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Bauer Environment Brochure
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Bauer Environment Brochure


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BAUER\'s services in: …

BAUER\'s services in:

# Brownfield remediation

# Dismaltling of Industrial Infrastructure

# Landfill Restoration

# Disposal

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  • 1. english BAUER UMWELT
  • 2. Our Products• Brownfield Remediation• Dismantling of Industrial Infrastructure• Landfill Restoration• Disposal ServicesOur Servicesand Skills• Consulting• Planning• Execution• Operation• ServiceOur Markets• Oil and gas• Chemicals• Pharmaceuticals• Energy• Processing industries• Waste management• Real estate• Pollution clearance from former military sites• Public sector• Service sector 2 BAUER UMWELT
  • 3. Serving the EnvironmentLittle attention was devoted to environ- During that time specialist foundation engi-mental protection issues 40 years ago. neering contractor Bauer SpezialtiefbauThe book "The Limits to Growth", commis- regularly encountered ground contaminatedsioned in 1972 by the Club of Rome, acted by former industrial use when creating itsas something of a wake-up call. Some time excavation pits. The idea of also treatinglater, member of parliament for the CDU soil, soil vapour and groundwater when car-party Herbert Gruhl attracted considerable rying out foundation engineering works onattention in Germany with his book "Ein contaminated sites led to a convergencePlanet wird geplündert" (The Plundering between the fields of specialist foundationof a Planet). engineering and environmental technology. In 1990, environmental company BMU –Today, media outlets are abound with envi- today known as BAUER Umwelt GmbH –ronmental stories on a daily basis – on was warming, water shortages, green-house gases, and most recently the UN Based on over 20 years of experience, BMUClimate Change Conference in Durban. has grown into the leader in its field bothPeople have become more aware of the within Germany and on the internationalissues involved. Everyone knows that water market. Bauer Umwelt provides a compre-and soil provide the foundations of all life. hensive range of services, including plan-In order to preserve those basic resources, ning and consulting in all environmentalconcerted and sustainable action is re- areas. Its expert remediation work isquired. backed by a strong in-house plant manufac- turing arm. As well as treating contaminatedIn the late 1980s, industry began con- soil and water, the company also specializesfronting the problem of pollution remedia- in landfill site remediation and disposal.tion, based on the insight that the pollution Land recycling is becoming an increasinglyof soil and groundwater caused in the past important aspect of the the careless application of technologycould only be eliminated by high-techmethods. The field of environmentaltechnology was born. BAUER UMWELT 3
  • 4. BAUER Environment – around the Globe 4 BAUER UMWELT
  • 5. B auer Umwelt GmbH (Bauer mineral resources and energy. Bauer subsidiaries and branch offices in some Environment) is a member com- Environment forms part of the BAUER 70 countries, provides Bauer Environ- pany of the BAUER Group, based Groups Resources segment. In its ment with the organizational backing toin Schrobenhausen, in the southern long-established Construction and operate on every continent. WhereverGerman state of Bavaria. The Groups Equipment segments, the BAUER Bauer Environment is running a project,Resources segment, established in Group operates in the fields of special- the project team can utilize the local2007, is focused on a number of key ist foundation engineering and machin- Bauer infrastructure.fields which are of vital importance to ery manufacture. The global presenceall our futures: water, the environment, of Bauer companies, with over 100 BAUER UMWELT 5
  • 6. Brownfield RemediationT he development of towns, cities and communities is The work involved in the demolition and clearance of indus- by its nature linked to the need for space for housing, trial waste land is mostly a selective mechanized process in industry and commerce, and transportation. As a way to which BMUs know-how in the application of Bauer specialiststem the tide of increasing land use, the restoration of former foundation engineering techniques, in emissions control andindustrial, commercial or military sites – most of which are in health and safety matters is key.contaminated, and have often been unused for years – isassuming ever greater significance. This is what we referto as land recycling.Its function is to turn sites previously used and contaminatedby industry into land which can be utilized for new purposes.BMUs role lies in demolition and clearance, producing exca-vation pits, carrying out earthworks, protecting or decontami-nating water and soil, development and recultivation, depend-ing on the intended new usage of the land. The products andservices provided by BMU cover the technical, legal and com-mercial aspects of the works. BMU has for many years beencarrying out complete projects in conjunction with top-rank-ing consulting engineers. 6 BAUER UMWELT
  • 7. Dismantling of Industrial Infrastructure T he demolition and clearance of industrial and commer- cial facilities imposes high demands on the contractor because of the wide variety of individual tasks involved and the essential need to comply with all quality and safety standards. Bauer Environment meets those demands based on the deployment of its own dedicated machinery and equip- ment, its experienced, highly trained staff, meticulous depth of planning, and the implementation of all required health and safety and environmental measures to the highest standards. Bauer Environment specializes in the demolition and clear- ance of industrial facilities so as to enable new usage, often entailing decontamination of buildings and machinery and cul- minating in remediation of the ground. This may include dem- olition of chimneys using specialist equipment or by blasting, as well as the targeted removal from buildings of contamina- tion by asbestos, heavy metals and PACs. Our experience enables us to offer efficient, cost-effective and compliant methods of recycling and disposing of residual materials and waste. We undertake the dismantling of steel structures – such as the Schnettker motorway bridge near Dortmund – and the selective clearance of tank farms and pipeline facilities in accordance with the given requirements and where appropri- ate in conjunction with the other BAUER Group units special- izing in structural steel engineering and building renovation. Bauer Environment operates a quality management system conforming to the KTA 1401 standard of Germanys Nuclear Safety Standards Commission. In recent years the company has carried out a number of demolition and ground remedia- tion projects at nuclear facilities. Bauer Environment offers a broad range of products and services allied to expertise in handling large, complex projects. All its work is guided by considerations of cost-effectiveness, while adhering to the highest health, safety and environmental standards. 8 BAUER UMWELT
  • 8. Treatment TechnologyT he widely varying pollution of groundwater or of untreat- ed waste water from groundwater control and construc- tion engineering works demands the application of tech-nically and commercially optimized treatment methods. Forthis, Bauer Environment offers compact units on a hire basisand also builds project-specific turnkey treatment plants. Therelated services incorporate detailed planning of all compo-nents; construction, maintenance and operation, includingmonitoring, as well as the necessary emergency-responsebackup, for water treatment plants up to 600 l/s.For the temporary treatment of groundwater and untreatedwaste water to remove PHCs, BTEX, PACs, CHCs, heavymetals and other pollutants, BMU employs tried and testedtechniques such as precipitation, flocculation, filtration,adsorption, desorption, ion exchange and membrane tech-nologies. It maintains a large pool of hire equipment for thispurpose. For remediation of the unsaturated soil zone, soil vapourAnother area of focus is the application of biological and nat- extraction units are deployed, in some cases in combinationural treatment methods. These remove pollution by microbial with air-sparging and bio-venting. The exhaust air is cleanedmeans while at the same time delivering positive environmen- by activated carbon filters, in-house catalytic oxidation sys-tal effects thanks to the savings on energy and carbon diox- tems, as well as bio-filters.ide which they enable. Innovative techniques are tested inresearch partnerships with universities and other scientific In-situ techniques are deployed in isolation or supplementingbodies and subsequently brought to market. pump-and-treat processes, and soil vapour techniques are used to cut down the time needed for remediation. Using thermally assisted methods such as thermo-stripping, hot- steam injection and hot-water flushing, the company has on a number of occasions achieved lasting remediation success within just a few weeks or months. Bauer Environment is a pioneer in the application of reactive walls, funnel-and-gate and drain-and-gate systems, and in- situ biosorption reactors. As well as deploying the first reac- tive wall and the first sorption reactor in Germany, in 2005 the company installed the worlds largest funnel-and-gate system at a former gasworks in Bavaria. The plant has been operating without problems ever since. 10 BAUER UMWELT
  • 9. Landfill RestorationS eepage from landfill sites poses a continual environmen- BMU is able to call upon many years of experience in the tal hazard. However, remediation measures are often protection of landfill sites. It frequently deploys techniques only initiated when the groundwater is already endan- in conjunction with foundation engineering specialist Bauergered, and the livelihoods of the surrounding populace are Spezialtiefbau, including encapsulation methods using sheetunder threat. Remediation measures include, for example, piles, diaphragm walls, cut-off walls and vibwalls. The com-removing and treating waste, constructing gas and water pany also has at its disposal retention techniques developeddrainage systems, or installing sealing and blanket layers by Bauer such as Mixed in Place (MIP) and Cutter Soil Mixingas well as recultivation layers and overburdens. (CSM). 12 BAUER UMWELT
  • 10. Disposal ServicesT he excavation and removal of contaminated materials al, pollutant treatment, recycling and recultivation as part of from the site was one of the original forms of dealing its everyday package of services. Applying the principles of with inherited pollution. Where the site is freely accessi- material flow management, and deploying the latest technolo-ble, and needs to be returned to use as soon as possible, gies, the companys specialists are continually searching forthis remains a tried and tested method. The materials requir- efficient, low-cost methods of disposal in full compliance withing disposal are mostly soil, building rubble and mud contam- applicable laws and standards.inated with pollutants. Handling of a wide variety of pollutantmixes and concentrations is part of the specialist know-how BMU operates its own soil treatment centres in the states ofwhich BMU is able to provide. Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony and Hamburg. The centres treat and recycle materials from around Germany and its neigh-Bauer Environment helps to solve problems in a wide variety bouring countries. Other options are landfill sites, includingof ways – providing advice, concept design, logistics, dispos- in so-called PPP (public-private partnership) models. 14 BAUER UMWELT
  • 11. BAUER Umwelt GmbHIn der Scherau 186529 Schrobenhausen, GermanyTel.: +49 8252 97-0Fax: +49 8252 carbon neutral print production | DE-133-688462 Fotos: Getty Images (1), Thinkstock (6) 905.005.2 01/2012