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Swiss Group Presentation In English (Com Staff)
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Swiss Group Presentation In English (Com Staff)


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Swiss Group Presentation

Swiss Group Presentation

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. INTRODUCTION • In 1999, in the Japanese city of Kyoto, 189 countries signed an agreement for reducing gas emissions which generate the Greenhouse Effect of the globe. • Because of the Kyoto Treaty, the demand of non-polluting fuels engendered the birth of a new market based on renewable energetic fuels replacing fossil fuels.
  • 2. BRAZIL AND KIOTO • Brazil is included in the Kyoto Treaty and thanks to its humid and hot climate as also to its forests extension it has been a pioneer in large scale projects capable of meeting the great demand of “clean energy” (biomass) all over the world. • The cycle of Carbon arising from forestry biomass stands for 0% in the scale of gas emissions causing the Greenhouse Effect in our Planet.
  • 3. THE ENVIRONMENT • SWISS GROUP prioritary policy is to preserve the environment and the worldwide ecosystem. Under this vision, Brazil fulfils rigorously and carefully all the international norms relating to the extraction of trees. • All our biomass products come from planned forests where trees cutting is duly authorized by the authorities • After cutting the trees, we re-plant the forest in order to guarantee the renewal cycle of vegetation in our planet.
  • 4. OUR OBJECTIVE • SWISS GROUP prioritary policy is to preserve the environment and the worldwide ecosystem. Under this vision, Brazil fulfils rigorously and carefully all the international norms relating to the extraction of trees. • All our biomass products come from scheduled forests and trees cut is duly authorized by the authorities . • After cutting the trees, we re-plant new trees in order to guarantee the renewal cycle of vegetation in our planet.
  • 5. OUR BIOMASS • For the production of wood-chips and pellets SWISS GROUP has available huge quantities of forests with Eucalyptus and Pinus spread all over the South American countries: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, etc. • In compliance with all the international norms of friendly wood products, SWISS GROUP utilizes wood and farming residues and potentializes them in a unique system in the world thus creating new improvements for the market renewable energies. • Our innovating and unique technology in the world allows us to increase the calorific power of our biomass to approximately 5.000 Kcal/Kg and drops down its moisture to 8%, according to the kind of trees.
  • 6. SWISS GROUP OFFICE São Paulo/Brazil Swiss Group office is located in a very quiet region of São Paulo city and it is surrounded by nature and silence which help the concentration of the staff. Here is the brain of the company where decision-making occurs.
  • 7. SWISS GROUP OFFICE São Paulo It is here that all the intellectual activity is carried out: projects, engineering plans, bio-forestry studies and researches, new inventions, business plans, calculations and pluridisciplinar meetings to give the guide-lines to the technical teams.
  • 9. SWISS GROUP INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Civil Engineering Chart Wood Chipping, Pellet Manufacture, Wood Pellet industry, Biomass Potentialization, Wood Extracts and by- products, Dryers construction, Agro-forestry pellets, New Products, Trucks Parking, Storage and Silos, Biomass Research Center, Administration, Bio-forestry University.
  • 10. SWISS GROUP INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Implantation Land With an area of 250.000 m2 the land of Jambeiro where Swiss Group Industrial Complex will be implanted is surrounded of enormous forests of Eucalyptus and it is at 60 km of the S. Sebastião port/S. Paulo/Brazil.
  • 11. THE LOGISTIC • SWISS GROUP relies on a very good logistic structure offered by the Brazilian network of highroads, railways and ports all over the country. We are organizing further structures in several European countries so as to be near the clients and give them a comfortable assistance abroad.
  • 15. SWISS GROUP OF COMPANIES FORESTAL Chile The conveyor belt reaches the vessel at 800 m distance from the deck From Froward Port in the city of Puchoco (Chile), SWISS GROUP OF COMPANIES FORESTAL CHILE is preparing exports to Asia and Europe. The port of Puchoco is extremely well structured for heavy shipments and Swiss Group has been allowed a large space for stocking mountains of wood-chips which will be loaded on board through a complex system of conveyor-belts which run inside of the port and even 800 m sea inwards to reach the vessels.
  • 16. SWISS GROUP OF COMPANIES FORESTAL Chile The office in Chile has a competent staff selected by Swiss Group’s President, Edda Silvestro, and everybody is very concentrated on the execution of the wood-chips and logs production. The photo shows President Edda Silvestro while visiting the port and the forest from which will be cut Nitens Eucalyptus.
  • 17. OUR RAW MATERIAL • With the blend of specific farming products and sawdust duly potentialized by SWISS GROUP dryer, we obtain a high quality product which is unique in the world for containing low moisture and high calorific power.
  • 18. SWISS GROUP PRODUCTS Wood-Logs Wood-Chips (for energy or for paper industry) (for energy or for paper industry)
  • 19. SWISS GROUP PRODUCTS Wood-Pellets Agro-Pellet (for energy or for paper industry) (for energy or for paper industry)
  • 20. SWISS GROUP PRODUCTS Wood extracts for fertilizers Potentializer Dryer
  • 21. THE AGRO-FORESTRY PELLET A SPECIAL ENERGETIC BLEND IDEALIZED BY SWISS GROUP OF COMPANIES Agro-pellet are made with wood plus two or three agricultural items at the same time. The appropriate blend to obtain the maximum energetic pellet needs competence and the pelletizer machine must be equipped with different specific matrix made by Swiss Group otherwise you brake the machine.
  • 23. OUR TECNOLOGY For the scientific and technologic area, SWISS GROUP opened up a new company, BRASIL ENERGY GROUP, dedicated to the new development of new kinds of “clean” fuels and to the series production of potentializer dryers.
  • 24. OUR TECNOLOGY The Potentializer Dryer in construction
  • 25. BRASIL ENERGY GROUP WORKSHOP FOR DRYERS CONSTRUCTION The Potentializer Dryer is being constructed at a workshop set in the boundaries of São Paulo, at one hour from the central office. In October the company will transfer the dryer to very larger premises in order to start the series construction of hundreds of modules to be delivered from January 2009 on.
  • 26. THE POTENTIALIZER DRYERS The staff of the dryer workshop is very efficient and it is composed by technicians and engineers: mechanic engineer, electronic engineer, microwaves engineer, bio-forestry engineer, low tension automation engineer, high tension automation engineer, bio-chemist engineer, acoustics engineer, ambientalist engineer and a physician expert in molecular spectrometry and non-ionizing radiation. Construction of a FIVE-MODULES Potentializer Dryer which is being adequated to the international norms of CE - European Community. This 5 modules unit is 9,5 meters long and potentializes 10 tons per hour. The steams will be collected into a pipe system and re-utilized for by-products.
  • 27. ADVANTAGES OF THE POTENTIALIZER DRYER The electromagnetic treatment increases the calorific power of the biomass to such extent that ONE single ton of biomass achieves 77% more capacity of producing thermal and electric kilowatt. This means: 1. More inflammability of the biomass because the dryer does not carbonize the inner energetic hydrocarbons; 2. Less necessity of Biomass quantity to achieve more thermal and electric KWh; 3. Less tons of toxic emissions in the atmosphere; 4. Less deforestation to produce thermal and electric power; 5. Less hectares of trees to be purchased; 6. Less number of trucks so less toxic diesel to carry logs; 7. Less harmful action of fungus and bacterias in the air because the dryer sterilizes the biomass; 8. Less presence of residual ashes into the furnace of power plants and industries using fossil coal because coal causes 40 to 49% residual ashes while potentialized biomass only causes 0,5 to 0,8%; 9. Less emission of sulphur than the current fossil coal which emits 3,5 to 5,8% of this toxic element while biomass emits only 0,5 to 0,8% (625% less);
  • 28. TECHNICAL DATA OF THE DRYER • Production per module------------------------------------------- 2 tons per hour • Drop of Moisture ------------------------------------------------------- From 50% to 8% • Carbonization ----------------------------------------------------------- No carbonization • Technology------------------------------------------- Electromagnetic radiation • Electric tension required ------------------------------- Tri-phase tension, 380V • Increase of biomass calorific power/KWh---------------- From 77% to 117%
  • 29. PRESIDENT OF SWISS GROUP OF COMPANIES President of the company and inventor of the potentializer dryer through electromagnetic radiation. She guides magisterial capacity and uncommon experience the destiny of the company. Thanks to her great professional skill she always finds a positive solution for everything and the impossible becomes immediately possible… Edda has been President of companies abroad which she founded in Italy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, U.S.A., Canada and Switzerland. She speaks fluently Italian, English, French and Portuguese and she makes business all over the world. Edda is Italian and since her teenage she has been traveling to several countries because her father was an Italian Diplomat so she has lived several years in different nations (Italy, Turkey, Yugoslavia, France, Tripoli, Bengasi, Brazil) where she has attended the local school using the local language. The assimilation of varied cultures gave her a universal vision of life which much EDDA SILVESTRO contributed to give her wide and multiform way of conducting her business.
  • 30. General Director of Swiss Group of Companies, he is a Chemistry graduate of the University of São Paulo (USP) and a post-graduate in Industrial Administration from POLITECNICA SP. He has achieved a good mastery of management strategies in his previous national and multinational companies for more than 15 years, especially in the automotive area. He took on the biomass energetic activity with much commitment and with his spirit of organization and scientific vision he penetrated into the complexity of the technical matters trying to orchestrate with skill the multidisciplinary of biomass subjects. Franco has a global vision of industrial problems and with his leadership and FRANCO PARINI capacity of communication he establishes the necessary connections between the different departments by stimulating interest, efficiency and spirit of union.
  • 31. General Coordinator of Swiss Group of Companies. She is responsible for the elaboration of Projects, Presentation of the company and for all the official editorship of Technical Literature based on the data supplied by the engineering staff .She has had a brilliant carrier even with the Brazilian and Italian government because she has been the President of “Società Dante Alighieri de Rio de Janeiro” and also the General Coordinator of Congresses CONPAT (Congresso Nacional de Prevenção de Acidentes do Trabalho) sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil. For three years she has also been the Press Attaché of the Italian Consulate of Rio de Janeiro, directly appointed by the General Consul, Dr. Ignazio Di Pace. ANNA MARIA Anna Maria is post-graduate in Literature and has SILVESTRO published didactic and cultural books. Anna Maria has a good background in companies’ organization.
  • 32. Director of Swiss Group of Companies ever since the foundation of the company, in 1994. He has attended the University of Administration at Alvares Penteado University in São Paulo and then he joined Swiss Group of Company. José Roberto is responsible for payments, budgets, invoices, taxes regulations, accountancy matters and banking operations. He is now 54 years old and he conducts the financial department with quite a strong rigorousness and JOSÉ ROBERTO BERÇANI prudence in relation to expenditures.
  • 33. International Marketing Director of Swiss Group of Company and Fiduciary Representative of Swiss Group Brazil in Portugal. He has a brilliant curriculum as Commercial Manager and during his professional life he has Achieved a great skill in business strategies. As a matter of fact, he daily confirms his high talent in marketing and sales. Two years ago Luis has intermediated the first sale of Swiss Group Technology to Portugal, involving a well-known Portuguese Group: ENERPURA – Energias Limpas S/A. who are now waiting for the conclusion of the potentializer dryer. Luis Fortes is now negotiating the transfer of Swiss Group Technology also with the Eastern LUIS FORTES countries of the world and the clients are very enthusiastic about our special technology.
  • 35. Elaborado por Luis Fortes em 2009 - São Paulo - Brasil