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Dexter's book

  1. 1. DEXTER - the top dawg...
  2. 2. Published by My Life Chronicles Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. All dogs are created equal. Except, some of us are more equal than the others. - Dexter ‘Dex’ Top Dawg.
  4. 4. Some quick facts aboutme:I’m a Golden Retriever,Born on 27 Nov2009Brought home when I was a 5 week oldpuppyMy Humble Abode- F 511My Hotline-08042179308I am on Facebook as-Dexter chickmagnetAs a puppy, I could to do a high five withmy paws!And I love chewing on bones!
  5. 5. I walk in through doors...And walk straight intoyour hearts.
  6. 6. From cute and adorable...To huge and menacing... I’ve come a long way!
  7. 7. My favourite hobby usedto be chewing computerwires and power cables.Of course I used to getyelled at all the time bymy owners for that, afterwhich I stopped.
  8. 8. Once my owner camehome 12 hours late fromwork... I was really mad!I messed up the bed,emptied the dustbin onit. And thendragged the mattressdown and peed on it...Needless to say, he nevercame back late again.(Not really, I got a sound You mess with me?thrashing after that!) I mess with you!
  9. 9. Oh I was also subject to some I’ve been instructed to leave this“disciplining” on two other page blank since my humansocassions... apparently have more to add!I once tore apart an expensive leather Hmph.shoe into pieces. And my owner wasreally mad!Another time, I tore apart the lastfew chapters of a novel that myowner was just finishing!
  10. 10. My humans might be strictdisciplinarians, but I still lovethem! I especially love cuddlingup with them.
  11. 11. This is a young me with my buddy, Buddy (heh!). If a dog is a man’s best friend, Buddy is a dog’s best friend. Buddy, I’ll always share my bone with you.BUDDY AND DEXTER FOREVER
  12. 12. This is an incident my humansLOVE telling everyone who’s willing Dexterdidto listen... not bark, - we think“ Dexter is so friendly and he may haveplayful, he won’t even bark at a come out tothief! play with the thief! Once a thief came inside We woke up in the morningthrough a door carelessly left and found mobiles missing andopen at night. He first took 3 then found the door locked frommobiles..Dexter was sleeping outside and Dexter’s scratchin the bathroom..he came out… marks on the door.the thief panicked and ran out, There were 4 laptops in the house “bolting the door from outside. which were not taken!
  13. 13. They also love saying this about me -“ If he has ever killed anything, it is a cockroach: Hegets excited at anything moving in front of him..poorcockroaches. Whenever he spots them he will get excited andstart playing..first he will put one paw on it and then slowlylift it... the cockroach runs out, Dexter will put the secondpaw on it and then slowly lift it..cockroach runs out, thispattern will repeat till Dexter gets bored and squashes thebeing with his paw! “
  14. 14. When Dex was sick...I once had a fever of 103 degrees or so.(I always knew I was hot!)I was given loads of tablets and wrappedin blankets.I secretly loved the way my humans wer-fussing over me!
  15. 15. My favourite toy...
  16. 16. Cosy cosy!My humans think this isa weird habit...when peo-ple are sitting in a cozybed I jump and grab thebest and most comfort-able position.Invariably, I get thrownout then!
  17. 17. The All-out incident!One day scared the licing daylights out of everyone..There were lots of groceries on the bed and I wasbored. So I chewed the All out bottle and made a lotof holes… .....but then I vomited in timeand that saved me!
  18. 18. Toodles!I hope you’re enjoyed mytale, as much as I’ve en-joyed telling it to you. WOOF!