Next Generation Social Engagement


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  • Let’s talk a little about what’s happening today-> There are tons of listeners on the marketYou could spend nothing, or into the millionsBut all of them are relatively the same, with no real ACTION-> so, what do I do next? While dashboards are nice, there needs to be a link to operationalizing the data to improve the overall customer experience
  • Take any of the brands each of you represent…Even with rudimentary key word analysis it’s too much on the case creation frontBut more importantly, how do you Service the brand detractors, but really amplify the brand enthusiasts?One of the ways is to consider a larger picture of the person’s profile and value (right portion of the slide)
  • As team sizes grow that address social interaction, the same problems we’ve been addressing for years on the (voice) routing and queuing front, ariseMore importantly, the lack of efficiency of having dedicated personnel manage only Twitter for example may become problematic, or at minimum, expensive- a much more efficient approach is melding the media types and having multi-skilled agents handling multiple types of interactions (email, chat, text and social… not just social)Finally NLP provides the filter and intelligent dialog to cluster and identify that signal that must be addressed, shutting out or deferring the large amounts of noise (and now spam) that is becoming more and more prevalent
  • The technology offering is really enhanced by two different and distinct roles, powered with actionable dataCommunity Advocates work exclusively within a defined environment, typically a discussion group on your web site:Responsible for Identifying the Question type or General Discussion also if in the right category, and propose responseChecking for Abusive ContentPosting the reply on the site within agreed upon SLASocial Advocates work in a much more public domain such as Twitter or Facebook. Similarly, they handle responses, but are much more aware and trained in adherence to company/legal/support policiesThey will also likely see large spikes in interaction traffic and be responsible for facilitating appropriate response
  • 1. Network outageBlogs, Twitter, FB goes crazyMeanwhile, ABC Service provider corporate not even aware. Business as usual. CxP is being damaged.2. Convergys comes in…Actively listening and doing realtime clustering of posts, consumer generated media, applying NLP and KPI alertsSocial Decisioning Engine takes recommended actions which are: - prioritized routing to Tier 2 network support - prioritized queue for customers calling in from Northeast (affected area) based on account+zip lookup in IVR3. Within minutes:Network engineers work on issue Customer care post status on support page, Facebook Fan page, Twitter page with ETA for service restoration, IVR menus updated with network outage message and ETA
  • Next Generation Social Engagement

    1. 1. NEXT GENERATION SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS<br />Scott Swope<br />Senior Director, Enterprise Portfolio Strategy<br />
    2. 2. Convergys Social Engagement Framework<br />Listen<br />Decide<br />Engage<br />Technology to monitor social networks, blogs, forums and traditional media in realtime for sentiment scoring and analysis.<br /><ul><li> Monitor the Brand
    3. 3. Analyze Sentiment
    4. 4. Listen for Issues</li></ul>2<br />
    5. 5. Beyond the Social Listener<br />No Actionable Data<br />Marketing Centric<br />No Link to Contact Center<br />Indexing and Sentiment Analysis<br />Social & Community Monitoring<br />3<br />
    6. 6. Listen<br />Engage<br />Decide<br />Technology to monitor social networks, blogs, forums and traditional media in realtime for sentiment scoring and analysis.<br />Intelligent, personalized and recommended actions, dynamically routed or responded to based on your business rules and policies. <br /><ul><li> Monitor the Brand
    7. 7. Analyze Sentiment
    8. 8. Listen for Issues
    9. 9. Actionable Listening
    10. 10. Dynamic Decisioning
    11. 11. Intelligent Routing</li></ul>Convergys Social Engagement Framework<br />4<br />
    12. 12. Decisioning Based On:<br />Sentiment<br />Social Activity<br />Influence<br />Real-time Decisioning <br />Service History<br />Lifetime Value<br />Geography<br />Purchases<br />25,000 Social Keyword Results<br />Should Not Equal<br />25,000 Service Requests<br />Business Rules<br />Cases and SRs<br />Why a Social Decisioning Engine?<br />5<br />
    13. 13. Applying Our Contact Center Operational Best Practices<br />1,000s<br />x<br />per day<br />Queuing <br />&<br />Routing <br />Decisioning <br />Matching <br />Natural Language Processing<br />@JetBlue just lost my golf clubs in Phoenix. Awesome! Missing Southwest about now.<br />Natural Language<br />vs.<br />Keywords <br />Signal <br />vs. <br />Noise <br />Intelligent<br />Engagements<br />Optimizing Social for the Contact Center<br />6<br />
    14. 14. Convergys Social Engagement Framework<br />Listen<br />Decide<br />Engage<br />Powered by RTM solutions, or, utilize your existing investments in Cloud Monitoring and CRM Applications<br />Intelligent, personalized and recommended actions, dynamically routed or responded to based on business policies<br />Skilled Social Advocates with in-depth training on facilitating and guiding online support and “collective / crowd sourced” resolutions<br /><ul><li> Monitor the Brand
    15. 15. Analyze Sentiment
    16. 16. Listen for Issues
    17. 17. Content Contributors
    18. 18. Community Moderators
    19. 19. Interaction Managers
    20. 20. Actionable Listening
    21. 21. Dynamic Decisioning
    22. 22. Intelligent Routing</li></ul>7<br />
    23. 23. The Front Lines of Social Engagement<br />Actionable Social Data Based on Rules and Policies<br />Community Advocate<br />Controlled Environment<br />Social Advocate<br />Contributing to Social Conversation<br />8<br />
    24. 24. Assisted<br />Network Outage Use Case<br />Actionable Listening<br />Realtime Clustering<br />Natural Language Processing<br />KPI Alerts<br />Recommended<br />Action<br />Proactive<br />Self-Service<br />Intelligent Routing to Tier 2 Engineer<br />Prioritized Queue<br />9<br />
    25. 25. 90 Days to Social<br />Discovery and<br />Social Graph<br />Change<br />Management<br />Beta<br />Deployment<br />Full Deployment<br />Planning<br />15 Days<br />15 Days<br />45 Days<br />15 Days<br />Deliverables<br /><ul><li>Social Presence
    26. 26. Key Influencers
    27. 27. KPIs
    28. 28. Community Traffic Analysis
    29. 29. Social Network Footprint</li></ul>Deliverables<br /><ul><li>CC Processes
    30. 30. Impact and Value Assessment
    31. 31. Industry Specific Best Practices
    32. 32. One Executive Readout</li></ul>Deliverables<br /><ul><li>Fully Functional
    33. 33. No Disruptions
    34. 34. Measurable and Defined Success Criteria
    35. 35. Two Executive Readouts on Results</li></ul>Deliverables<br /><ul><li>Go-Live Plan
    36. 36. Risk Mitigation
    37. 37. Integration Approach
    38. 38. Architecture Recommendation
    39. 39. One Executive Readout</li></ul>10<br />