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Social Media for Private Career Schools


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Presentation to Massachusetts Association of Private Career Schools

Presentation to Massachusetts Association of Private Career Schools

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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  • 2. CONTENT
  • 3. CONTENT
  • 4. CONTENT 1. Everything Is Content.
  • 5. CONTENT 2. Content has an objective.
  • 6. CONTENT 3. Content is cultivated.
  • 7. CONTENT 4. Measure your content Generate traffic! Increase Followers! Increase Likes! Increase Retweets! Increase Shares!
  • 8. CONTENT Publishers Need Content Interview staff, students, interns, teachers. Real Time - photos, tweets, posts from your school.
  • 9. YOU
  • 10. CONTENT Your voice should be natural, loose, and direct. Be conversational - write a post as if you were writing to a friend. Show, don’t tell. How do your ideas impact the reader. Worry about creating awesome content, not being professional.
  • 11. CONTENT Use every channel to distribute content. Try and alter each content to fit each network. Target LinkedIn Groups, Facebook groups/pages, YouTube channels, use Twitter searches to find relevant topics. Comment on other blogs in your niche, be part of the discussions. Engage, respond, reply, comment back, follow back.
  • 12. CONTENT Interview staff, interns Invite guest bloggers Use events - pre, during, post Show what your students are doing
  • 13. CONTENT
  • 14. infographics.
  • 15. infographics.
  • 16. infographics.
  • 17. infographics.
  • 18. CONTENT Thursday, November 15, 12
  • 19. CONTENT User generated contests for your next web ad Assist your larger community by collecting quality content and putting it in one location. Echo other studies, graphics, charts, presentations, infographics etc.
  • 20. CONTENT Decentralize the content production Empower your students to produce content
  • 21. tell a story. ! • • • • • • Soldiers blog about their experiences hundreds of videos from soldiers 1,400 unfiltered blog posts. Links to, Facebook, iPhone apps etc.. Any rank-and-file soldier may post a blog “We trust these men and women to put a gun in their hands, have them deploy overseas, and ask them to make life- and-death decisions for their teammates, the population, and the enemy they face. Why can’t we trust them to do the right thing with social media?”
  • 22. Fan Page, not personal page. Set up a Fan Page, not a Personal Page. Thursday, November 15, 12
  • 23. /Pages Fan Pages are: Thursday, November 15, 12 indexed by search engines unlimited ‘friend’ count Fan Page, not personal page. facebook insights facebook tabs facebook contests advertising check-in location services promoted posts
  • 24. Facebook URL SCHOOL NAME
  • 25. Tagg in Posts - Begin with the @ Symbol 1) notifies the person that you tagged! 2) notifies the page admin of the page you tagged Cross promotin between pages and converse with others.
  • 26. #Hashtags Work On Facebook
  • 27. Post 1-4 times a day Conversational voice, use humor.
  • 28. EdgeRank What is the weight of your post? Likes! Shares! Comments! =! More Eyeballs!
  • 29. EdgeRank What is the weight of your post? 100 Likes On Facebook! =! Likes! 10 - 30 people! Shares! Comments! =! Up To 70 People!
  • 30. TEXT 32665 and Type: Like SalterCollege
  • 31. Promotions Collect entries by having users post on the page or comment/like a post.! Collect entries by having users message the page.! ! Prohibited - tagging people, or encouraging people to tag themselves in content that ! they are not actually depicted in.
  • 32. Work Backwards. What would you search as a user to find what you do? Cooking schools How to become a chef Become a cook Learn IT Information Technology Schools Technical Institutes Medical school Nursing School Only pay per click. Measure which keywords provide the best results.
  • 33. Remarketing These are your hot prospects. User visits your site. User leaves your site. We deliver ads to them.
  • 34. pictures. • • • Use instagram to capture pictures (remember, visual content rules) Use a hashtag related to your school and connect your Instagram account to your twitter and Facebook accounts. If you put the URL of your website in the description, it will not be clickable in Instagram BUT it will be on Facebook.
  • 35. Tools Web and Mobile.
  • 36. track. Google URL Builder
  • 37. present. Upload and share your PowerPoint & Keynote presentations, Word & PDF documents and professional videos on SlideShare. Add audio to make a webinar
  • 38. make your own app.
  • 39. make your own app.
  • 40. get feedback.
  • 41. pictures.
  • 42. blog platforms.
  • 43. network.
  • 44. google docs.
  • 45. google docs.
  • 46. google docs.
  • 47. google docs.
  • 48. google docs.
  • 49. twitter. Run a free report for your hashtag, link or brand name and TweetReach tells you the number of unique users that saw a tweet about your topic. Paid Delivered in PDF format within 24 hours at the email address specified at checkout. The full report contains all tweets about your search term over the past 7 days up to a maximum of 1500 results.
  • 50. twitter. create screencasts
  • 51. twitter. Storify lets you curate social networks to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the Web into a coherent narrative.
  • 52. location. Reward those that are checking in to your event. or campus Tap the cross-posts to Twitter and Facebok.
  • 53. location.
  • 54. Email.
  • 55. email. email is the number one activity people do on the mobile web. In the last year email activity on mobile devices increased from 37.4 percent to 41.6 percent.
  • 56. email. • ! ! develop organic lists • landing page • surveys • petitions • polls • advertising • splash page
  • 57. email. Keep your text short. Develop content offers for your list: autographed books school t-shirt use videos
  • 58. email. make a splash with a splash page.
  • 59. splash page. email. increase the likelihood of converting visitors into prospects the landing page = what you want them to do. minimalist layout and try and offer them value for their email.
  • 60. email. Combo of Glossy/Professional and stripped down text. Personalize First Name - or use Hello.... Hey There...
  • 61. email.
  • 62. newsletter. your newsletter is not giving any value. your newsletter is stale. you do not communicate stories. you fail to engage with a call to action. you are infrequent with your newsletter.
  • 63. ideas. you want to go viral?
  • 64. YouTube.
  • 65. YouTube.
  • 66. YouTube.
  • 67. 978-704-1235