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Winning Recipes - Nanna Meyer






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Winning Recipes - Nanna Meyer Winning Recipes - Nanna Meyer Document Transcript

  • 12/4/12   Periodized  Training?  Periodized  Nutri.on!   Easy Adjustment: Moderate Energy The  Role  of  Nutri.on  in     Hard Macronutrients Micronutrients Fluids Exercise  and  Training   Competition Supplements Recovery Nanna  L.  Meyer,  PhD,  RD,  CSSD,  FACSM   Yearly Plan – Monthly Plan – Weekly Plan University  of  Colorado     Weight Management, Environmental Factors, Individual areas… Nutri.on  for  Health,  Fitness,     and  Performance   What’s  The  Goal?     Health 1.  Mee.ng  individual  needs     Adjustment: Energy Energy  Need?     Weight  Management?     Macronutrients Fitness Micronutrients Fluids 2.  SeHng  goals   Supplements Health     Fitness     Performance     Performance 3.  Integra.ng  individual’s  life   Yearly Plan – Monthly Plan – Weekly Plan  Weight Management, Environmental Factors, Individual areas… Daily  Meals:     Healthy,  Fitness,  and     Health  &  Weight  Management   Performance  Plates    •  USDA  MyPlate   –  www.choosemyplate.gov    •  Volumetrics     –  www.volumetricseaKngplan.com     hLp://www.choosemyplate.gov/   Courtesy  of  N.  Meyer,  PhD,  RD  and  K.  Frushour   Student  in  Sport  Nutri;on  Graduate  Program   University  of  Colorado,  Colorado  Springs     And  Sport  Die;;ans,  United  States  Olympic   CommiEee   1  
  • 12/4/12   Examples   Immediate  Recovery  for     Fueling  During  Exercise       Repe..ve  High  Performance!     Sport  Drink   Within  30  to   •  Health  (walk/ •  Fitness  (gym   •  Performance   60  min     hike)   workout  60-­‐90  min)   (>90  min;  high   +  SNACK   next  meal   –  Water     –  Diluted  sport   intensity)   within   –  Fresh  fruit   drink   –  Sport  drink   30-­‐60  min   –  Homemade   –  Granola  bar   –  Gels,  blocs   Granola  bits   –  Blocs   –  Sport  bar   Drink  according     Drink  according  to     Drink  according  to  sweat  rate  to  thirst.  Eat  when  hungry!   sweat  rate  (every  ~20  min).   (every  ~20  min).       May  use  extras  if  >60  min.   May  use  extras  to  increase       carbohydrate  availability     RECOVERY…   Recovery  con.nues   Examples   Fueling  A`er  Exercise       Sports Drink •  Health   •  Fitness   •  Performance   + SNACK –  Water   –  Diluted  sport   –  Sport  drink   –  Meal     drink  or  water     –  Flavored  milk   30-60 min –  Smoothie  w/   beverage   30-60 min 30-60 min milk  &  yogurt     –  Or  recovery   Carbs Protein mix   Fluid Food Food Food Drink  according     Replace  fluid  according  to     Replace  fluid  according  to   Electrolytes Fluids Fluids Fluids to  thirst.  Eat  when  hungry!   sweat  rate.  Ingest  smoothie  as   sweat  rate.     soon  as  possible   Ingest  flavored  milk  as  soon       as  possible.       RECOVERY… “Put  Your  Hands  On  Food”   Skill  Building   •  Kitchen  &  Garden  Camps   •  Shopping   Learning  where  and  how   to  shop  and  source  food!     Nutrient-­‐Packed,  Colorful,  Flavorful     COLOR   FLAVOR Cooking  at  home   Learning  how  to  grow     All  produce,   Salt, Pepper, and  cook  food!     especially   •  Pantry  Inventory!     Herbs, Spices seasonally,  locally,   organically  grown   Pesto, Capers, •  BudgeKng     Olives, Athlete’s  Salad   –  Buying  seasonal/local     Mustard, Hard Adding  Fruit   •  Cooking  schedule     Salsa   Cheeses,   Adding  Dark  Leafy   Vinegars, Oils Greens     2  
  • 12/4/12   Op.mal  Energy  for     Energy  Availability     Loucks,  2004   Performance  &  Health         ENERGY  INTAKE   EXERCISE  ENERGY   EXPENDITURE     EXERCISER  OR  SEDENTARY     •  EaKng  too  much  for  opKmal  health     ATHLETES  &  ACTIVE  INDIVIDUALS   2800  kcal   1500  kcal   •  Not  eaKng  enough  for  opKmal  health   2800  kcal  –  1500  kcal  =  1300  kcal   •  Not  eaKng  enough  for  opKmal   performance     Enough  to  maintain  basic     physiologic  func.on  and  health?   Bone  Health  in  Ac.ve  Individuals   The  Female  Athlete  Triad     25 American  College  of  Sports  Medicine  Posi.on  2007   %  difference  in  BMD  •  5-­‐30%  greater  BMD  in   20 Athletes Physically Active Op.mal     Energy  Availability   athletes  vs  control   15 10 Reduced  Energy   –  Can  reduce  fracture  risk   5 Availability  w/  or  w/o   by  50  -­‐  80%     0 Disordered  Ea.ng   Non-weight Low impact Moderate High impact Weight -5 bearing impact training   HEALTHY For  review  see:  Nichols  et  al.,  2007   Low  Energy  Availability   healthy -10 w/  or  w/o  Ea.ng    •  10-­‐20%  lower  BMD  in   Op.mal   Disorder   Normal     % aBMD of control value at lumbar spine 0 Bone   athletes  with   -5   Menstrua.on   Health   Subclinical   menstrual  dysfuncKon     -10 -15 Menstrual     –  Increases  stress   -20 Disorders   Low  Bone  Mass   ILL ILL fracture  risk  by  2-­‐4x   -25   -30 Func.onal     Hypothalamic   Osteoporosis   Amenorrhea   3