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Kelly Hungerford from talks about getting the most out of

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  • Kelly Community ManagerCareer summary – how I got here
  • Kelly HungerfordCommunity Manager for Paper.liBased ouf the the PSE in at the EPFLHow many of you are familiar with Use the service? Seen a promotweet? Been mentioned
  • Content strategy with

    1. 1. Swiss Academia and the Social Media Landscape Swiss Higher Ed Goes Social Session III Content strategy with May 16, 2012
    2. 2. Internet profoundly changed the way we interact Video source: socialnomics
    3. 3. Be a publisher 500k topic based newspapers 10k articles processed per minute 15 million articles featured daily 7 languages semantically analyzed
    4. 4. co-founders Iskander Pols @ipols Edouard Lambelet @edouard.lambelet
    5. 5. Be a publisher enables anyone to become a publisher of their own niche news site by easily curating online content into compelling and meaningful online newspapersLeWeb winner (2010)Top 5 “upcoming social media service”by Mashable (2011)Red Herring , Europe Top 100 (2012)Top 800 global website by Alexa
    6. 6. Shift in strategy Source: Eightfold Logic
    7. 7. Content Marketing
    8. 8. Content Marketing
    9. 9. How can help you?• Monitor and listen• Identify influencers• Distribute fresh news in a timely manner• Promote across channels• Break the ice… and connect
    10. 10. How will you benefit?• Attract like minded people who are already looking for information on your subject• Build relationships with fellow bloggers and curators• Create a meaningful bond with your community• Discover your subject or industry eco-system, stay abreast of latest trends• Serve your audience’s needs and your goals• Build loyalty by saving people from hunting for relevant content• Reinforce authority by establish yourself as a subject matter expert
    11. 11. Case Studies
    12. 12. Penn State University Video source: Kate Morgan
    13. 13. Penn State UniversityKate Morgan • Director of University Relations and adjunct instructor at Penn State UniversityGoal • Introduce students to social media by using Twitter and in the classroom • Increase social media awareness amongst faculty and colleagues
    14. 14. Penn State UniversityOutcome:1. Kate succeeded in integrating social media in two freshman classes with the “Class Matters Daily” and “Weekly Vibe”2. Kate’s peers coined her work “The Morgan Method”; it became the campus vernacular for saying “ curating tweets with”3. The project created interest and awareness in the classroom, on the campus, nationally and internationally4. Kate and Kevin were invited to speak at the annual Penn State Teaching Symposium… and there are talks of national conferences in the near future
    15. 15. StartUp Canada
    16. 16. StartUp CanadaVictoria Lennox • Entrepreneur and co-founder of StartUp CanadaGoal • Put Canadian entrepreneurs on the world map • Uses to • Extend StartUp Canada’s presence across networks • Strengthen StartUp Canada’s reputation as the leaders in leadership, start-up and entrepreneurship • Build, grow and engage the community during the 6 month tour • Deliver fresh, relevant, start-up and entrepreneurship news daily to their readers
    17. 17. StartUP Canada
    18. 18. Agents of Change Video source: Flyte Media
    19. 19. Agents of ChangeRich Brooks • President of Flyte New Media, Expert blogger, Online Marketing specialistGoal • Create awareness around the Agents of Change event • Learn more about the audience interested in his event • Deliver meaningful topic based content
    20. 20. Before you get started… Research your audience Identify keywords and influencers Auto-tweet when your paper is in top form Spend 5 minutes a day grooming your paper Use the editor’s note as a call to action Engage with your community
    21. 21. Thank YouKelly Hungerford@kdhungerford