The cycle of abuse


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The cycle of abuse

  1. 1. It’s never a one time eventTHE CYCLE OF ABUSE
  2. 2. Abuse is never a one time event It starts with nothing and then there is some sort of situation, stimulus, scenario Prompting Event Prompting Event Interpretation  A Prompting Event Victim Abuser Abuser Then there is ansaw My girlfriend was thatmust have My boyfriend interpretation of They Prompting Event me talking to his talking to my best been talking about best friend friend me The milk in the The milk in the Someone did this; fridge is empty fridge is empty I bet HE did
  3. 3. Abuse is never a one time event The interpretation of the Prompting Event includes our emotions.Prompting Prompting Interpretation Emotions EmotionsEvent Victim Event Abuser Abuser Victim AbuserMy boyfriend My girlfriend They must Fear Angersaw me talking was talking to have beento his best my best friend talking aboutfriend meThe milk in the The milk in the Someone did Fear Angerfridge is empty fridge is empty this; I bet HE did
  4. 4. Abuse is never a one time event  If one believes the interpretation and thePromptingEvent Prompting Interpretation Emotions Event Abuser Victim Abuser to control emotions that come with itEmotions Reaction Reaction a needVictim AbuserVictimmayAbuser into play comeMy My They must Fear Anger Oh no. I am soboyfriend girlfriend have been Holy Crap. mad Isaw me was talking about gotta puttalking to talking to me an end tohis best my best thisfriend friendThe milk The milk Someone did Fear Anger Oh sh*t. It is all hisin the in the this; I bet HE She’s fault. I amfridge is fridge is did going to gonnaempty empty yell at me give him such a…
  5. 5. Abuse is never a one time event  The goal of the abuser is to CONTROLPrompting Interpretation Emotions Reaction PossibleEvent Abuser Abuser Abuser Abuser Actions AbuserMy girlfriend They must have Anger I am so mad I Confronts girlfriend, cusseswas talking to been talking about gotta put an end her out; puts hermy best friend me to this down in front of her friends; drags her by the hand and pushes her to a second place, possible assaultThe milk in the Someone did this; I Anger It is all his fault. I Cusses himfridge is empty bet HE did am gonna give out; puts him him such a… down
  6. 6. Abuse is never a one time event  And the Victim?Prompting Interpretation Emotions Reaction PossibleEvent Victim Victim Victim Victim Action VictimMy boyfriend I’m gonna get Fear Oh no. Holy Crap he’ssaw me in trouble Crap. dragging metalking to his again, cussingbest friend me out, AHHHHHHHH HHHHH!The milk in I’m gonna hear Fear Oh sh*t. NO! Notthe fridge is it again again! Hey it’sempty not my fault but what does he care??
  7. 7. Abuse is never a one time event UNTIL… Abuser sees the victim is not coming back out of that hole. Abuser starts to feel bad and tries to reconcile  “I’m sorry”  “I’ll do better next time”  Gives presents, does something nice Or Worse: ABUSER BLAMES VICTIM
  8. 8. Abuse is never a one time event THE RESULT? PAIN. Victim: “I feel like a failure” Abuser “Now THAT will teach them not to mess with me” Victim: “I need to hide” Abuser “GO AHEAD. Crawl into that little hole”
  9. 9. Abuse is never a one time event Abuse can be a vicious cycle. Phase 1: Tension Building - Prompting Event, emotion Phase 2: Incident - Phase 4: Calm – or Reaction, action to semblance of Prompting Event Phase 3: Reconciliation – apologies, excuses
  10. 10. Don’t let yourself be part of thatcycle
  11. 11. You’re not alone.Center On - 3656 North Halsted Street, Chicago - (773) 472-6469West Side Domestic Abuse - 813 S Western Ave # 1, Chicago - (773) 862-5408Primo Center For - 4241 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago - (773) 722-0544Weitzman - 203 N Wabash Ave # 2000, Chicago - (312) 444-1777You Can Make - 6012 South Honore Street, Chicago - (773) 424-7211Rainbow - 4149 West 26th Street, Chicago - (773) 521-1815Connections for Abused Women and their have a right to violence free lives. Domestic violence is not the victims fault. CAWC is here to help.Shelter, advocacy, support and outreach. Rebuilding ...
  12. 12. You’re not alone.Life Span - Safety. Accountability. An End to Violence. Life Span is an organization committed to the cessation of domestic violence and to the immediate relief of those who suffer from its consequences. ...Moore Place - Chicago - (773) 616-0451City of Chicago :: Division on Domestic Division on Domestic Violence in the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services and other victim serving agencies in Chicago are important in the ...City of Chicago :: Domestic Violence Help and support for victims of domestic violence and concerned others ...DHS: Domestic Violence Agencies by, IL 60651. Hotline: (773) 278-4566. TTY Hotline: (773) 278-4114. E-Mail: Web Site: Domestic Violence Legal ...Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women´s Domestic Violence Affects Me. Follow Chicago Metropolitan Battered Womens Network on Facebook Chicago
  13. 13. You’re not alone.Domestic Violence such, Chicago Police Department members treat domestic violence incidents in the same professional manner as all other crimes and requests for police ...Illinois Domestic Violence - Cook County Clerk of the Circuit CourtDOMESTIC VIOLENCE COURT FOR CHICAGO. 555 West Harrison Chicago, IL 60607-4313 (312) 325- 9500. Both criminal and civil domestic violence cases ...Additional Domestic Violence Services by information: Primary clients are Hispanic victims of domestic violence. Chicago Abused Women Coalition. Greenhouse P.O. Box 477916. Chicago, IL ...Apna Ghar, Ghar (Our Home) provides culturally-appropriate, multilingual services, including emergency shelter, to survivors of domestic abuse with a primary focus ...