans, rice & barbeque en Spanish (carne asada) ummmm. I am from my wonderful uncle’s wedding & my cousin’s Quinceanera. JEANETTE ESTRADA
  • Where I’m From {{Dakota}} I am from cellular phones that ring 24/7, from my room where I sleep, from my loving dog Bou. I am from the tan house with a big back yard, home for 2 years. I am from beaches with the ocean, swimming, and fun and from road trips to exotic places. I am from my loving mom, caring sister, faraway aunt. I am from laughter, from fun, chilling with family. I am from “Grow up good” and “Don’t be disrespectful.” I am from state of the loudest, New York, from Arizona, from Minnesota, my birth state. From the Caribbean cruise that goes around the world with crazy wacky people and crazed family, good times and bad, with tons of running around.
  • Where I’m From(Lorena) I am from romantic, cute teddy loved bears, from pretty, colorful make-up, and wild hair styles. I am from the 3 bedroom with 1 shared bathroom apartment, there more than 4 years. I am from the loved and cutest little doggies, all my life. I am from the the wild but wonderful time of Thanksgiving/Christmas with funky, funny family. I am from my beloved, passed away grandmother, funny grandfather, and supportive mother of 3. I am from the strict but honest and friendly family. From “since you’re the oldest you defend your brothers and yourself” and “if you want respect back then always be respectful to others.” I’m from Winona, but raised my whole life in Rochester, MN. I am from tortillas and beans, mama’s Mexican good food all day. From the summer driving trips to Mexico, wild parties, and much more fun with family and friends.
  • Where I’m From (Seth) I am from a big blue swimming pool, the T.V. shows that I watch, and the pillow that I have had my whole life. I am from a house that was big and white and the floors creaked when nobody was there. I am from my nickname “Monkey” that my dad always calls me. I am from my family tradition where we have a big family Christmas. I am from my cousin David Ashley Cedergren, my dad Mark William Norris, and my brother David Eugeen Lee. I am from a laid back dad who doesn’t yell at me when I do something bad. He talks to me. I am from being yelled at my whole life until I get talked to and be told to behave. I am from Rochester, Minnesota. I am from Cheese Pizza and Mac and Cheese. I am from when I had a big water fight with my brother, mom, and father and I brought the hose in the house and sprayed the whole house.
  • Where I’m From (Spencer) I am from a southern black family from Texas, a mom from the north, and a grandma from overseas. I am from a hot and beautiful place called Taxes. I am from an open grass plain where you can run free with the dog that would protect you no matter what. I am from a half black family who cabarets quanta every year. I am from two people who were lost but are now found. I am from a back breaking dad who does work first then play, and a mom who loves to kick back. I am from a people person dad who would always say “don’t give up” and “try your best.” I am from a big southern beach where the water comes up over your feet and you let your toes sneak into the sand. I am from a southern fast food place called Sonic, the best place to go with your family. I am from the place of places, the home of homes, the family of families, the place where I grew up: Grandma’s house.
  • Where I’m From (Vannida) I am from Boston, MA, from “Ocean to Clear Hot Sands,” and delicious Sea Foods. I am from a small red brick, broke down house, home for 7 years. I am from the Alpine Flower that my Mother grew every summer. I am from weekends at the beach, taking family group pictures. I am from my careless mother, a father that was never there for me, and a brother that is heartless. I am from a big Cambodian family that is loud, but yet very careless. From “When are you going to put that Cell Phone away?” and “I expect better from you.” I’m from Boston, MA, my birth state, from Minnesota, my home place, from Cambodia, my heart.
  • Where I'm From (Tasha) I am from weekend parties with my friends who have my back everybday, friends who know how to have fun all the time, riding mini motor bikes throughout Rochester and getting strange looks from cars. I am from Arizona, from a small town in a town house that I lived with my mom in for two years. I am from fish that love to swim all day and never stop. I am from a family tradition where we like to be separated from each other to do ourr own thing. I am from my loving, caring mother who wants the best for me, my older brother Keith who has helped me through though times, and my friend Jada who has some issues like me. I am from the most boring, depressing family. I am from the saying that "kids are not what you think they are, they are work" and "the real world will eat you and spit you out without our help." I'm from Arizona, the place I love to be, Rochester, the place I know where the best spots are to have fun. I am from the tender, juicy steaks that I cook on the grill and apple popover that we have on special occasions. I am from being at a park and eating McDonald's fries, a goose comes and takes my fries, and I think it took my pinky finger. It took my mom hours to get me to realize that I still had my finger .
  • RAMS
  • Where I’m From (Allison) I am from jumping jump ropes, fun board games like Life and Clue, and biking with my family. I am from the yellow house that I’ve lived in for 4 years. I am from the cat found in the garbage when walking with my mom. I am from “family fun day” and Cambodia. I am from my mom, dad, and my family, who gives me support. I am from my family with all the silliness, fun, and embarrassment, but is still loving. I am from the two things my mom would tell me, “go lay down by your dish” and “do this for me, please, love you.” I’m from Rochester, Minnesota. I’m from Cambodian and American food. I am from the moment when I turned 9, my golden birthday.
  • Where I’m From (Chandler) I am from Scootering, Computers, and Games. I am from the white house with a chimney made out of bricks, home for 12 years. I am from all the buildings in the city while I was with my friends. I am from weekend movies. I am from my loving mother, caring grandmas, and great friends. I am from the fun, caring family that is still very calm. I am from “soooo who do you like at your school?” and “when did you get that injury?” I’m from Rochester, MN, my home state and city, with all my family and love. I’m from lots of different suppers at home like macaroni. I’m from all the trips to different skate parks, with all the great times with friends and family.
  • Where I’m From (Danielle) I am from the amazing world of music, my wonderful friends, and the inspiring lives of Eminem and Nicki Minaj. I am from that old, blue-green house for about six years. I am from my adorable, psycho, fluffy dog named Magic. I am from parties for my adorable, funny cousins and relatives. I am from my sweet, funny cousin, Abbey, my caring grandmother, Bonnie, and my beautiful and funny little sister, Meagan. I am from my crazy little brother and sister, Meagan and Nathan, my caring mother, Christine, and my father, Patrick. From “Be who you really are” and “Treat people the way you would want to be treated.” I am from the cold, busy Rochester, MN, and the usually rainy, ocean-view Washington state. I’m from delicious cheese pizza.
  • Where I’m From (David) I am from video games, tv, riden bmx mosh. I am from my room where I go when I want to be alone. I am from my kitty, my favorite pet. I am from my family get together to celebrate something. I am from the my funny dad, my active mom, and my competitive step dad. I am from the awesome family that loves and cares about me. From “if you don’t pass, your life will be hard” and “do your best.” I am from Rochester, MN and St. Paul. I am from the awesome tasting pizza and juicy steak with A1 sauce. From the ride of my life, a memory I will never forget.
  • Where I’m From (Destinee) I am from a great place with music, volleyball, and friends. I am from an old blue house for 13 years with no memories. I am from the all black cat that loves attention. I am from spending Christmas Eve with the entire family. I am from a caring mother and nice grandparents. I am from a quiet family that always fights with each other.
  • Where I’m From (Gordy) I’m from the video games and levels. I’m from the white house with a huge backyard. I’m from the cat that is adorable. I’m from my lafse tradition. I’m from my mom and my dad and my gaming brother. I’m from a caring, but strict family. From the “shut your pie hole” and “don’t quit.” I’m from Owatonna and Norway. I’m from green bean casserole and hamburgers. I’m from breaking my bad habits.
  • WHERE I’M FROM (Jimmy) I am from video games, pencils, and TV. I am from having moved at least 20 times in my life. I am from the pit bull that tore my sister’s cheek apart. I am from eggnog my family eats during Christmas. I am from mom, dad, and friends. I am from an annoying, embarrassing family. I am from “you can have anything you want” and “it’s there, just grab it.” I am from Dodge Center, MN. I am from pizza and lasagna. I am from playing my very first video game.
  • I am from the blue house with a storage, a drive-in home for 6 years. I am from plants that are all over the place. I am from Mexican traditions. I am from 3 people who have helped me in life: Mark, mom, and grandma. I am from a funny family. From “When are you going to play football?” and “When are you going to get an A from class?” I am from Donna, Texas, a place where everything is hot. I from tacos and Mexican rice. .
  • Where I’m from (maddie) I am from screamo music and singing, and from a loving family. I am from a big blue house that’s filled with laughter and tears. I am from a caring mom and dad. I am from my best friends who help me when I am sad or mad. I am from a Christian family that loves everybody. I am from being a runaway who hated everyone and everything.
  • Where I'm From (Malik) I am from TVs, pocket knives, and gangs (that I’m not a part of). I am from a three bedroom, white house, kind of a big garage, lived there for 12 years. I am from the silver-back gorilla, watching out for my people, and watching my territory closely, the spider monkey climbing all the trees I see. I am from all the holidays we have to get together with family. I am from the love and care of Mom, Dad, Brother, and the entertainment of good movies. I am from the yelling, crying, laughing, talking, and cursing of my family. I am from people telling me to settle down, be quiet, go to sleep, no, “be you Malik”, and “I love you.” I am from snowy Rochester, Minnesota where it is never anything new. I am from fried chicken, burned cake/pie/anything like that, and some good appetizers. I am from the first tree I ever climbed to the top.
  • Where I’m From (Zakk) I am from bed, BMX, and TV. I am from the house I live in now. I’ve lived there since I was 5. I am from my dog that we got after we moved in. I am from my family when we go out to eat and the Fourth of July. I am from my grandpa, grandma, and uncle. I am from my family who gets along sometimes, but that also fights a lot. From “be good” and “don’t do anything that I’ll regret.” I’m from Rochester, MN. I’m from pizza, pop, and chicken. I’m from hanging with friends.