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Social Media - Recommendations for Australian Businesses
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Social Media - Recommendations for Australian Businesses


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Published in: Business, Sports
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  • Social Media Revolution 2011:
  • Origin have recently launched a community initiative called Sustainability Drive aimed at rallying people together to learn how to live sustainably and get involved in their communities. Sustainability Drive is a competition with a share in up to $1million of sustainable energy technology and expertise spread across 4 streets (20 houses in each street) – one in NSW, Victoria, QLD and SA. That amounts to a total of $12,500 for each house, to install solar panels, energy-efficient hot-water systems, a year’s supply of green power, an energy audit and other bits and bobs.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media:Recommendations forAustralian Businesses Image Credit: Khalid Albaih, Flickr
    • 2. Agenda • What is social media for an organisation? • How is it being used by Australians? • Brand Awareness Case Study: Origin Energy • Reputation Management Case Study: Rental Organisation • How can Infigen Energy be involved?
    • 3. What is social media foran organisation?
    • 4. It’s all about human beings.
    • 5. How are Australiansusing social media? Over 10 million Facebook users now in Australia. Facebook represents almost 1 in every 5 pages viewed online by Australians during September 2010. 77% of online Australians watched video content on their computer at least once in September 2010 and a further 26% watched video on their mobile phone. Online spending grew 12% in Australia in 2010.
    • 6. Brand Awareness Case Study:Origin Energy
    • 7. Aim: Improve Origin Energybrand awareness and sentiment Image Credit: Origin Energy
    • 8. Solution: rally communities in‘Sustainability Drive’ competition Image Credit:
    • 9. Execution: online micro-site
    • 10. Promotion: print, TV & bloggeroutreach – Mammamia Image Credit:
    • 11. Results: thousands of entries,awareness and positive sentiment Image Credit: Origin Energy
    • 12. Results: real people, realsustainability throughout 2011 Image Credit: Caltex
    • 13. Reputation Management Case Study:Rental Organisation
    • 14. Aim: Improve online reputationand brand sentiment Image Credit: Slightly North
    • 15. Solution: Real-time social mediamonitoring for brand keywords
    • 16. Execution: capture data, combine withinsight and present opportunities
    • 17. Results: resolved customercomplaints early, before escalating
    • 18. Results: increased online share ofvoice and improved sentiment
    • 19. ApproachWhat’s Next:How can you be involved? Training & Development Research & Social Media Strategy Evaluation & Monitoring Strategy Execution Measurement 19
    • 20. Questions?More information?Hannah LawHead of Social Media, Switched on Media@hannahlaw or