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SWIX covers off some of the major ideas & tactics behind effectively measuring social media efforts.

SWIX covers off some of the major ideas & tactics behind effectively measuring social media efforts.

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  • 1. Measuring Social Media Craig Fitzpatrick VP Products SWIX Inc. @swixHQ swixHQ.com @craig_fitz
  • 2. eas ure at All? W hy M Not all social media sites perform the same. Audiences and personality vary. Conversations migrate. Use metrics to create a feedback loop. Metrics allow you to experiment. Experimentation is a must-have. @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 3. you measure? Ho w do The data is public. But it’s everywhere. Choose the metrics that matter to you. Watch over a period of time. Different activities require different metrics. @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 4. ou mea sure? shoul dy What Quantity and Quality (different) Best performers (sites & promotions) Start segmenting. Segmenting is the difference between observing vs. optimizing (being passive vs. active). Figure out causal relationships. @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 5. Mental Model #1: Kinds of social media sites you sites you control audience don’t control building CO MMUNITY audience engagement revenue generation public opinion MA RKETING LISTENING goal achievement customer service @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 6. Mental Model #2: Social Media Practioner’s Evolution s ri ou cu s ed ics ba t ly Community i th n a Building Fa A Social Marketing g ic te Listening & t ra Engagement S @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 7. Mental Model #2: Social Media Practioner’s Evolution C ommunity s Buildi u io nrg u c ed Social cs s ba Marketing ti ly th a ai n A is F L tening & Engagement ic eg trat S @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 8. #1 omm unity M easur ing C Communities = fans, followers, subscribers, members Members > passers-by Good for: re-enforcing brand, creating champions, conversation & buzz Things to measure: = Audience & Engagement @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 9. demo measuring Audience & Engagement @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 10. #2 M easuring ocial Ma rketing S Social marketing is making offers into a community or social network. Communities are channels. Examples: contests, special content, demographics, selling tickets & merchandise Things to measure: Traffic, conversions, goals & revenue, ROI Primary tool = landing page / micro-site @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 11. http://moviesitepress.com/ @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 12. Creating an Offer b uy something now!!! http: blah we give you for Twitter create give us WWW short URLs http: blah or supply the URL for Facebook SWIX You! Landing http: blah Page for Email @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 13. Promoting an Offer Your Communities buy ign something pa visit now!!! am k il c lin ma ur people e go email u sin people share on facebook visit WWW using our link buy You! share on facebook people twitt Landing usin g ou er v isit r lin Page people k people don’t buy twitter @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 14. Social Marketing ROI we tell you... traffic levels costs clicks revenue ROI visit visits conversion rates You! audience offer comparison engagement @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 15. demo measuring Social Marketing @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 16. #3 ing Lis tening Measur & Engag ement Listening is monitoring social networks for brand mentions. The whole point is to engage. Reward champions & convert critics. Participate in the dialog. Things to track: positive / negative, influence, passion, reach = impact @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 17. demo measuring Listening & Engagement @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 18. T ake a ways Not all social media performs the same. You measure to understand. You measure to get better. 3 kinds of social media: community, marketing & listening Use an app to gather the numbers so you can focus on the strategy. @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 19. s to chec k out T hing SWIX shared pages: Soul Kitchen http://swixapp.com/public/12522/ The Socalled Movie http://swixapp.com/public/12523/ The Trotsky http://swixapp.com/public/12525/ Incendies http://swixapp.com/public/12527/ You don’t like the truth http://swixapp.com/public/12528/ @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 20. Give SWIX a try for free AVAILABLE NOW! Measure & manage the growth and learn more » engagement of your online communities. learn more » $ 9 /month * @swixHQ @craig_fitz
  • 21. links & download swixHQ.com/fnc.html craig@swixhq.com @swixHQ @craig_fitz