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Social Media Monitoring & Reporting
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Social Media Monitoring & Reporting






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Social Media Monitoring & Reporting Social Media Monitoring & Reporting Presentation Transcript

  • Swissnex / Swiss Academia 2012, Second Annual MeetingSocial MediaMonitorin andReporting!
  • MIKE !SCHWEDE!Sabbaticalist, Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist,Communication Consultant, Speaker.1998-2011 Goldbach Interactive:@mikeschwede http://mike.schwede.ch mike@schwede.ch
  • Agenda!… Basics!… Reporting Example (Earned Media)!… Monitoring Tools in Action!… Measuring Owned Media!… Social Media Scorecard!… Organization & Costs!… Q&A!
  • 4"
  • Consumer trust in...! Reccomendation from people I know 92% Cosumer opinions posted online 70%Editorial content such as newspaper articles 58% Branded Websites 58% Email I signed up for 50% Ads on TV 47% Brand sponsorships 47% Ads in magazines 47% Billboards and other outdoor advertising 47% Ads in newspaper 46% Ads on radio 42% TV program product placements 40% Ads served in search engine results 40% Online video ads 36% Ads on social networks 36% Online banner ads 33% Display ads on mobile devices 33% Text ads on mobile phones 29% Quelle: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey / worldwide / Q3 2011 Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 5"
  • The real conversion process! Theory Real world Advertising" Website" Booking a trip: 12x Google, 21 Travel Sites, 29 Days" Customers" à Social Reach Generate as much as (positive and relevant) buzz about your brand."Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 6"
  • Trust! Social Media Monitoring Tools" Earned Media Social Media Management Tools / " Web Analytics" Owned WOM, Buzz, Forums,! Third party Blogs etc.! Media Paid Website, own Blog,! Twitter, Facebook! Media Web Analytics / Ad Advertising…! Management" Forrester, 2009" Controlle!Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 7"
  • …  Social Monitoring Basics!
  • How does it work?! Social Web (Blogs, Searching for articles & Structure them by brands Generate nice looking graphs for the Twitter, Foren, News,...) posts with keywords and topics management Work on the posts structured ActionMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 9"
  • Challenge: Volume!Example Sysomos MAP•  61.1 Billion Documents saved!•  110 Mio. Blogs with 1.25 Mio. new articles per day!•  12-15 Mio. Forum posts per day!•  Twitter: up to 25‘000 Tweets per second!Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 10"
  • What to track?! Sub Brands, Brand Name Products, (most important) Product Groups, Labels People (Management, Important Board) Suppliers (most important) Topics, Issues Competitors & CampaignsMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 11"
  • Setup example Migros! Migros Brands Labels Product Brands Competitors Topics Issues Migros: Migros OR "Ein M Negative topics: Sustainability OR Migros AND besser" OR "M Aus der Region M-Budget Coop ecology OR … poisoning Cumulus" LeShop… Bio Suisse … Aldi Service Palm oil M-Electronic… … … Product Range … … …Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 12"
  • Application Example!Fundamental Analysis for a (social media)stragegy" Reports, Adhoc
 Social Media Measurement"Marketing Reports mit with quantitative andqualitative insights"Crisis Monitoring and Reputation Management"Customer Care / CRM" Tool, permanent
Market Research for optimizing Sales, Products, Social Media Engagement"Communication,…"Sales and Lead GenerationMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 13"
  • …  Example Report! Earned Media
  • Overview! Report: Ebookers, worldwide, 30 Nov 2011 to 27 Feb 2012, mike.schwede, Source: SysomosReach: Competitor Share of Voice: 5% ì Engagement •  Favorability: 90%5000 •  Sentiment: -4% î4000 •  Topics: Flight 32% ì News3000 •  Traffic Drivers: Twitter ì Forums2000 Cases & Issues Blogs •  Cases: 188 ì1000 Twitter •  Closed Cases: 164 ì 0 •  Negative Cases: 30% î Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 •  Main Topic: Website Usability LocationsCommentary of the Community Mgmt. •  Top Location: Germany ì1.  We‘re gaining influence (Share of Voice •  Top Language: English ì and at Twitter Influencer)2.  Sentiment dropped, more Cases 10% concerning our accounting (!!!) 14%3.  People like our deals and promotions4.  Brand is strongly connected to Orbitz5.  Personal ressources are limited. No 76% readyness for a Shitstorm English German FrenchMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 15"
  • Reach & Influence!Popularity Source SoV: Blogs raising 3" 2" 16% 14% 4" 1" 5" 35% 35% Blogs News Twitter Forums Main Peak Driver was Traditional News! Competitor SoV: 5% î 1.  Hugely Popular Orbitz 50 Faves Facebook Game Is Ready for 5% Take-Off" 5% 2.  Orbitz Worldwide and United Continental Holdings Extend Relationship" 23% 3.  Travelers Extending Valentines Day for a Romantic Getaway this Presidents Day Weekend, According to New Orbitz Insider 67% Index" 4.  Orbitz Worldwide Supports Obama Administration Initiative to Increase International Tourism to the U.S." 5.  Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. to Participate at the Citi 22nd Annual Expedia Orbitz Global Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications Conference" Ebookers OpodoMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 16"
  • Engagement!Topic SoV: Flights raising Topic SoV: Flights ì 14% Flights 32% Hotels 26% Deals 28% Car HireSentiment: -4% î Traffic Drivers: Twitter ì Twitter 1 96 3 Forums News 03 97 News Forums 30 46 24 Blogs 9 31 60 Twitter Overall 10 44 46 Blogs 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 0 200 400 600 800 Negative Neutral Positive (Traffic-Zahlen erfunden)Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 17"
  • Cases & Issues! (Invented)Actual Watchlist: 8 Key Facts •  Cases: 188 ì •  Closed Cases: 164 ì •  Negative Cases: 30% î Main Topics: Website Usability Website 6% 15% 15% Delays Accounting 21% Pricing Ideas 11% 32% HotelsMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 18"
  • Locations!Languages Countries 10% 14% 76% English German FrenchMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 19"
  • Twitter in Detail! (Example, some for Blogs etc.) Reach: 1.7 million impressions 2" Tweet Count: 1,481 (estimated) 3" 1" Peaks 1.  Séjours en promotion 2.  Séjours en promotion 3.  100.000 Euro Facebook- GewinnspielInfluencer Locations TopicsMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 20"
  • Core Metrics in Monitoring! Metrics Description Posts (also Popularity)" Number of posts/articles" Impressions (also Viral Reach)" Number of Impressions" Share of Voice (SoV)" Share of posts of a brand in comparison to the competitors" Topic SoV" Share of different topics related to a brand" Source SoV" Share of different platforms / sources related to a brand" Word Cloud / Buzz Graph" Visualization of important keywords" Opinion Leader (also Super Authors / Users with high reach and influence related to a User or Influencer)" brand or topic" Sentiment" (Automated, mostly inaccurate) assessment if a post is positive, neutral or negative" Traffic" Website Visits due to Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.)" Demographics" Info about country, language, age, gender, profession etc. "Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 21"
  • …  Monitoring Tools!
  • Quick‘n‘prettyDirty: Google Alerts!Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 23"
  • Usefull free: Social Mention!Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 24"
  • Netbreeze Community Report!Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 25"
  • Main tool evaluation criterias!> Data and Filtering - Source coverage, especially in core markets (e.g. Asia)" - Language Filtering" - Country Filtering (based on social profiles!)"> Usability: Simple and self-explanatory> Workflows for efficient collaboration> Features based on goals and social media processes> Model: In-Sourcing vs. Out-SourcingMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 26"
  • Goldbach Interactive Review 2011!à http://www.goldbachinteractive.com/aktuell/fachartikel/social-media-monitoring-report-2011 Stay tuned. New report coming soon! Top Tools •  Sysomos Heartbeat: Interface, Source Coverage" •  Radian6:Twitter/Facebook Firehose, Console, CRM, Usability, Country filter" Great price-performance •  Viralheat: Solide Tool, no workflows" •  UberVu: Great Interface, strange source structuring" Raising stars 2011 •  Brandwatch: Flexible Dashboard, Workflow finally" •  Engagor: Beste Interface, useful data interpretion" Alterian SM2, Visible, Meltwater, Infego Social Radar, Jive, Netbreeze, Position, Ethority, Netvibes, Lithium, Beevolve, Attensity, Custom Scoop, Tracur, Spiral16, Synthesio, Sprout Social, Arvator Services, Cision, Vocus, bc.lab, Brandchats, Dialogix"Goldbach Interactive" 27"
  • Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 28"
  • …  Measuring 
 Owned Media!
  • Crowdbooster!Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 32"
  • Mike Schwede, Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA " 33"
  • …  Scorecard!
  • Overall context of reporting! Business Goals" Social Media Strategy & Objectives & Platforms" Social Media Metrics" Social Media Reporting" Sources & Tools"Mike Schwede, Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA " 35"
  • Develop Reporting evolutionary! > The responsible person creates a Marketing report Report > Gradual aggregation >  Evolution: Start with the Facebook concrete and important Editorial Report (Facebook Report), add detail Report (Content Report), and later include Management Summaries Community Mangement Twitter Report Report Summary ROI Dashboard Dashboard Blog Report Earned Media Report Detail Reports Platform Reports Management ReportsMike Schwede, Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA " 36"
  • Social Media Scorecard! Marketing & Communication" Support & Innovation" •  Reach •  Support •  Engagement •  Satisfaction •  Influence •  Innovation •  Position •  Protection Social Media Strategy " Sales" Organisation" •  Visitors •  Empowerment •  Leads •  Leadership •  SalesMike Schwede, Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA " 37"
  • …  Organisation!
  • Organisation!> Processes Embedded in your social media organization!> Involve stakeholder early! Corporate Marketing Customer Care HR Communication Product Market Sales CxO Management ResearchMike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 39"
  • Costs and efforts!Personal Investments are core
à Enough ressources available?
à Can you define a usefule application of socialmedia monitoring?"Tools decrease manual efforts, but do not replacethem.!Minimum of 10% FTE needed!Setup 10-30 T CHF (depending on languages,countries, topics/brands)!Monthly Fees around 1 – 3 TCHF for pro tools,50-200 CHF for simple tools!Mike Schwede, some rights reserved (Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA) " 40"
  • …  Q&A!
  • Mike Schwede, Creative Commons 3.0 BY SA " 42"
  • Fotocredits: tim geersMIKE !SCHWEDE!Sabbaticalist, Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist,Communication Consultant, Speaker.@mikeschwede M +41 78 600 888 2 W http://mike.schwede.ch