Case Scenarios in Community Management Workshop
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Case Scenarios in Community Management Workshop






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Case Scenarios in Community Management Workshop Case Scenarios in Community Management Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • CaseStudiesworkshopWhat to dowhen…?Initiative of the State Secretariat for Education and Research SER Annex of the Consulate General.Swiss Knowledge Network with outposts in Boston . San Francisco . Shanghai and SingaporeJune 19, 2013
  • 2#higheredCHAgenda• Introduction to case scenario• Groups work on response /actions tobe taken• Discussion• Case scenario wrap-up
  • 3#higheredCHTechnical Note• Case scenarios are from institutions in theU.S.• Divide in groups of 5• Case scenarios may merit (or not) anaction / response—Your call!• Be ready to present & explain your decision
  • 4#higheredCHCase 1: Request for more informationPrepare your response (craft the exact tweetthat you would post) & tell us what level ofpriority would this have
  • 5#higheredCHCase 1: Request for more informationGroup responses
  • 6#higheredCHCase 1: Request for more informationDiscussion
  • 7#higheredCHCase 1: Curve ballWould youhavecontinued theconversation?
  • 8#higheredCHCase 2: Al Gore’s speech @ Stanford
  • 9#higheredCHCase 2: Al Gore’s speech @ Stanford
  • 10#higheredCHCase 2: Al Gore’s speech @ StanfordWhat would you do?Explain your decision
  • 11#higheredCHCase 2: Al Gore’s speech @ StanfordGroups present
  • 12#higheredCHCase 2: Al Gore’s speech @ StanfordNo action was ever taken by Stanford’ssocial media team.Wise or not?
  • 13#higheredCHCase 2: Al Gore’s speech @ StanfordIt has a pretty comprehensive commentpolicy…
  • 14#higheredCHCase 2: Al Gore’s speech @ StanfordMake sure you have a commenting policy tofall back onFine line between free speech vs. strongmoderation
  • 15#higheredCHCase 3: Mistakes Happen to the Best of Us!Email sentto alumni
  • 16#higheredCHCase 3: Mistakes Happen to the Best of Us!
  • 17#higheredCHCase 3: Mistakes Happen to the Best of Us!Prepare your response (exact tweet/post)Explain your decision
  • 18#higheredCHCase 3: Mistakes Happen to the Best of Us!
  • 19#higheredCHCase 3: Mistakes Happen to the Best of Us!DiscussionWas that response too informal? Just right?How would you have done it in Switzerland?
  • 20#higheredCHCase 4: A real Hassle
  • 21#higheredCHCase 4: A Real HassleYou don’t knowidentify of account—but it’s astudentHasinstitutionalized#fduproblems as ahashtagStudents follow &use # to complaintLegitimateproblems arebeing reported
  • 22#higheredCHCase 4: A Real HassleWhat do you do?Discuss & decide course of action
  • 23#higheredCHCase 4: A Real HassleGroups present
  • 24#higheredCHCase 4: A Real HassleWhat Farleigh Dickinson did (see last slides for full description)
  • 25#higheredCHCase 4: A real HassleWas this choice a good one?Pros vs. ConsIsolated incident vs. longer term issue
  • 26#higheredCH
  • 27#higheredCHSuggestionsDo you have the name & contact info foreveryone in your organization that handles asocial media account?Have you published commenting policies onyour Facebook page?Does your staff know what to do in a crisis(weather, security, etc.)?
  • 28#higheredCHCase 4: A Real Hassle1. When did @fduproblems pop up? @Fduproblems started inAugust/September of 2011.2. Did you have a twitter account then? We had a Twitter account longbefore then, but it was not actively managed for quite some time. I took overmanagement of the account in the middle of the Fall 2011 semester.3. Why is your twitter handle @FDUwhatsnew instead ofFairleighDickinsonU? I did not create the account --a colleague of mine inFDUs public relations office created it and he chose the handle. I believe thename was chosen because @fdu was taken already and @fairleighdickinsonuis too long (Twitter limits handles to 15 characters) and @fduwhatsnew is niceand upbeat.4. Did you create this handle to basically respond to the issues that werecoming up? Like I said, I did not create the account. My colleague created itoriginally to use a media relations tool. That turned out to be rather ineffectiveand I eventually came to manage the account. I decided to make it more of acommunity engagement tool rather than as a media relations tool. When I tookover management of the account, I quickly noticed @fduproblems tweets andbegan responding to them (just as I responded to other students complaintsand comments).
  • 29#higheredCHCase 4: A Real Hassle5. How did you convince management to let you try this out? I am fortunateto have a very enlightened director. She doesnt have a background in socialmedia management, but she does have quite a bit of experience in publicrelations and she understands how social media can be a useful tool forcommunity engagement--which is where PR as a discipline is moving towards.She trusts my abilities and has given me a very long leash with which tomanage FDUs Twitter account.I dont remember if I ever asked her about engaging with @fduproblems or if Ijust saw the situation and went ahead and did what I knew to be right from acommunity relations standpoint. Either way, I knew that she would support me inmy endeavor.
  • 30#higheredCHCase 4: A Real Hassle6. Did you manage this account yourself? Not quite sure that I understand thisquestion... I manage @fduwhatsnew myself. For the most part, I crafted the officialresponses to @fduproblems. Occasionally, the problems were severe enough thatI ran them up the ladder to my director or higher, but usually, the problems wereall fairly simple, garden variety things that I was able to handle.7. Was the student body aware of your responses? When I started managing@fduwhatsnew, it only had about 400 followers and @fduproblems had asomewhat comparable following. We grew fairly linearly together for the first fewmonths, until @fduwhatsnews growth began to quicken and far outpaced@fduproblems (today, @fduwhatsnew has roughly double the number of followersas @fduproblems).Because @fduproblems was such a popular account, the student body couldnthelp but be aware of my responses to @fduproblems. This is partly because@fduproblems often retweeted my tweets when I helped them and also because@fduproblems was more than just a single rogue account --it was a community.The individual behind the account popularized the #fduproblems hashtag andstudents used the tag just as much as they tweeted to @fduproblems. I monitoredthe chatter revolving around both @fduproblems and #fduproblems and reachedout to students whenever possible and appropriate.
  • 31#higheredCHCase 4: A Real Hassle8. Would you say that @fduproblems is somewhat under "control? It wasa wild ride at first, but I did gain the trust of the founder of @fduproblems andwe developed a working relationship built on mutual respect--I solved problemswhenever possible and didnt treat @fduproblems as a problem student, but asan opportunity to demonstrate excellent customer service. @Fduproblemsreciprocated by helping me spread messages during emergencies and alsoalerted me to other FDU parody accounts. @Fduproblems will never be fullyunder "control" since the account changes hands every year and each year Ihave to build a relationship with a new anonymous tweeter (see below).9. Did you ever find out the identity of the account holder? I have not. Thefounder graduated and passed the torch on to a second anonymous student.That second student has just graduated and I suspect I will have a new@fduproblems student to deal with in the fall.10. It seems he/shes graduating? Will u miss him/her? Did you feel youlearned more things because of him/her activity? @Fduproblems neverdies; she just changes, so I wont get a chance to miss her. I have learned a lotabout customer service and crisis management from working with@fduproblems.