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persephone goddess of nature

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  1. 1. Title: PersephoneAuthor:Sally Pomme Clayton
  2. 2. CharactersMain/protagonist Secondary/antagonist persephone  Dementer  Hades  Zeus  Hermes
  3. 3. Story elements settings conflict Flower field  Persephone was with her friends picking flowers Forrest when the ground started Underworld shaking and she got kidnapped by hades so he River could marry her so he took her to the underworld but later on her mother finally finds out that she is kidnapped and she begins to hurt earth by making it cold until she finds her kid
  4. 4. EventsEvent one Event two Persephone is in the  The ground of the flower field playing earth starts to shake with her friends and cracks open all of having a good time a sudden Hades soon she starts climbs out of the picking up flowers ground with four and goes away from horses and spots her friends Persephone and takes her with him to the underworld to become his bride
  5. 5. Events Event three Even four  Everyone notices that  Dementer (persephone she is gone so does her mother) starts to look for mother soon they start her daughter soon she looking for her but can arrives at a river where not find her she meets a water fairy who tell her that she has seen her daughter get taken by hades god of the underworld
  6. 6. EventsEvent five Event six Dementer got so upset  Zeus saw what had at what she heared that happened telling until she got her hermes to send a daughter back from message to hades to hades the earth will give back demeters have a perment winter daughter back to her till the world dies of hunger
  7. 7. Events Event seven When hermes arrived in the underworld he told hades to give back dementers daughter he said ok bt before she left she had to eat something because she had not eatten since she got there so he gave her some pamagrants she eat 3 seed and went back up to see her mother again when she told her mother what had happened her mother said you are never suppose to eat deaths food because you will dies so know every three months she has to go back to the underworld and everytime she does it is winter when she comes back it is spring
  8. 8. Conflict resolution  Zeus saw what was happeing on earth and sent hermes to the underworld to tell hades to relase persphone before releasing her he gave her 3 pamegrants seeds but soon afterpersphone goes to earth they notice that she is not suppose to eat death food with living food so now she spends 3 month with hades eath year.
  9. 9. recommendation I think this book is ok if you like learning about goddess and gods then you will like this but also if you like history but what caught my attention was the pictures cause of how much design it had.
  10. 10. Resources Crystal rose. Persephone and the pamagrant.photograph.hubpage. 2012.fri.20.jan2012