Social media crisis management - how ready are you?


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A look at what social media crisis is and asks businesses to consider how ready they would be to manage a social media crisis

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  • Focus on spreading and wildfire.
  • Focus on spreading and wildfire.
  • One that surprises you about how they use the platforms at their disposal. They will surprise you. They will break the rules. There are no rules. ]multimedia assets – what are assets?
  • One that surprises you about how they use the platforms at their disposal. They will surprise you. They will break the rules. There are no rules. ]multimedia assets – what are assets?
  • Shared awareness and communication across the business and strengthen cross functional understanding
  • Social media crisis management - how ready are you?

    1. 1. What to do in a social media crisis The good, the bad or the ugly? How would you do?
    2. 2. Foreword We’ve experienced crisis SwiSh thinking have been working on social media plans and social media crisis management since customers started using social media back in 2006. We’ve worked for high profile brands on some of the most sensitive and high risk topics. We’ve run high profile campaigns for which we put together social crisis management plans. We’ve had to put them in action several times. And they worked. So we understand the risks that social networks bring and we take them very seriously. It can be overwhelming What we’re observing are situations where the most media savvy brands are still overwhelmed when a crisis arises. Mistakes are made and financial and reputation loss can spiral out of control. A social media crisis leaves a very long tail so customers and business partners will still find out about it years after. A framework helps This is why we’ve put together a framework that aims to get businesses ready. Based on experience, knowledge of the market and digital expertise, our social media crisis solution can easily be adapted to any market. Having a framework that engages stakeholders externally and internally can mean the difference between experiencing and handling a crisis.
    3. 3. Social media has changed how we share and respond to information It’s a powerful tool to mobilise opinion and societal action It is a primary source of news, outstripping traditional news print+ It’s 24/7 and immediate It’s far reaching. Users account for one in four in the world* with1.9 billion users projected for 2014* This community can support, make or break individual and corporate reputation It’s easy for anyone to share, comment and respond to campaigns and activity +Gallup survey June 2013 via Most Americans Get News From TV: Gallup, Huffington Post, August 2013 *Emarketer April 2013
    4. 4. To see businesses plan for a social media crisis like they plan for a traditional PR crisis.
    5. 5. From crisis to social media crisis HOW READY ARE YOU?
    6. 6. The new face of crisis Crisis Social media crisis A crisis is not just a problem. A problem is solvable. A crisis is when the outcome is not certain, not known and has the potential to engulf you. A Social media crisis is a crisis that starts within Social channels or moves into them from other more traditional channels. Social channels enables news to be shared with huge webs of people in the time it takes to write and send a text. The old rules do not apply
    7. 7. Waitrose witnessed this with their twitter campaign #waitrosereasons. Intended to build positive customer comment, it backfired
    8. 8. High speed, exponential spread and lasting trail Social media enables crisis to spread faster than through any other channel. Things can go wrong really fast. People trust what they see because it comes from their online communities i.e. their friends, families, people they respect. Before you know it messages feed on themselves. They go global. They are here to stay. First impressions count. Being ready to respond to a crisis gives you the means to influence how it will end.
    9. 9. Social media accelerated Egypt’s revolution. The regime fell in just 18 days
    10. 10. Savvy and connected Social media channels bring a new kind of public. One that knows how to make the most of the devices and platforms at their disposal. Members of the public can create multimedia assets in no time. And often faster than most marketing or PR departments. They will surprise you. There are no rules. They are agile, you need to be prepared.
    11. 11. It took BP a month after the spill to engage social networks. By then a spoof account with 38k followers had been created.
    12. 12. Preparing for a crisis SOCIAL CRISIS PLANNING
    13. 13. Our solution aims to provide businesses with tailored social media plans that will allow them to anticipate, manage and even see opportunities in a social PR crisis. They remove the risk of a reputational and financial disaster, giving you: • Control • Measurable and actionable insights • New communications & advocacy avenues • Shared awareness and communication across the business which will strengthen cross functional understanding By implementing our framework, you will be able to: Know your new digital audience, your customers, your detractors Evaluate how ready your business is to face a social media crisis Know and be in control of your social media footprint Know where you are, where information about your business goes and who shares it
    14. 14. Approach • We evaluate how a risk can turn into a social media crisis and the resonance it may have. SwiSh thinking has developed a framework that allows to plan for and manage a crisis • We develop the plans that will help manage the crisis. • We identify the key players to co-ordinate a response and establish processes before a crisis between internal and external teams. • We train your staff and produce the guidelines and processes required. • We monitor conversations and impact • We help you surface and if necessary, create content that will paint a positive picture of your business when the crisis arises.
    15. 15. Credentials We use strategy, technolog y and creativity to prepare for and manage a social crisis • Over 15 years experience working across all marketing channels • Hands-on experience managing high profile crisis • Working in partnership with the best providers of social media monitoring technologies