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WordPress is still seen by the masses as a great CMS just for Blogging. When in fact, anyone who has developed a theme or plugin for WordPress quickly learns how versatile it really is. Thinking …

WordPress is still seen by the masses as a great CMS just for Blogging. When in fact, anyone who has developed a theme or plugin for WordPress quickly learns how versatile it really is. Thinking dynamically and keeping your mind open to the tools and functions of WordPress you can leverage the tools already in place to unleash a very powerful cms and site framework. I’ll also cover the use of several plugins that empower developers to improve on inherit WordPress functionality. The goal here is to unleash WordPress without reinventing the wheel.

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    UnpackWordPress Today!
    Jesse Friedman - @professor
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    Jesse Friedman
    Past •Present •Future
    • Been designing and developing websites since ’99
    • 3. Started off freelancing
    • 4. Graduated with B.S. Web Management & Internet Commerce ’05
    • 5. ‘05 – ’07 on Special Projects team ADP
    • 6. ‘10 contributing author Web Designers Idea Book V2
    • Director of Web Development at Neal Advertising
    • 7. Professor at Johnson & Wales University
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    WordPress, Not Your Dads CMS
    Blogging is fun but we can do so much more
    “WordPressis an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. It's often customized into a Content Management System (CMS)[4]. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 13% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites.[5]” – Wikipedia
    “More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it. New to blogging? Learn more about WordPress, then follow the three easy steps below to start blogging in minutes. Or, for the ultimate in ease of use, get a free blog on”
    “WordPressis web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.”
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    Outside the Norm
    Going Beyond Simple Websites and Blogs
    Did You Know?
    “WordPress is used by over 13% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites.” – Wikipedia
    When To Consider WordPress to Power the Site?
    “EVERY SINGLE TIME”– Jesse Friedman
    If it’s right for the job and you’re really good at it what else is there to consider?
    Consider using WordPress for your next ____________ project
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    Web Directories
    submissions by users • highly organized content • simple search
  • 15. #bostonwp
    Job Sites
    submission of posts and profiles by users • heavy search
  • 16. #bostonwp
    User Generated Content
    heavy submissions • organized content • simple searches
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    3Hurdles and You’re There
    Building those sites with 3 additions to your theme
    Did You Know?
    You can search within a category or post type simply by changing the url of your query?
    • 18.
    You can subscribe to specific categories or post types by simply change the url?
    • 19.
    Creating Custom Post Types
    • Custom post types make it really easy to organize, clarify and search that data specifically
    Allowing Users to Submit, Create and Update Data
    • This allows you to rely on your users to support your site content and is a necessity in aforementioned site types
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    Custom Post Types
    Greatest thing since sliced bread and custom fields
  • 20. #bostonwp
    Baking up Custom Post Types
    A simple recipe to cooking up simple Custom Post Type Examples
  • 21. #bostonwp
    A Deeper Look At That Recipe
    When you have more than just salt in the kitchen
  • 22. #bostonwp
    User Powered Data
    UGC and USC makes the WWW go round
    UGC – User Generated Content
    USC – User Submitted Content
  • #bostonwp
    Part 2 Opening the Gates
    We are still the gate keeper but now everyone gets to post
    Don’t Rule Out Publishing by Email
    • If you aren’t defining specific post types simple forms submitting emails that post directly to the site are an easy solution
    Everyone is Evil
    • You should assume that EVERYONE is out to get you (you’re no paranoid)
    Admin Access is Not the Route to Take
    • I initially planned on giving everyone access to the admin with specific roles to define what they can and can’t do
    Redirect Users to a Simple Form
    • Recreating the “edit post” page is simple (as long as you aren’t using tinyMCE)
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    The Process
    You can’t just give them the keys…
    User Registers / Logs In
    • define specific roles for these users
    User Gets Redirected to
    • a page you’ve createdwith a form with the samevalues defined in your CPT
    User Submits Form
    • form data is used to updatedatabase
    Form Values
    • prepopulate with databasevalues upon submission redirection
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    To Code or To Plugin?
    Mmmmmm smells like access
    login_redirect filter
    • You can set the login_redirect filter to redirect the user signed in based on their role, level of access or even username
    • 29. The goal here is to direct them away from the admin / dashboard and let them do 1 thing
    Peter's Login Redirect
    • Why Reinvent the wheel?
    • 30. Works really well, simple
    and easy to use
  • 31. #bostonwp
    2 Recipes = Banquet
    These two elements are so powerful
    All the site types mentioned today are based on these pieces of the puzzle
    • Organizing data into custom post types makes it easy to:
    • 32. Search and Subscribe to the data
    • 33. Separate that data is if it were a separate site
    • 34. Update and Create content
    • 35. Custom Post Types truly empower WordPress to become a full fledged cms
    Giving Users the power to update or submit content is the last “big step”
    • Not only from a technical standpoint but rather an overall site functional standpoint
    • 36. Users will be empowered
    • 37. This will eliminate the need for admins create content
    • 38. No more converting email submissions into posts
    • 39. Data can go live on the users time
    This gives the site what it needs to succeed not just from a code standpoint but a traffic and content standpoint too.
  • 40. #bostonwp
    Some Other Thoughts
    Ideas to get your brain gearing up
    Ratings and reviews tied to individual comments.
    Form plugin that submits to the author of the posts email account
    Latitude and Longitude as Meta Values
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    In Conclusion:
    This is where you follow me on social networks… right?
    Social Networks
    • @professor
    • 42. linkedin/in/jesserfriedman
    Email Me
    • – Neal Advertising
    • 43. – Personal Blog