Module 4 - SWORD clients
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Module 4 - SWORD clients

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Module 4 of ’The SWORD Course’. ...

Module 4 of ’The SWORD Course’.

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  • 1. The SWORD Course
  • 2. Module objectives
    By the end of this module you will:
    Understand the need for SWORD clients
    Have seen a variety of SWORD clients
    Have had the opportunity to try using some SWORD clients
    Know what tools are available to help with the creation of SWORD clients
  • 3. A quick recap
    • SWORD is a web service that allows deposits to take place into a repository.
    You can find out about a repository’s SWORD interface by requesting a Service Document
    You can deposit an item by POSTing a package
  • 4. User friendly?
    Interaction with SWORD is via XML documents
    XML is good for machine to machine interfaces
    Do users want to read / write XML?
  • 5. User friendly?
  • 6. The answer?
  • 7. An analogy
    Using the web:
    Do we read and write HTML?
    We use a web client / browser.
  • 8. SWORD clients
    Three types of SWORD client:
    Machine to machine custom client
    E.g. custom code to deposit from lab equipment
    General client
    Deposit any item type to any repository
    Specific client
    Tailored for an individual use (e.g. e-thesis deposit to repository X, journal article (with DOI) deposit to repository Y)
  • 9. SWORD clients
    Machine to machine custom client
    E.g. JISC-funded ROAD project
    Robot-generated Open Access Data
    Automated laboratory undertaking investigations into gene functions
    Specific client for specific project / equipment
  • 10. Online demo client
  • 11. Desktop demo client
  • 12. Problems with general clients
    Do users know their repository URL?
    Do users know the URL of their repository’s service document?
    Do users have pre-compiled packages?
  • 13. Another example
    The Facebook SWORD deposit tool
  • 14. Facebook client
  • 15. Facebook client
  • 16. Facebook client
    The application performs the packaging (metadata + file)
  • 17. Facebook client
  • 18. Specific clients
    Specific clients overcome the previous problems:
    URLs embedded (or hidden behind easy choices)
    Usernames and passwords may be embedded
    Local language can be used
  • 19. An example
    E-thesis deposit at The University of Auckland
    Uses local language (e.g. ‘UPI’ for login)
    Specific Creative Commons questions
    Email receipt
  • 20. An example
  • 21. An example
  • 22. An example
  • 23. An example
  • 24. An example
  • 25. Deposit by email
    Script reads mailbox
    From name -> Author
    Subject -> Title
    Message body -> Abstract
    Deposit made
    Reply sent to user with deposited item URL
    Another example
  • 26. Article Authoring Add-in for Word 2007
    .docx files are actually ‘packages’
    Zip file containing XML files
    Embed SWORD details in the XML
    <article ms:DepositURL=”http://localhost:8080/sword/deposit/123456789/2″ ms:JournalName=”test” ms:SignupURL=”http://localhost:8080/jspui/” ms:PasswordRequired=”True” ms:PreferredFormat=”docx” ms:SupportedFormats=”docx” ms:Category=”" ms:SubCategory=”">
    Deposit from within Microsoft Word
  • 27. Create a template using fields
    E.g. title / abstract / conclusion
    Repository can be programmed to extract these fields programmatically into metadata elements
    Deposit from within Microsoft Word
  • 28. Deposit from within Microsoft Word
  • 29. Want to create your own custom client?
    No need to re-invent the wheel
    Code libraries / APIs available
    Creating your own client
  • 30. PHP
    Good for web-based or scripted clients
    Includes a METS/SWAP packager
    Good for web-based, scripted or desktop clients
    SWORD code libraries / APIs
  • 31. Review
    SWORD clients are required to perform deposits
    There are some generic clients available
    Generic clients require a level of technical knowledge
    Specific clients can be created to shield the user from details
    There are code libraries available to help you write your own clients
  • 32. Want to learn more?
    If SWORD is the answer, what is the question? Use of the Simple Web service Offering Repository Deposit protocol
  • 33. Credits
    This course has been produced by:
    Stuart Lewis
    The SWORD project
    Funded by JISC
    Creative commons
  • 34. Photo Credits
    Lecture hall:
    It’s a No!: