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Uri Hasson - Film and Music Workshop
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Uri Hasson - Film and Music Workshop






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  • Auditory, 55, -10, 4; Broca's, 42, 11, 5; precuneus, 2, -38, 66; TPJ, -47, 50, 22;

Uri Hasson - Film and Music Workshop Uri Hasson - Film and Music Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • Free viewing of an audio-visual segmentExperimental protocol
  • Inter-subject correlationsSubject 1 Subject 2Talairach coordinates
  • Sharedsignal Idiosyncratic signalShared responsesIntra-SCInter-SC
  • Inter-subject correlationsHasson et al, Science, 2004
  • Eye movements
  • Eye movements
  • High level of control over brain responses is not obtained for all kindsof moviesSpecificity
  • Inter-SCShared responses
  • skin response (GSR)Barbara Knappmeyer
  • Directing styles and inter-subjects correlationAlfredHitchcockParkAndreiTarkovskyMichaelMoore?
  • Refinements, and extensionsImageSound trackDialoguesMusicSuspenseEmotionsPlot...Movie is a multidimensionalspatio-temporal structure
  • A new neuro-editing tool for filmmakers
  • The interaction between content, directing stylesand functional specialization
  • Reasoning and ThoughtVisual PerceptionAuditory PerceptionLanguageEmotion regulationVoluntary movementFunctional specializationImageSound trackDialoguesMusicSuspenseEmotionsPlot...Movie is a multidimensionalspatio-temporal structure
  • Close-upFusiform Face AreaThe Great Train RobberyEdwin S. Porter 1903Kanwisher, J neuroscience, 1997ProsopagnosiaX
  • Face selective responsesFusiform Face Area
  • Long shotParahippocampal Place Area
  • Mirror neuronsPost central sulcusBabettes Feast, 1987
  • Mirror neuronsPost central sulcus
  • Emotion regulationArousal
  • Shared brain responses as the vehicle forcommunication
  • Speaker15 min monologue(real life unrehearsed story)Part III: Speaker-Listener coupling: DesignListener(n=11)
  • (n=11)Part III: Speaker-Listener coupling: analysis
  • (n=11)Part III: Speaker-Listener coupling: analysis
  • Are neural responses during speech production andspeech comprehension coupled?
  • Part III: Speaker-Listener coupling during natural speech0.05 FDR-corrected
  • Can the extent of speaker-listener neuralcoupling predict the success of communication?
  • Level of understanding varies across listeners, as measured byindependent raters
  • The degree of neural coupling predicts the success of communicationSpeaker-listener CouplingComprehensionbylistener
  • Coupling between speech production and speech comprehension
  • MirroringContingent responseJoint actionVerbal communicationBrain to Brain interactionInternal mirroringSocial = 2+
  • Subject 1Subject 2Dynamical interactionBrain-to-Brain CouplingMotorSensoryB2B communication dynamics• Persuasion• Manipulation(“Its not a lie if you believe it” – GeorgeCostanza, Seinfeld)• Teaching• Psychotherapy• Couple treatment (Imago)
  • Geocentric vs. heliocentric perspective
  • Social Neuroscience
  • The end
  • The end
  • A new neuro-editing tool for filmmakers
  • Areas where the listener’s responses precede thespeaker’s show strongest correlation with behavior