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  • 1. About us: was created by Chuck Ardezzone, the owner of InTroubleZone Productions, a video production company located at 3640 Pineridge Rd in Naples. Chuck became interested in charities at the early age of 8 years old. Chuck volunteered for 10 years with two separate organizations in Long Island, NY that specialized in caring for adults and children with special needs. The organizations were: A.C.L.D. (Adult Children with Learning Disabilities) and Camp Anchor. Chuck realized at a young age how important it is to help out and give back to those people and organizations that are less fortunate than most. One day Chuck and his team of video producers, camera people, editors, and writers were a little slow in the studio and had the urge to shoot a video. Lots of creative ideas were going around when one of our editors mentioned a charity event coming up. They all agreed to volunteer there time and resources to film the event. was born and we’ve been going strong ever since. The entire team came back on Monday and all wanted to continue doing these types of videos. Since then Chuck has volunteered his time and even donated over $100,000.00 worth of free videos, special event coverage this past year in 2009 to increase the awareness of Chuck is an amazing compassionate, modest, sincere individual with a strong marketing and production background that loves to help others. I feel that he is an inspiration to others especially in our economy today! He always has a smile, friendly and positive attitude! He has an attitude that inspires you to do better and to find a way to do things different for a cause! This is what our community needs today! He is an inspiration that will PROVE to other business owners and the community residents that with hard work and perseverance that YOU CAN CHANGE things around even in a TOUGH ECONOMY! IF he can take John Marazzi Nissan Dealership to number one in a recession imagine what he can do for other local businesses. His marketing and community efforts bring SWFL a BREATH OF FRESH AIR!! “Thanks to InTroubleZone Production’s Dynamic Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Videos they took my dealership from #20 to #1 in only 8 months in this tough economy. Chuck and his crew are by far the best video and marketing company in the country.” John Marazzi, Owner of John Marazzi Nissan. Chuck has also volunteered countless hours for The Naples International Film Festival and he is also on the executive board. 1
  • 2. CHUCK ARDEZZONE Chuck and his team at InTroubleZone Productions is starting a local film school right here in Naples in 2010, the classes will teach writing, editing, filmmaking, acting, modeling, producing, and everything one needs to know in order to make it in the film and TV business. Chuck also filmed up at Disney this year capturing 50 kids from around the world while they went through "The Ultimate Life Summit" a program that teaches kids to act and think like creative entrepreneurs and also teaches them the life skills that they don't necessarily learn at a traditional school. Chuck at DISNEY! Chuck Ardezzone finds the time to also produce the following television shows: SWFL’S Best TV “My FLA Today”, SWFL Charity TV, ITZREALTY TV, and much more! Check out the links below! VIEW OUR WEBSITES "Quit Talking About It, Do It" Florida Adventure Quest Schedule on WFN Viewed in over 20 Million homes! Current TV Shows Coming Soon to Comcast TV! South West Florida’s Best TV SWFL Charity TV ITZ REALTY TV The Company The Super Hero The Show The NY Producer 2
  • 3. Here is a biography on Chuck Ardezzone. CHUCK ARDEZZONE Chuck has been in the film and television business for over 15 years he started acting in NYC and than created InTroubleZone Productions in 2000. Chuck’s Television Credits include guest star roles on "Law & Order", Third Watch", "Law & Order SVU", "Law & Order Criminal Intent", "As The World Turns", "One Life to Live", & the NBC reality show, "Average Joe". Locally, he has hosted the Ft. Myers Toyota reality show and has been in over 100 commercials such as the famous Platinum Man spots for Ft. Myers Toyota. He also is currently in the John Marazzi Nissan reality show. Chuck also starred or costarred in over 30 independent films and acted with such celebrities as: Sara Jessica Parker, Dennis Farina, Adrian Brody, Uma Thurman, Ryan Gossling, Ed Burns, Brian Cox, Paul Danno, and Joe Gannascolli. Chuck has 20 national television commercials to his credit, including Budweiser, Budlite, McDonalds, Burger King, Mercedes, Nissan, Campbell’s Soup, Toyota, Tylenol to name a few InTroubleZone Productions opened a brand new 2200 square foot studio in January located at 3640 Pineridge Rd. in Naples Florida. They have a huge green screen and cyc wall along with owning top of the line HIGH DEF cameras, 6 edit suites along with lighting, sound, dollys, jibs, etc. Chuck's goal is to introduce the World to InTroubleZone's groundbreaking style of raw and creative story telling. 3
  • 4. CHECK OUT CHUCK'S ACTING REEL! CHUCK ARDEZZONE – Producer at InTroubleZone Productions Surrounded by his hand-selected crew, Chuck Ardezzone is the producer who is not willing to create the same TV shows, films, advertising, and projects that everyone else does. The qualities that make Chuck stand out of the crowd are his creative ideas, leadership skills, practical experience in nearly EVERY aspect of production, having the ability to rub elbows with the right people, and doing it all, while having a fun time and keeping a positive attitude. If what you want is the “usual” TV show, movie, commercial or video production, throw this away immediately. Chuck’s focus is a team, client, or idea that strives to be the best. Success isn’t a characteristic of the “more of the same” mentality – innovation, creativity, and the ability to stay “outside the box” are key factors at InTroubleZone Prods. Chuck’s company motto is “Quit talking about it, DO IT!” a strategy that produces results! History of InTroubleZone Productions – Chuck started in 1995 as an actor; he studied under Greg Zittel, who was Sandy Meisner’s right hand man for 20 years. He’s been in 30 independent films, 20 national commercials and various TV shows such as: “Law & Order”, “Law & Order SVU”, “Third Watch”, “As The World Turns”, and “One Life to Live”. Below you will see the term “We did it all.” this refers to, creating, writing, casting, shooting, lighting, sound, editing, sound, titling, graphics, shopping or “pitching” distributing, selling, raising money, etc, get it? 2000 - Chuck opens INTROUBLEZONE PRODUCTIONS, an independent film company and shoots their first reality series called “Truth Syrum” - It airs on Queens Public Access TV; in Queens, NY they do 8 episodes. The story: 4 guys, 6 girls sitting around a table drinking and talking about sex and relationships. “We did it all.” 2002 - INTROUBLEZONE shoots “Never In Our Town” with Joe Ganascoli from the Soprano’s, it goes on and wins, L.I. film Festival’s “audience award” “We did it all.” 4
  • 5. 2003 - INTROUBLEZONE creates “V8 Muscle Bikes” a reality TV show based on guys that take V8 car engines out of muscle cars and shove them into motorcycles, there are 2 competing garages constantly trying to outdo each other, my guys will kick the shit out of the Tuttle family of American Chopper fame and Jesse James literally, on the track, and when it comes to building cool bikes. “We did it all.” - This show is currently being pitched to A&E and Spike TV. 2004 - INTROUBLEZONE creates “Getting Lucky” a sports motorcycle reality show based on Darren Luck, a pro street racer that is considered way past his prime, even though he’s only 30, his wife is busting his balls every day and all he wants to do is win. “We did it all.” - This show is currently being pitched to A&E and Spike TV. 2005 INTROUBLEZONE creates “WildMan Weathers” based on David Weathers, the animal handler for Jackass 2 and Wildboyz. We follow David in his day-to-day chores of dealing with these dangerous and wild animals. “We did it all.” - This show is currently being pitched to A&E and Spike TV. 2006 INTROUBLEZONE creates “The World Record Used Car Challenge” We shoot 30 episodes of a reality show taking place on a car lot. The dealership set the world record for the most cars sold in one month and in one year. All this was accomplished by our weekly entertaining show. “We did it all.” - This show is currently being pitched to A&E and Spike TV. The show achieved a 3.3 rating (approx 400,000 viewers per show) on NBC in SW Florida. 2007 INTROUBLEZONE creates the “Steinway Piano Show” a reality show based on a Piano store in SW Florida. This is ongoing and we are into production on episode 15. ITZ also creates “The Foreclosure Shoppe” “Bar Star” and 4 other reality TV shows being pitched to major networks now. 2008 INTROUBLEZONE creates “Florida’s Adventure Quest” reality TV show. The world fishing network orders 6 episodes to be aired on there station and will be viewed in over 20 million homes on the World Fishing Network and the Sunsports network. 2008 INTROUBLEZONE creates “ Marazzi Nissan Experience” reality TV show. ITZ is in production on 26 half hour episodes that air every other week in SW Florida. After the first week the sponsor hired us on for a total of 26 weeks because of the success of the show, yes after the first week! 5
  • 6. 2006-2009 Commercials INTROUBLEZONE shot; Fort Myers Toyota (80 x 30 second commercials) Diamond District, Palm Auto Mall (10 x 30 second commercials) Marazzi Nissan (30 x 30 second commercials) Stevie Tomatoes Restaurant, Rattigan Motors (25 x 30 second commercials) High Velocity Hurricane Shutters, Luce hair loss product, Human Performance Longevity Center, and a Stem Cell research video currently being used to market stem cell research and much more!! INTROUBLEZONE HAS WRITTEN, SHOT, AND EDITED OVER 80 HALF HOUR SHOWS THAT HAVED AIRED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ON MAJOR AND LOCAL NETWORKS. This is just a snapshot of why Chuck Ardezzone should be chosen as PULSE A WARDS Positive, unique, living in SWFL who has and knows how to make a difference by making a POSITIVE impact on the community, doing something unique always in SWFL with a cause making a difference in many lives! I hope you select him because he will impact many lives!! Kind Regards, His Intern and Staff Billie Posonski Producer/TV Host InTroubleZone Productions Cell: (239) 738-9656 Local: (239) 348 CREW National: (877) 858-8171 "Quit Talking About It, Do It" Florida Adventure Quest Schedule on WFN Viewed in over 20 Million homes! Current TV Shows Coming Soon to Comcast TV! South West Florida’s Best TV SWFL Charity TV ITZ REALTY TV The Company The Super Hero The Show The NY Producer The Best Truck Website Around Car Dealers Mkting Strategies 6
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  • 15. INTROUBLEZONE HAS WRITTEN, SHOT, AND EDITED OVER 80 HALF HOUR SHOWS THAT HAVED AIRED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ON MAJOR AND LOCAL NETWORKS. Bottom Line - INTROUBLEZONE gets the job done and then some. For TV shows, movies, short films, and commercials; if you invest nothing, you will get nothing. Start with the best and be the best – with Chuck and InTroubleZone on your team, be ready for success! Thanks for your business, Chuck Ardezzone 15
  • 16. CEO InTroubleZone Productions 917 375 6527 16
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