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My Baby book...Special moments of your bundle of joy in a personalised one of a kind book..Prices Start from Rs 2500/-
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My Baby book...Special moments of your bundle of joy in a personalised one of a kind book..Prices Start from Rs 2500/-



A Baby book created for your little angel.One of a kind..lovely keepsake..prices starting from Rs 2500/- CONTACT -shweta@mylifechronicles.com

A Baby book created for your little angel.One of a kind..lovely keepsake..prices starting from Rs 2500/- CONTACT -shweta@mylifechronicles.com



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My Baby book...Special moments of your bundle of joy in a personalised one of a kind book..Prices Start from Rs 2500/- My Baby book...Special moments of your bundle of joy in a personalised one of a kind book..Prices Start from Rs 2500/- Document Transcript

  • The Star in the making.. Nemo Trivia Shweta and Ayan Guha had been marriedfor about a year.Life was good and oneday they found out they were about tobecome parents. Yippie.All this happened when they were inthe land of opportunities America.Understandbly the couple decided to flyback to India after the 2nd trimester.Ayan recalls Shweta being sick all the Nemo’s Sun sign -Capricorn.time in the first trimester. She hatednon vegetarian food and craved for dark Nemo’s Favourite Colour- Orange.chocolate and ice-cream. Nemo’s Favourite Fruit- Banana.In the fifth month ,the couple knew theywould be blessed with a boy. Shweta and Nemo’s Favourite Cartoon- Mr Bean.Ayan were delighted though they hadhoped for a lil girl. Nemo’s Favourite Movie - Shrek. Nemo’s Favourite Drink- Glucon D.
  • Nemo ,The Capricorn Baby.. Naming the Star... Nemo has all the traits of a capricorn Nemo’s Dadu wanted to name himbaby. He is thoughtful, determined and Anandoroop,the rest of the Family did notan enduring angel. agree...Thank God for small mercies.His wise, soulful eyes say ‘‘seen it all and Dad wanted to name him Maitreyo.Mumknow it all.’’ vetoed this because she thought it was girly.He takes his time to learn things butlearns them really well. Mum had suggested Tunir. It was not agreed upon but Nemo’s maternal grandpaHe takes his responsibilities very still uses this name to call Nemo.seriously. Dida wanted to name him Siddharth butHe is more of a thinker less of a kid. was vetoed by Mum. Dida still holds a grudge. Finally Nemo’s Mum chose the name his Jemma had given ‘‘Aritra ‘‘.Her logic was it would be a lucky name for him...
  • The Star is Born... My Mother thinks I look like my dad but my Grandma thinks I look like My mum...I want to tell them I look likeNemo ,The eternal dude came to this Bond...James Bondworld on 31/12/2007.The day he was bornwas a day of total chaos, recalls Nemo’sDad .The Mum was in a serious condition andhad to be admitted to the hospital evenbefore it was time for the dude to enterthe world. But,when he came he was abonny lil fella weighing 7.8 lbs.The first time his Mum saw him shejust wanted him out of the operationtheatre...she was scared he would getinfected (overprotective moms!)
  • I When Nemo was a Baby... love eating chicken...I had my firstOn the second day at home Nemo’s Dida chicken biriyani when I(grandma) had to keep rocking Nemo all was 6 months old...night ..the moment she stopped he wouldcry so loud that the neighbourhood dogswould start barking.Nemo has always been a night person.From the day he was born he has neverslept before midnight. Mum recalls thefirst forty nights as the most difficult timeof her life. Our Lil fella would be full oftricks as the night grew youngFirst few months it seemed to Nemo’sMum that she had to feed to Nemo 24/7..That was the only time he ate without afuss.
  • I got My first Tooth when I was 6 months old... I hate Dogs....I love thecolour Nemo’s first Doctor’s visit went fine. blue His paediatrician Dr Sanjay Srivastav gave Mum a pat on the back for Nemo‘s great weight gain. Nemo was pretty brave about the vaccination – he cried for about a minute. He had no choice ...Mum started howling and crying so loudly he had to stop..( Who’s the baby again?) I first started walking when I was 15 months old....I took my time!!!
  • NemoNemo was born in the winter so the first when he wastime he took a bath was a big thing for 4 months oldDida and Mum fought a lot during posing during athe event. Nemo enjoyed the bath bath...thoroughly. Only when he was being takenout of the tub did he voice his anger.Nemo likes to bathe with a lot of toys.This has been a habit ever since hediscovered he could bathe the toys witha lot of splash ...Nemo was never afraid of the water...Thefirst time he went to a water park he wastrying to swim..All this when he was justa lil above 2. Hoping Nemo does become Nemothe next national swimming champ. being bathed just before the rice eating ceremony
  • Action Time...Nemo’s Rice eating ceremony was a funaffair. Nemo had been well behaved allday.He was not irritated by the guests and heloved the gifts.In the traditional ceremony,where he hadchose from money,land or books,he hadmade everybody happy when he picked upthe book. Bravo !!!
  • Nemo flew Nemo‘s the first time first when he was six major months old. fight was with his He escorted his Jemma mum to the City of NizamsNemo Nemo’sat the first toyMicrosoft was thisoffice in winnieHyderabad. the pooh chair.. Lasted for a week
  • The first festival Nemo is Nemo extremely enjoyed conscious in his about his senses looks. He likes was Holi dressing up. of 2008. Check out his Caesar avatar.Rath Jatra, Atraditional Here’s Nimi... bengali Nemo’s evil festival twin took [Wink wink] Nemo’s fancy. He loves pulling his Rath!
  • Nemo’s Nemo’s First second birthday cake. birthday Yummy !!! cake ...this one’s was his favourite Nemo spends his birthdays in a special way..Like on his second birthday Nemo had gone to The society for Indian children and Man! He had a Nemo on blast with all histhe morning new friends. of his First birthday.
  • Nemo’s firstvisit to the The first timezoo was Nemo went outwhen he to a restaurantwas 2 years was wen he wasold. Nemo 9 months old.had liked That visit wasthe giraffe uneventful.a lot. He From thenwanted it as on he likesa pet. to crush restaurant menu’s. Nemo likes to roll Nemo is over on a sucker the bed,he for likes it so burgers much he and fries.. rolls off the But bed while his real sleeping... love is Funny Boy!! Mughlai.
  • Meet Nemo...The ToddlerAs a Toddler Nemo is more trouble todeal with says his Mum...But she feels heis a accommodating kid.But Dad thinks being with Nemo is morefun now.He responds to situations like adults andhis “ gibberish” days are over. He cansilence the Parliament with his oratoryskills.Nemo’s grandparents have alreadydeclared him as ‘‘the super intelligent kid’’. My(Great expectations?) nick name was decided when my folks saw Finding Nemo..I love theAs for Nemo he thinks he needs to be name..I am also known as Aritra.treated like a big boy now. My Jemma gave me my name.. cool ain’t’ it!!!
  • Nemo loves Nemo has riding great of on the photography train. The sense...Says Timorous Nemo!! traveller.The Merry -Go-round is Nemo’sfavourite ride since This is a picture ofthat’s the only one Nemo when he smokedhe is allowed to try. his first hookah... It’s just a pose.
  • Nemo gets angry very quickly... And he likes to Nemo was let people know scared of that he is upset lighting up with them. crackers ..he overcame the fear this Diwali.Although girlsalways makeNemo feelbetter... All smiles...
  • The Gullible Guha‘s. Nemo with his little cousin Jini... He is a caring big brother.Nemo with his first cousin Remo... Nemo and his bhaiya ,(that’s what heThis was when Nemo was 14 months calls Remo) get along like a house onold and Remo was 8 months . fire....
  • Big DAY AT SCHOOLNemo started school when he was 28months old.His favourite part about the school is it’sname. HAPPY KIDS.Nemo did not cry on the first day toschool. This was not very well received byMum..She thought he would forget hernow.(Women!)When school got over he was veryhappy,he had finished his tiffin and saidwould come back again the next day...Every body was relieved...Nemo’s first friend in school was Aditi,who he hugged a lot. Naughty Boy!!! First Day at school...And still smiling
  • My Most Prized Like Father Like Son...possessionNimpa ,You are the best thing that Nemo ...People have their views abouthappened to me ...I might scold you a you being like me or you being not likelot or ask you to eat up fast ..or make me...I think you are unique. I love youyou do your homework when you more than anything in my life...I hopewant to go on the see-saw ...but when you achieve whatever you want inyou hug me while sleeping in the night life. Be a good human being that’s all II feel blessed. Love you. expect you to be ...
  • Buchai, A ll I expect from you is to love yourself an d to love others...L ove Amma !! ht dy to fig d o, B e rea orld. AnNem in this w good atit ou t be wY ou ll o!!! I kno ver you d e what
  • Nemo’s story created byMy life chronicles.(www.mylifechronicles.com)