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Swiwsco constitition

  1. 1. CONSTITUTIONRegistered Non-government Organization in Tanzania Reg-No: 07/NGO/1798-Tin No: 108-747-544SMALL WORLD INITIATIVES FOR WOMEN SECURITY AND CHILDREN ORPHANAGE (SWIWSCO)
  2. 2. ARTICLE-1.1.0 DEFINITIONS. Whenever used in this constitution the following word and items shall have the following meaning. 1.1 SWIWSCO: means the short full name meaning small world initiatives for women security and children’s orphanage. 1.2 BOARD: means the executive board consisting of all directors entrusted with the management and control of organization. 1.3 CONSTITUTION: means composition of article regarding rules and regulation of (SWIWSCO). 1.4 DIRECTORS: means member of the board entrusted to run (SWIWSCO). 1.5 EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS: means the Chief Executive Officer, senior Officer and spokesperson of (SWIWSCO). 1.6 By-Low: means Regulation made by Board of Directors of (SWIWSCO). 1.7 AGM: means Annual General Meeting. 1.8 EOM: means Extra Ordinary Meeting. 1.9 TSH: means Tanzanian Shillings. 1.10 TANZANIA: means United Republic of Tanzania.2.0 ESTABLSHMENT, OBJECTIVES AND FUNCTION: 2.1 Establishment. 2.2 The name of Organization shall be: SMALL WORLD INITIATIVES FOR WOMEN SECURITY AND CHILDREN’S ORPHANAGE (SWIWSCO) 2.3 Registered office: The Heard Office for (SWIWSCO) shall be within United Republic of Tanzania At Moshi Kilimanjaro Region. 2.4 Address: P.O.BOX 6850 MOSHI-KILIMANJARO-TANZANIA, Tell/Cell +255 (0)754-537-513/766-621-789 2.5 Location: The heard office and the main orphanage are at Soweto lower Khambaita road Moshi municipality. 2.6 SWIWSCO has apartment rented in Soweto lower Khambaita road were by the heard office and orphanage center is.3.0 CONCEPT AND MISSION STATEMENT: 3.1 Concept: the concept of (SWIWSCO) is to empower the life and right of children’s and women’s in Kilimanjaro region to help the orphans, street children’s, widows, abandons, Hiv victims, disadvantage and hard circumstance. 3.2 Providing them with education, opportunity, shelters, medical care and better accommodation as much as possible. 3.3 Objective of the Organization: 3.4 The Objective of Organization should be to decrease the number of street children’s, orphans, and disadvantage in the street of Kilimanjaro region, neighbor region and all over the world in the future. 3.5 To support the targeted group by providing them with education, shelters, opportunity, food, clothes, technical and better accommodation. 3.6 To seek assistant, sponsors, volunteers, funds, technical national and international to support the targeted groups.
  3. 3. 3.7 To introduce Tanzanian cultures and tourism to the visitors and volunteers who visit at (SWIWSCO). 3.8 To cooperate with exciting government, non-government, local and international organization that share similar objectives with (SWIWSCO). 3.9 To increase our service to more number of targeted group, to make sure that all the children’s who are age of going to school their attending to school according and our financial situation.4.0 TARGETTED GROUP: 4.1 Orphans, widows, abandoned, street children’s, HIV victims and hard circumstances. 4.2 Service offered: 4.3 Accommodations, shelters, education, opportunity, food, clothes and medical care. 4.4 Function of the Organization: 4.5 To increased confidence, opportunity, and education to the targeted group. ARTICLE 11.5.0 Resource and Finance: 5.1 Resource of funding: The Organization sources financial shall consist of but not to be limited to. 5.2 Fund raising activities, Events and grants receiving from different development Organization, Government and Partners. 5.3 Funding from volunteers, family, members and friends of (SWIWSCO). 5.4 Funds from Government, NGO’s Non-profit Organization, local and international Organization. 5.5 Established Local business/projects for the Organization income. ARTICLE 111.6.0 ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT: 6.1 The Organization structures: The organization shall have the following structures. 6.2 Board Member in and outside of United Republic of Tanzania. 6.3 Board of Directors. 6.4 Function Committee. 6.5 Any other committee shall be established for a specific task of Organization. 6.6 The Organization Office Bearers. 6.7 President Chairperson of Organization. 6.8 General Secretary of the Organization. 6.9 Treasurer of the Organization. 6.10 Chair of Board. 6.11 Board Members.7.0 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: 7.1 The annual general meeting (AGM) of (SWIWSCO) shall be held once in every calendar of year. 7.2 The (AGM) shall be proceeds by written notice of at list 15 days fifteen days in advance informing the members of the venue date and time of meeting. 7.3 The chairperson of the Board shall chair all meeting.
  4. 4. 7.4 Notwithstanding any provision here in a two-thirds 2/3 majority vote 2/3 combined, consisting, of (SWIWSCO) at an (AGM) or (EOM) is required for a decision on the following. a) Amendment of Constitution. b) Adoption and or amendment to the By-Lows. c) Dissolution of the Organization. d) Removal of Auditing or Board of Directors other than ordinary retirement. e) Simple majority vote is sufficient for passage of any other issues unless noted otherwise. f) Subject to provision of this Constitution the (SWIWSCO) shall prescribed its own rules of procedures including those of convening, voting, and for distribution of report. ARTTICLE IV.8.0 BOARD OF DIRECTORS: 8.1 Establishment: the Organization shall be managed by a Board of Directors and unless otherwise decided there shall not be less than (2) two and not more than (10) ten Board Members. 8.2 Election: the Board of Directors shall be elected by vote at (AGM) of the Organization which has properly convened and Constituted, notwithstanding the first Board of Directors whose signatory appear in the Organization Constitution. 8.3 Tenure of Office: 8.4 The Directors Members of Committee and delegates to the (AGM) shall hold the Office for the period of 5 years from the date of the election and are eligible for re-election. 8.5 Board Chairperson: the rules and responsibilities of chairperson shall be. a) To be held of all meeting of (SWIWSCO). b) To Chair all (AGM) and (EOM) c) To be spokesperson of the organization. d) To lead other office bearers, to develop, corporate, strategic plans of the network and strategies for fundraising, capacity building and institutional development of the Organization. e) To sign official document and contracts. f) To supervise the work of General Secretary and its duties. g) To invite dynamic progressive policies and action plans. h) To do any other jobs/work as maybe assigned by (AGM) and (EOM) i) The Chairperson shall be voted into office during election by majority votes of Members of (SWIWSCO) and operate the office for 5 years. This is renewable. 8.6 BOARD VICE CHAIRPERSON: a) To initiate dynamic progressive policies and election plans. b) To cast vote in the election. c) To attend sessions (s) of the Organization. d) To assist the Chairperson with her/his duties. e) To act as chairperson incase of her/his absence. f) To chair sub-committee this will be chosen during the session. g) To deputized affairs of Organization in General.
  5. 5. 8.7 PRESIDENT OF THE ORGANIZATION: a) The role and responsibilities of President of organization shall be. b) To sign all official and transactions. c) To be the direct recipient of all correspondence of the Organization. d) To prepare and present to the (AGM) and (EOM) monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual report of the Organization. e) To initiate conducive, policies and plans of action for the organization. f) To initiate strategies for programming and fundraising. g) To initiate plans for Organization development and capacity building. h) To do any other work as may be determined by (AGM) or (EOM). i) The President of the Organization shall be voted into the office during the election by majority votes of Members of (AGM) or appointed to hold the office for 5-five years which shall be renewable. 8.8 TREASURER. a) The treasurer shall be the chief of the Organization property with the role and responsibilities. b) To collect volunteers fees, funds and any other donation by issue receipt and deposit money at the (SWIWSCO) Bank account with in 72 Hrs if the money is not in use at the day of receiving, c) To prepare projection and estimates proposal for budget and fundraising plans. d) To keep and maintained financial record of all money/funds and transaction. e) To receive cash and cheques and bank them accordingly within 72 Hrs. f) To issue receipt and maintain record of money, equipment, material received and issued. g) To prepare financial rules, regulation and manuals for all financial transaction. h) To sign all documents related to payment and other transaction of the Organization. i) To prepare monthly report, quarterly, semi-annual and financial report and present them to the Organization President. 8.9 SECRETARY: a) To convene all (SWIWSCO) meeting and session. b) To keep data files and Minute of the Organization. c) To seek instruction from the chairperson. d) To cast a vote in the session. e) To sign document and Minutes of the organization with chairperson. f) To be the spokesperson of the organization in conjunction with the chairperson concerning matter of public relation. g) To arrange election date. h) To manage (SWIWSCO) Volunteers and roster.9.0 ACCOUNTING RECORD: a) The Directors shall ensure that accounting record are kept faithful, and are sufficient to show and explain all the Organization transaction and are able to be disclosed at any time with reasonable
  6. 6. accuracy, the record must also reflect the financial position of the organization at that time and particular contain. b) Entries showing: daily sums of money received the source of income and expenses incurred by the Organization, the recipient of the money and purpose of expenditures. c) A record of assets and liabilities of the Organization. d) Accounting record shall kept at the Office of the Organization, or shall be subjected to the provision of the ordinance at such other places (s) as the Director shall think fit and should always be open to inspection by the Directors. e) The Director shall preserve any accounting record for at list 5-five years from the end of financial year.9.1 ACCOUNTING AND AUDITS: a) The Directors shall prepare, respective of each financial year of the Organization, a statement of accounts complying with predetermined requirements and giving a true and fair view of sources and state of affairs at the end of fiscal year. b) The Directors shall have their annual statement of accounts audited by properly qualified auditor (s) appointed by said Directors.9.2 BANKING ACCOUNT:Any bank in which any part of the organization fund is deposited shall be operated by the Directors and held in thename of the Organization. All cheques and orders for the payment of money from the accounts shall be signed byone of the Directors. ARTICLE V.9.3 PROPERTY OF THE ORGANIZATION: All properties shall be registered in the name of the Organization (SWIWSCO) the acquisition, used and disposal of all properties involving the revenue and expenditure of the Organization. Funds shall be the discretion of the Board of Directors. ARTICLE VI.9.4 AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE ORGANIZATION: In order to be placed in to effect, all proposals for amending the constitution must be proceeded by written notice starting the proposed changes at list seven-7 day in advance of the (AGM) or (EOM) in order to be placed in to effect, proposed amendment must receive no less that a 2/3 majority vote at the (AGM) or (EOM) ARTICLE VII.9.5 DISSOLUTION: In the event of the need for the Organization to be dissolved, the board of Directors shall appoint a liquidator who shall realized the asset of Organization including cash and liquidate liabilities of the Organization and other expenses.
  7. 7. ARTICLE VIII.9.6 DECLARATION: The Organization and its staff, Directors and agent only act, for the purpose of the Organization, as agents of the responsible arm of the appropriate government in power. Hans the organization and aforementioned people accept no liability, lose, damage, compensation or any form of “force of majeure” that may incur during the period of its operation, management or engagement. The Board will operate under the jurisdiction for the incumbent law of United Republic of Tanzania relating to all matters regarding the implementation of its objectives.