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SWONtech News for July, 2012
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SWONtech News for July, 2012


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In this month's news, I talk about Google's new tablet, ereaders that watch you, an introduction to maker spaces, and the latest on DRM and ebooks. Tune in!

In this month's news, I talk about Google's new tablet, ereaders that watch you, an introduction to maker spaces, and the latest on DRM and ebooks. Tune in!

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. july 2012
  • 2. Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet $200 for 8GB version Higher resolution display than Kindle Fire Integrated with the Google Play store
  • 3. Google Play vs. Amazon Ebookstores New books, books on sale, book picks. No Lending Library
  • 4. Next Issue: iPad Magazine Reader $10/month for monthly & bi-weekly mags $15/month for tabloids & weeklies, plus above
  • 5. “Your E-Book Is Reading You” “It takes the average reader just seven hours to read the final book in Suzanne Collinss Hunger Games trilogy on the Kobo e-reader.” “Barnes & Noble . . . has recently started studying customers digital reading behavior. . . . [T]he company is starting to share their insights with publishers to help them create books that better holdWilliam Duke peoples attention.” Wall Street Journal article:
  • 6. “The Ebook Cargo Cult” Building ebook systems, but publishers don’t come
  • 7. Douglas County Library: DIY Ebook Hosting Can you do it yourself?
  • 8. Bibliotheca Adopts DCL’s Ebook Model Also hires IT lead from Douglas County
  • 9. Califa Lands $325,000 in Funding Working to create “an ebook ownership model along the same lines as the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado.” Also “on the verge of striking a deal with Smashwords for outright ownership of its top- selling titles, which will also include a self- publishing option for patrons.” ~10,000 top titles for ~$3/each
  • 10. Expectations, Overdrive & Customer Service When library ebook services don’t meet customer expectations, start with an apology
  • 11. Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study, 2010-11 Text
  • 12. Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study, 2010-11
  • 13. ALA Conference: Library iPad App Picks Text
  • 14. “Lightweight” EPUB DRM Proposed 1. DRM does discourage “oversharing” (e.g. putting files on a website for anyone to download). Although DRMs will be and are cracked, breaking DRM acts as a “speed bump” that less determined users may judge not to be worth the trouble. 2. Cracking DRM is illegal in many countries... which puts a damper on the ease of use and availability of cracks to the general public.
  • 15. Makerspace: An IntroductionMakerspaces Defined,DescribedParticipatory Learning“Affinity Spaces” participatory-learning-and-libraries/
  • 16. Library Parking Lot: Make Edition Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • 17. Maker: Arduino Introduction Inexpensive microprocessor (like the one that drives your microwave) that you can program.
  • 18. Maker Camp on Google+ 30 Days of Free Projects, starting July 16: Rockets, Animated GIFs, Polymer Clay & more
  • 19. Windows 8 Upgrades: $40? Download-only, XP and up
  • 20. Klagenfurt’s Virtual Library (Austria) QR codes on stickers placed around town Lead to ebook downloads (Project Gutenburg) Ebooks related to sticker locations
  • 21. Netflix’s Movie Indexing“Does it end tragically or have ahappy one? Was there a highsquirm factor? What about theuse of curse words?”“Each Netflix entry in the massiveNetflix library is tagged withnorth of 100 data points. Someare simple, like the gender andjobs of the main characters.Others are ratings, like howviolent is the title on a scale ofone to five?”
  • 22. Recent PLAPPN Meeting Highlights, June 20 Adult Programming • Yoga Class, 2x a week. Free to patrons, full room (~50 people) every class. Instructor = $80/hr • Microbusiness class for teens. Can’t find a job? Here how to make a plan for your own biz. 75 teens & Carol Topp, CPA, who wrote a book series on the topic • Plant exchange. Leave one, take one. Runs for 1 month so word of mouth can build. Chance for other plant-related classes? • Travel agent program to plan your Disney vacation: 40 people came (all about timing)
  • 23. AASL Top 25 Websites for Teaching & Learning Text
  • 24. Storify: Compile Online Conversations From Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, the Web