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  • In additiontocompetitiveprices, Swiss Post offersSwitzerland a veryhighstandardofqualityforletterandparceldeliveries.In 2012 Swiss Post handledover2.3 billionletters. 97.9 percentofletterspostedon time asA Mailarrivedthenextday (previousyear: 97.5 percent).Ofover100 millionparcels, 97.7percent of all PostPac Priority parcels reached their destination the following day.

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  • We move people, goods, money andinformationin a reliable, value-enhancing andsustainable way
  • – Swiss Post Group and its mandate– What makes Swiss Post successful– excellent service provision– competitive prices– new solutions to tap into growth areas– keeping costs down– exploit operating conditions– How Swiss Post acts sustainably– Who makes Swiss Post successful– OutlookWhat to expect in the next 20 minutesThemes and structureApril 2013 / Version 2Page 2Company presentation
  • From state-owned institution to modernenterpriseFor Switzerland
  • – Postal operations: acceptance, collection, conveyance anddelivery of mail (letters, parcels, newspapers) generally on allworking days, but on at least 5 days a week to all permanentlyinhabited settlements– Payment transactions: inpayments, outpayments, transfers andcash withdrawals– Infrastructure:– the services provided under the basic service must be availableto everyone in all regions within a reasonable distance– a nationwide post office network must be provided– Prices: standard prices irrespective of distanceThe statutory duties of Swiss PostNationwide basic serviceApril 2013 / Version 2Page 4Company presentation
  • – Provide a universal service (good quality/ reasonable prices)– Switzerland: further build on leadingposition– Abroad: can take advantage of growthopportunities in areas outside its basicservice– Customer focus, profitability, innovation– Create profitable growth, safeguardearning power, exploit potentialefficiency gains– Develop the value of the company in thelong term– Be a progressive and sociallyresponsible employer rices)– Build up equity, finance pension fund,pay dividend to ConfederationWhat the Federal Council expects from Swiss PostStrategic objectivesApril 2013 / Version 2 Page 5Company presentation
  • How Swiss Post is organizedGroup with six strong unitsApril 2013 / Version 2Page 6Company presentationNovember 2012Board of Directors Peter HaslerPost Offices& SalesPatrick Salamin *PostBusDaniel Landolf *PostFinanceHansruediKöng *PostMailUlrich Hurni *PostLogisticsDieter Bambauer*Swiss PostSolutionsFrank Marthaler *Internal Auditing Martina ZehnderExecutive Management Susanne Ruoff *Communication Marco ImbodenHuman Resources Yves-André Jeandupeux *Services Patrick Salamin * a.i.(Real Estate – Information Technology – Corporate Purchasing – InfraPost Ltd. – Language Services)Finance Pascal Koradi *Legal and Staff Service Peter Nobs* Member of Executive Management
  • We move people, goods, moneyand informationin a reliable, value-enhancing andsustainable way... for our customers... successfully, with innovations inour four markets: communication,logistics, retail finance and publicpassenger transport... together with our employees... for SwitzerlandThe aims of Swiss PostOur visionApril 2013 / Version 2Page 7Company presentation
  • – 62,000 employees from 140 nations in more than 100 professions– Third-biggest employer in Switzerland– 15 million consignments (letters, promotional mailings andnewspapers) per day– Over 100 million parcels a year– Over 2.9 million customers use a postal account and thePostFinance Card– 129 million passengers on PostBus a year– An extensive network with 1,757 post offices, 497 agencies and1,251 home delivery services– Operating income (turnover): 8.582 billion francs– Group profit: 859 million francs– Investments: 443 million francsSwiss Post as a companyKey facts and figures (as at 31.12.12)April 2013 / Version 2Page 8Company presentation
  • – Logistics market– Retail financial market– Public passenger transport– Communications marketWhere Swiss Post operatesFour marketsApril 2013 / Version 2Page 9Company presentation
  • – Core brandfor offerings in the logistics andcommunications market– Flagship brandin the financial services market– Flagship brandin the public transport marketThe Swiss Post brandA strong core brand plus two flagship brandsSwitzerland InternationalApril 2013 / Version 2Page 10Company presentation
  • What makes Swiss Post successfulKeeping the four elements in balanceApril 2013 / Version 2Page 11Company presentationCompetitivepricesSociallyresponsablecost-efficienySustainable,profitabel growthExploit operating conditionsStrategicobjectivesHigh-qualityservices
  • What makes Swiss Post successfulProviding high-quality servicesApril 2013 / Version 2Page 12Company presentationCompetitivepricesSustainable,profitabel growthExploit operating conditionsStrategicobjectivesHigh-qualityservicesSociallyresponsablecost-efficieny
  • What Swiss Post offers privatecustomers
  • What Swiss Post offers private customersAvailability, proximity and advice– Around 16,500 postal carriers– Over 15,000 postboxes– 970 Postomats– Telephone customer service– 814 PostBus routes– 14,231 PostBus stops– Virtual post office counter– E-financeApril 2013 / Version 2Page 14Company presentation
  • What Swiss Post offers private customersA uniquely powerful and extensive networkApril 2013 / Version 2Page 15Company presentation1,757 post offices 497 agencies1,251 home deliveryservice points Over 700 PickPostpoints45 PostFinancebranches
  • What Swiss Post offers businesscustomers
  • – Letters– Logistics– Direct marketing– Print media– Document and dialogue solutionsSolutions from– PostFinance– PostBusWhat Swiss Post offers business customersStandardized and tailored solutionsApril 2013 / Version 2Page 17Company presentationImage
  • What Swiss Post offers business customersServices all round the worldApril 2013 / Version 2Page 18Company presentation
  • What makes Swiss Post successfulCompetitive pricesApril 2013 / Version 2Page 19Company presentationCompetitivepricesSustainable,profitabel growthExploit operating conditionsStrategicobjectivesSociallyresponsablecost-efficienyHigh-qualityservices
  • April 2013 / Version 2Seite 20Company presentationSwiss Post in the international arenaAmong the cheapest for letters and parcelsLetters taken into account up to 1 kg, excluding premium mailingsand additional services; list prices for individual consignments(exchange rate-adjusted). Status: 1 November 2012.Letters taken into account up to 1 kg, excluding premium mailingsand additional services; list prices for individual consignments.Status: prices as at 1 November 2012; purchasing power paritiesOECD 2011 (as at 14 November 2012).Swiss Letter Post Index 2013 Swiss Letter Post Index adjusted forpurchasing power 2013
  • April 2013 / Version 2Seite 21Company presentationSwiss Post in the international arenaAmong the cheapest for letters and parcelsParcels taken into account up to 20 kg (excluding additionalservices); list prices for individual consignments (exchangerate-adjusted).Status: 1 November 2012. Index Switzerland = 100Parcels taken into account up to 20 kg (excluding additionalservices); list prices for individual consignments. Status:prices as at 1 November 2012; purchasing power parities OECD2011 (as at 14 Novermber 2012). Index Switzerland = 100Swiss Parcel Post Index 2013 Swiss Parcel Post Index adjusted forpurchasing power 2013
  • Swiss Posts quality benchmarkTop quality at affordable pricesApril 2013 / Version 2Page 22Company presentation
  • What makes Swiss Post successfulDeveloping new solutions to tap into growth areasApril 2013 / Version 2Page 23Company presentationCompetitivepricesSustainable,profitabel growthExploit operating conditionsStrategicobjectivesHigh-qualityservicesSociallyresponsablecost-efficieny
  • Why Swiss Post is tapping into growth areasMail is competing with electronic communicationsApril 2013 / Version 2Page 24Company presentation
  • 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 20112000 2012PostShop mobile / Secure CubeHow Swiss Post is continually developingNew solutions and innovative servicesApril 2013 / Version 2Page 25Company presentationMortgages / PickPostPrepaid top-ups at PostomatsWebStampScanning and archiving services / Cash withtrawalsat POS / My Post Businessyellowpay admin / PostFinance Mobile / mobile taggingIncaMail / Print & Send«pro clima» / Swiss Post Box / Virtual post office counter / Patient data and health cardMobile applications / Post SuisseIDSecure e-mails2010My Newspaper / PubliBike
  • Formerly:Simple payment transactionsToday:Full range ofretail financial servicesHow PostFinance is growingIncrease in customer depositsApril 2013 / Version 2Page 26Company presentation
  • How PostBus is growingIn Switzerland and neighbouring countriesApril 2013 / Version 2Page 27Company presentation
  • What makes Swiss Post successfulKeeping costs under controlApril 2013 / Version 2Page 28Company presentationCompetitivepricesSustainable,profitabel growthExploit operating conditionsStrategicobjectivesSociallyresponsablecost-efficienyHigh-qualityservices
  • How Swiss Post is improvingproductivityReorganization and investment
  • What makes Swiss Post successfulExploit operating conditionsApril 2013 / Version 2Page 30Company presentationCompetitivepricesSociallyresponsablecost-efficienySustainable,profitabel growthExploit operating conditionsStrategicobjectivesHigh-qualityservices
  • How Swiss Post acts sustainablyOur responsibility to Swiss society
  • Intelligent transportplanningMinergie and energyoptimizationSustainable productsApril 2013 / Version 2Page 32Company presentationOur goal to the endof 2013:Reductionof annualCO2 emissionsby 15,000 tonnesWhat Swiss Post does for the environmentPrudent climate protection measures
  • – 2 x Christmas– Sports sponsorship– Cultural sponsorshipWhat Swiss Post does for Swiss societySocial commitmentApril 2013 / Version 2Page 33Company presentation
  • Who makes Swiss Post successful?62,000 employees
  • Employees– take their responsibilities seriously, make use of scope forinitiative, and consequently contribute to the success of thecompany– in Switzerland benefit from individual working time models andhealth promotion opportunities– make use of the wide range of advanced training on offer inSwitzerlandHow Swiss Post promotes personal developmentTogether we make a strong Swiss PostApril 2013 / Version 2Page 35Company presentation
  • Swiss Post aims to– generate an annual profit of CHF 700 to 800 million, increaseits equity and finance investments itself,– achieve leading market positions in its businesses inSwitzerland,– have a consistent customer satisfaction rate of 75 points (on ascale of 0 to 100),– maintain employee commitment at the high level of 80 points(on a scale of 0 to 100),– provide a basic service of an outstanding quality, and– reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 15,000 tonnes by the end of2013.In this way, we will generate added value for the owner as aninvestor,for customers, for our employees and for Switzerland.What Swiss Post aims to achieve in the coming yearsOutlookApril 2013 / Version 2Page 36Company presentation
  • We move people, goods, money andinformationin a reliable, value-enhancing andsustainable way