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Philippe Trinchan explains the social media strategy of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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Social Media @ Swiss National Science Foundation - SNF

  1. 1. The SNSF’s Social Media StrategyPhilippe TrinchanHead of Communication
  2. 2. FNSContents1. Online strategy2. Social media strategy & policy3. Language policy4. Current developments5. Social media platforms6. Organisation and processes7. Upcoming developmentsQ&A
  3. 3. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Online strategy,a two-way communication• clear and direct access to information, especially foryoung scientists / foreigners / international• interaction with researchers and with the public(communication, gaining input)• reinforce customer service (redesign information, FAQ,online tools, etc.)• disseminate information, ensure more transparency• show scientific results & output• reputation management online (branding)
  4. 4. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Social media strategy• Adapt to new communication habits• Use new potentials:• Information (direct, without multiplicators)• Dialogue• Networking• Transaction / business processes• Data mining• Data depositories (YouTube or Flickr)
  5. 5. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.snsf.chTwitterYouTubeFacebookXINGLinkedInBlog, NewsroomIssues, contents,Press releasesJobs, sharingfeaturesNewsletterOnline strategyApp
  6. 6. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Social media Policy• One voice on all channels (sender)• Feed platforms with content according to target groups• Uniform image through Corporate Design• Online branding (funding agency, employer, communitylabel, etc.)• Internal policy (empower and sensitise)• SNSF language policy taken into account
  7. 7. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Language policy• Provide similar content in all main languagessimultaneously• If possible, address target group in its own language• Linguistic diversity: added value for communication• Public relations always in German and French,complemented by English• Exclusive use of English in exceptional cases• Italian only for the website, not social media
  8. 8. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Current developments• Pilot projects 2012Facebook (only research magazine Horizonte),YouTube, Twitter (only jobs), XING, LinkedIn• Additional applicationsIssuu (e-paper), Flickr (picture galleries)• As of January 2013Twitter, Facebook, XING, LinkedIn, YouTube
  9. 9. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Twitter
  10. 10. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Facebook
  11. 11. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.YouTube
  12. 12. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.XING/LinkedIn
  13. 13. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Further developmentFull integration in communication portfolio• Redesign and linked sub-websites (NRPs etc.)with full integration of SNSF Newsletter und socialmedia (sharing features, newsroom, etc.)• Expansion of monitoring and evaluation measures• Implementation of advertising measures for offering• Continual adjustment of offering based on evaluationresults• Network for SNSF current and former grantees• Analysis of other platforms such as Google+ andResearch Gate
  14. 14. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Organisation, processes• Adapt organisation Communication division (editors,publishing) and IT (mastering)• Adapt processes, improve web & cross-mediaculture/skills and information management• Edition: web based edition, all-in-one, added contentsfor online communication• Publishing: standards & guidelines, publishing on allplatforms• Multi-level feedback and escalation processes in-house(workflows)• Live monitoring via HootSuite (basic version), GoogleAlerts; use of advanced tools under evaluation
  15. 15. FNSThank you for your attention
  16. 16. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Do you have any questions?
  17. 17. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Example: Finding research partnersvia XING
  18. 18. SNSF Knowledge is the key to the future.Finding research partners via XING• Pilot project in 2012 for networking researchers inRomania/Bulgaria and Switzerland• XING as market leader in German-speakingSwitzerland and known in Eastern Europe• XING group as a place for networking and exchange(thematic sub-pages)• Moderation and activation of group members by theSNSF• Overall positive feedback from researchers, room forimprovement as regards moderation/support• Not well known and still underused