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Swipp is a Social Intelligence Platform on which we’ve built a new class of “socially intelligent” consumer and commercial applications. This comprehensive brochure explains the Swipp platform and ecosystem.

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Swipp Brochure

  1. 1. Swipp. What the World Thinks.
  2. 2. What the World Thinks.
  3. 3. Introducing SwippSwipp™ is a social intelligence platform that captures real, quantifiable data volunteered bypeople around the world on millions of topics – and delivers it in a format that’s visually com-pelling and easy to understand. Swipp captures this data via consumer and commercial appli-cations built on the platform, offering value for everyone: from people who want to be moreinformed to businesses who want to know what people think about their products and content. SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE Social networks capture billions of Traditional sources of knowledge thoughts every day, but the lack lack a social component, and cannot of an appropriate data structure provide the real-time information makes it impossible to easily view needed to get a complete view on or use this information. any topic. Swipp combines social expression with knowledge-gathering, creating a new, 360-degree view on every topic imaginable. We call it social intelligence. 3
  4. 4. SocialSwipp offers a new mode of social expression, as demonstrated by our apps for iPhone, web, and mo-bile. Each user informs the network by providing their unique perspective on the topics that matter tothem. Every swipp is immediately added to the system, producing a real-time view of what people thinkabout any particular topic at any moment in time.The StreamEach swipp enters the global stream around that topic, providing a view of what everyoneelse is thinking and saying about it. The stream can be filtered by what the world thinks, orby friends. The stream contains comments, photos, and thoughts about the nearly 10 millionterms in the Swipp system.Filter by your friends, or see Swipp anything by tapping thewhat the whole world is thinking. orange icon on the top right. Instantly see how each person has valued that topic, on a scaleEach swipp contains a full range from +5 to -5.of content and context: theauthor, their avatar, the time,and their comments.Upload a photo to make yourswipp more interesting.4
  5. 5. IntelligenceSwipp converts social expressions into data that is collected, aggregated, and displayed to the platformand application users. The aggregated data is called the Swipp Index, in that it acts like a stock indexfor social expressions. In a single glance, users can see how an item is trending, the total number ofswipps, and more info about people who have swipped, including their gender and age. See how a topic is performing today. Swipp is calibrated to GMT. See if a topic is trending up or down.Swipp provides the aggregated See the total number of globalvalue for all swipps around that swipps for the topic. Swipps intopic. other languages for the same topic are counted towards theSee where in the world the overall number.swipps are coming from. Tap onany section of the screen for amore detailed look.See how a topic you’re interestedin has performed over time.When available, Swipp displaysthe age and gender of the peoplewho have swipped any particulartopic.Swipp merges social data with other web-based information to create a comprehensive view onnearly 10 million topics. The information comes from Freebase, an open knowledge graph collect-ed from multiple sources, providing Swipp users with instant context. Swipp provides a photograph for that topic, when available from the Freebase archive.Swipp provides content andrelated topics when availableto allow for further exploration.Swipp reference content willgrow over time, but starts withapproximately 10 million topicand 4 million photos. 5
  6. 6. Swipp EverywhereSwipp widgets make it easy to add rich social features to any website and brings the global so-cial conversation to you: your brand, your products, and your company. Seems obvious whenyou think about it. Why send the conversation somewhere else? Widgets are discrete Swipp ap-plications that are tethered to the Swipp platform for global data aggregation and reporting.Publishers and media companies can add Swipp into their sites Retailers can add Swipp into their product pages to gain valuableand apps to get instant feedback on their content. Because insight into what people think. Potential buyers benefit from theSwipp is easy and fun to use, readers are more likely to engage. ability to see global data and share their own thoughts.The Swipp Control PanelSwipp provides a free control panel that makes it easy to create a widget or claim terms, and offersa compelling visual view of what people are saying by geography, time, gender and age. The controlpanel can be used to identify opportunities, track patterns, and spot trends. Swipp will add a paidservice that provides customizable data analytics, plus the ability to track additional topics.6
  7. 7. Mashups and IntegrationsThe core Swipp feature set can be “mashed up” with new or existing applications, bringing richnew capabilities and benefits to partner sites and properties. Integrations will bring increasedvalue to users while allowing site owners to gain insight into what their audiences are thinking. (concept only)Swipper Bowl AppSwipp has built a custom app that allows people to share their thoughts and discover what oth-ers think around topics such as the teams, players and commercials – all in real-time. The appdemonstrates the flexibility of the Swipp APIs, which make it possible for people to connectaround any topic imaginable.SMS GatewaySwipp makes it possible for people to both contribute and view swipp data from virtually anytext-enabled phone. This is especially valuable in countries where smartphones have not yetgained mass adoption. This functionality is currently available on a limited basis, but will bemade available for broad use in 2013. Contribute swipps to the data Get back a text message of the stream. Swipp Index for that topic. 7
  8. 8. PlatformSwipp is a distributed platform on which Swipp applications and widgets are built. Swipp tech-nology can live anywhere – inside applications, on websites, or within media – to add socialexpression and knowledge-gathering capabilities that benefit both site owners and audiences.Swipp will increase API availability over time to allow for custom integrations and mashups bythird-party developers.The Swipp platform gathers crowd-volunteered data on a global scale. The system acceptsinputs from a broad range of devices, applications, and users, which feed into a database thataggregates and reports the hard data. The result is an unprecedented view into perspectivesand trends in diverse cultures and languages around the planet. invite now about blog log out San Francisco San Francisco swipp index swipp it filter by: friends everyone average score today score trending swippers +5 Beth Johns explore I say again, I would not live anywhere else. 13m 23,532 global swipp data +5 stream Chuck Routhier the GG Bridge is perhaps the most striking bridge in any city. reference -2.1 13m -1.2 settings +3.9 8 me -1.2 +3.7 +4.6 +5 swipps over time +5 0 -5 6.20.12 6.24.12 6.24.12 6.24.12 6.24.12 swipps by gender North Wasawrongse +3 never been there, want to go real soon. 13m 23,000 12,000 Charlie Costantini best city in the world. +4 13m +5 Beth Johns would not live anywhere else. 13m Web app Mashups (concept only) Mobile Swipper Bowl E-reader (concept only) News/Retail Content Swipp Index8
  9. 9. It’s all About the DataThe Swipp “secret sauce” is in the way we collect a globally normalized data set in five languagesand merge it with other data types to create a unique, 360-degree view of almost every topic inthe world. time authored author assigned value topic attached media commentSocial Data Each swipp gathers a specific set of information, regardless of where it originates: Author, Topic, Comment, Assigned Value, At-tached Media, Time (Location, and Gender / Age as available). The blobs are discrete but can be melded with other data blobs to lend futureinsight into what people like you think, and allowing for clustering.Reference Data Swipp associates social data with data gathered from other sources. Swipp uses Freebase as the term library to serve asthe organizing anchor which allows for data alignment between Swipp and Freebase. Freebase is a large collaborative knowledge base ofstructured data harvested from many sources. We will add data types from other sources as they become available, all mapped to the core,standard terms.Swipp Integrations “What people think” is a new data type that will invigorate existing markets and inform the future of virtually every industry. Swipp is the first platform to acknowledge the critical nature of thisdata, with a plan to help industries migrate to this new socially informed, socially intelligent future.Publishing Retail Real-Time MediaSwipp gathers user data and feedback Swipp gathers customer demographics Swipp creates an interactive secondaround any kind of content. and preference data for any product or screen for real-time viewing events. company.Entertainment Advertising EnterpriseSwipp enables entertainers to interact with Swipp can be used to gauge audience Swipp can be used as a valuabletheir audiences in real-time. response to ads and offers. communications tool within the enterprise.Financial Markets Search Note: Graphics shown are conceptsSwipp can help to unlock the wisdom of the In the future, all forms of search will only, not actual integrations.crowd to better inform financial markets. become socially informed. 9
  10. 10. Swipp TomorrowThe Swipp data library grows as the community grows. All swipps, comments, photos, links,videos, maps, and other information are automatically archived as a part of Swipp’s livingdatabase of everything. As the data grows, more pages will be added to the Swipp application, making it even richer and more valuable. Photography Videos Maps Commercial Any page can be added, and it will vary from topic to topic, with the potential of adding industry and commercial information if it applies.Community Creation / Customer EngagementSwipp can organize clusters or groups around specific interests – from politics to travel to hob-bies – and filter them by stated preference information around those topics. While Swipp is notan advertising company, it does anticipate a future where new types of intelligent customerengagement will occur based on user opt-ins around topics, brands, products and preferences.Swipp is creating proprietary systems and technologies in anticipation of this future.10
  11. 11. ASKvertising™ASKvertising anticipates a shift that is already happening as the balance of power moves fromthe product side to the consumer side. As people become more adept at tuning out ads, compa-nies are moving to permission based engagement mechanisms that better serve the customer.ASKvertising is a proprietary technology that comprehends specific customer preferences andcreates engagement pathways between Swipp users, product owners, and brands based on amyriad of variables, including what and when they swipped, and where they are located.NEXTvertising™NEXTvertising is a system that anticipates the “advertising arbitrage” opportunities that will hap-pen in the future as we all know what the world thinks, or what specific groups of people arethinking in real time, anywhere in the world. Knowing exactly when to contact customers, andwith exactly what message, will rapidly evolve customer engagement as we know it.The Future of SearchIn the future, all search will be socially informed. While logarithm-based web crawlers will alwaysbe useful, knowing what your friends think about a topic or what people like you think about atopic will be information we seek before making important decisions. The Swipp data architectureis optimized for this purpose, allowing for minute filtering based on any number of variables.Swipp Search will be able to run from within the Swipp applications and platform, or from othersites. Swipp data can exported into existing search sites to enrich their existing offerings. General Search - the Whole Planet US Only Friends in US only Friends in US, my age Friends in US, my age, my income Friends in US, my age, my income, my town Friends in US, my age, my income, my town sharing 80% interest overlap on media Swipp Data Filtering. The Swipp data architecture lets you filter socially informed search on any number of criteria, including geography, age, gender and even swipp history on related topics. 11
  12. 12. Swipp, Inc. / 2513 E. Charleston Rd. Ste 102 / Mountain View, CA 94043 / info@swipp.com / swipp.com© 2013 Swipp, Inc. All Rights Reserved.