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10 Howto Administer Docpublisher
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10 Howto Administer Docpublisher


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How-To: Administer DocPublisher The Administration application mode is available to users assigned the roles of Administrator or Content Manager (however, Content Managers have limited access to certain administrative options). This mode allows administrators to modify numerous settings and customize behavior of SWING DocPublisher to suit the specific needs of a particular organization.
  • 2. How-To: Administer DocPublisher
    • 1) To switch to Administration application mode, click on the "Administration" button in the application header. A control panel is opened with the following sections :
    • Library Settings
    • Users, Databases and Licensing
    • Templates
    • E-mail Notification
    • Customization
    • These sections are briefly described in following slides.
  • 3. How-To: Administer DocPublisher 1) LIBRARY SETTINGS: This section allows you to define various basic settings. Here you can : - Change the library name - Configure ActiveX usage (On/Off) - Configure LDAP authentication (optional) - Configure document outline (On/Off/Prompt user) - Configure PDF generation (On/Off/Prompt user) - Export library content - Export document view to .csv
  • 4. How-To: Administer DocPublisher 2) USERS, DATABASES AND LICENSING: This section of the Administration area allows you to add users and edit their roles, enter the product license key, create a new database (a copy or a blank database) and perform manual full-text index ing of the database.
  • 5. How-To: Administer DocPublisher 3) TEMPLATES: This section is used to manage MS Word templates. MS Word templates defined here are available as "starting points" when creating new MS Word documents in SWING DocPublisher documents. This feature enables consistent document layout throughout the library.
  • 6. How-To: Administer DocPublisher 4) E-MAIL NOTIFICATION: This section is used to define e-mail notification options. SWING DocPublisher notification system sends notification messages to a predefined lists of users when any of the following events occur (if enabled) : -Document is published -Document expires -Document should be reviewed You can also manage notification lists and user feedback in this section.
  • 7. How-To: Administer DocPublisher 5) CUSTOMIZATION: In this section, you can change the look and feel of the database. You can also further customize the application by creating user defined document views, different draft stages and document properties (meta-data) in order to comply with any specific requirements. The following options are available: - Customize frameset header - Customize topic header and footer - Customize colors - Manage draft stages - Manage document properties - Manage views - Localization
  • 8.
    • What we have done:
    • We switched to the DocPublisher administration mode
    • We viewed various sections available in the Administration area and brief description of settings in each section
    • Still to come...
    • Changing the library settings