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Google in Switzerland

  1. 1. GoogleTalent, Outreach & Research Programs Michel Benard University Relations
  2. 2. Google Founded in 1998 Headquarters in Mountain View, California 31.000 + Googlers Worldwide 60+ Offices in 30+ Countries Receive 2 million + applications a year or 3000 + applications a day
  3. 3. 1,500+ Engineers Across EMEA
  4. 4. Google ZurichGoogle Zurich is the largest engineering officeoutside the U.S.•opened February 2004•700+ employees from 70+ nationalities
  5. 5. TARGETING Top Universities STUDENTS FACULTY Tech talks Research grants Interview workshops Doctoral Fellowship Internships Faculty summit Open houses, office visits Visiting faculty Scholarships Annual meetings Job fairs Research talks Travel grants Android phones for education Sponsor coding competitions Education material Summer of Code Conference sponsorships Code Jam K-12 programs
  6. 6. European Doctoral FellowshipObjectives: ● Build and improve relationships with the top CS universities ● Support high quality research ● Funding the best PhD studentsThe Program ● Launched in 2010 ● Invite only! Invite 35-40 universities in Europe or Israel ● CS department can nominate 2 PhD candidates or students ● Award up to 3 years, unrestricted gift, IPR remains with uni ● Students receive a very competitive bursary ● 44 Fellows at top universities ● Fellowship Forum
  7. 7. Google Research AwardsObjectives: ● Explore new areas of interest with 1 or 3 years projectsThe Programs ● Global Call for Proposal for 1 year projects ● Invite only! for 3 years projects ● Addressing CS and CS+ research topics ● Rewards ambitious, out-of-the-box projects ● Unrestricted gifts, no IPR requested from Google
  8. 8. European Faculty SummitLaunched 2008 and held on an annual basisExciting 2.5 day event hosted at an engineering office in EuropeFaculty members across a broad range of computing disciplines visitGoogle to explore the latest researchKeynotes, Tech Talks, Discussions, Networking opportunitiesMeet other key faculty and Google engineers and identify opportunitiesfor collaborationInvitation-only
  9. 9. Internship Program BSc, MSc or PhD students Duration: 3 – 6 months, paid Take place all year round All locations possible Paired with an engineer & Work on a real Google product Experience lots of social events Review intern during the internship & conversion opportunities available for permanent positions! Many interns are coming from ETHZ and EPFL
  10. 10. Focus on the user and all else will follow Google aspires to be an organization that reflects the globally diverse audience that our search engine and tools serve. We believe that in addition to hiring the best talent, the diversity of perspectives, ideas, and cultures leads to the creation of better products and services.
  11. 11. Scholarships
  12. 12. Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship & RetreatEligibility requirements ● Female student enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program. ● Enrolled at a University in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa. International students are eligible. ● Studying Computer Science or Engineering Scholars’ Retreat in Zurich Goal ● Support Women in CS ● Diversity Branding ● Create intern & new grad pipeline Launched in 2007 in EMEA ● 35ish scholarships per year ● 7,000 Euro per scholarship ● 350ish scholars & finalist URL
  13. 13. Scholarship for Students with DisabilitiesObjectives: ● Celebrate and recognize the achievements of CS students with disabilities ● Encourage students with disabilities to become active role models ● Give them the opportunity to network and motivate them ● Raise awareness for their needs ● Build intern pipeline (very long term)Eligibility requirements:Candidates must be: ● A student enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD programme. ● Enrolled at a University in Europe or Israel. ● Studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics, or a closely related technical field. ● A person with a disability.
  14. 14. Retention & A Campus Approach to the workplace 20 % time Environment affects creativity Small teams work best Non-hierarchical structure Work & Play Freedom Free food! Competitive packages Good benefits& perks Interesting projects
  15. 15. Find them Grow them Keep them Questions?