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2012 toolkit

  1. 1. warc trends 2012 toolkit (sample version)© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Warc Trends >> 2012 Toolkit >> Introduction New challenges, new ideasIntroduction >> Welcome to Warc’s we highlight in this report are not linksNew challenges, 2012 Toolkit – a country-specific. Some have very dif- About this reportnew ideas guide to new ideas ferent implications depending on the The 2012 Toolkit is divided into To find out more1 Consumers >> and best practice market, but we think that marketers ten chapters, each of which cov- about the ideasThe new middle in marketing from all over the world will recognise the ers a different marketing topic. in this report,classes around the world. ten challenges we list here. Each chapter looks at a key click on the links2 Brand The goal of this Second, we looked for areas where trend or challenge that we think highlighted inManagement >> report is to highlight some of the we could provide real-life examples brands and agencies will face in blue in the text.Glocal-plus key challenges marketers will face of companies rising to the challenge. 2012; they show how companies Most will take3 Integration >> in 2012, and to look at ways major Warc’s basis is ‘ideas and evidence around the world are respond- you to content onOrchestration brands are responding. We have se- for marketing people’, and we hope ing, and offer some tips on how warc.com4 Innovation >> lected ten areas of concern to brands both are on display in this report. to do the same.Corporate creativity – from metrics to content, and effec- Warc is a sub-5 Effectiveness >> tiveness to innovation, and in each A work in progress Each chapter includes: scription service.Return on one looked at the latest thinking and Finally, it’s worth pointing out that Subscribers willsponsorship best practice. The basis is the wealth there are no simple answers to many briefing on the challenge A need to log in6 Buzz of analysis published on warc.com – of these issues, and no silver-bullet facing brands, plus the trends to access theThe many, our editors have highlighted the most solutions. Marketing best practice that are driving it. articles. Non-not the few interesting new ideas and recurring has always been a work in progress, subscribers can7 Content themes they’ ve seen on our site and and never more so than now. ‘Tell me more’ section that A take a free trialBrand journalism in our publications. 2012 promises to be a turbulent looks at the subject in more of the service in This report is not a straightforward year for marketers all over the world. detail and provides links to order to view the8 Metrics ‘trend prediction’ piece, nor is it a Ongoing economic pressures and further reading. pieces.Social ROI retrospective; it is designed as a new technology have called into9 Data toolkit to give marketers some insight question the role of marketers, and ase studies and data to sup- CReal-time planning into how the world’s best brands are the skillsets they need to succeed. port the argument.10 Insight responding to changing demands, We hope this document will aid bothCultural connection and to highlight ways other brands brand owners and agencies as they ction points drawn from the A can follow their lead. look for answers. analysis and case studies on We used two key criteria when warc.com. compiling this report. First, we David Tiltman looked for ideas that affect multiple International Editor, Warc markets. The trends and challenges david.tiltman@warc.com© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  3. 3. Warc Trends 2012 Toolkit Introduction Economy and technology dominateIntroduction executive summary that use them (8 Metrics)? What isNew challenges, the most effective way to combinenew ideas Two major trends lie behind the them with traditional channels New markets1 Consumers ideas in this report. (3 Integration)? How can brands be- and newThe new middle The first is the changing shape of come content-providers rather thanclasses the global economy, and the rise of advertisers (7 Content)? How can channels2 Brand markets in Asia and Latin America they plan for word-of-mouth recom- meanManagement Glocal-plus as the key drivers of growth for multi- mendations (6 Buzz)? greater national brands.3 Integration Shifts in economic power are influ- Reasons to be cheerful scope thanOrchestration encing the way companies organise Despite the uncertainty, there is Lipton targets Hispanic consumers (1) ever for4 Innovation brand strategy. They have to identify plenty to be positive about. New mar- creativity –Corporate creativity emerging groups of consumers – kets and new channels mean greater both in established markets and scope than ever for creativity – not not just in5 Effectiveness Return on emerging ones (1 Consumers). They just in communications, but across communica-sponsorship have to think more deeply about products and services (4 Innovation). tions, but what a brand stands for both interna- And 2012 is, of course, an Olympic6 Buzz tionally and locally (2 Brand man- year, and some of the world’s biggest acrossThe many,not the few agement). They have to look for new brands will be rolling out showpiece products7 Content sources of insight (10 Insight). marketing programmes. Calculat- and servicesBrand journalism The second mega-trend is, of ing a return on sponsorship remains course, the impact of new media tricky, but the new tools available to Iceland turns to word-of-mouth (6)8 Metrics technology. Mobile, tablets, gaming, marketers make activating a tie-upSocial ROI social networking – the impact of more rewarding than ever before9 Data these on all areas of business, not (5 Effectiveness). In fact, expect theReal-time planning just communications, is still being Olympic activations to underline10 Insight played out. And marketers have only many of the themes of 2012 – globalCultural connection just begun to work out what to do platforms with locally relevant im- with the data they produce (9 Data). plementation, content and word-of- This new environment poses huge mouth strategies at the forefront, and questions of brand owners. How do a new understanding of how different they measure these channels, and types of media can work together. benchmark marketing programmes There is plenty to look forward to. Jimmy Choo’s social treasure hunt (8)© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  4. 4. Warc Trends 2012 Toolkit Introduction At a glance: the Toolkit on one slide 1 7Introduction Consumers Content New challenges, The new middle classes Brand journalismnew ideas In the US, multicultural consum- Some brands are thinking less1 Consumers ers are the new growth market; in like advertisers and more like pub-The new middle China and India rural and small- lishers. Brand journalism is a usefulclasses town populations are the focus. approach to the paid/owned/earned2 Brand C ase studies: Procter Gamble, model of media.Management US; Intel, India. C ase study: Nissan, Japan.Glocal-plus 2 83 Integration Brand management Metrics Orchestration Glocal-plus Social ROI4 Innovation The relationship between global Marketers lack clear metrics forCorporate creativity and local is becoming more compli- marketing in social media, but it’s5 Effectiveness cated as emerging markets become clear that different types of social ac-Return on central to brand growth. tivity will require different measures.sponsorship C ase study: Stella Artois. C ase study: American Express, US. 5 Heineken’s ‘Star Effectiveness 3 96 Buzz The many, Integration player’ app is an Return on sponsorship Data not the few Orchestration example of using Sports and entertainment Real-time planning7 Content New research shows brand-led sponsorship to sponsorship spend is rising globally, Although there’s plenty of talkBrand journalism ‘orchestration’ is the most effective deliver emotional but there is still a ‘measurement about real-time planning, there are form of integration. TV and social engagement (5) gap’. Sponsorship is becoming more few examples and no clear definition.8 Metrics media are a particularly effective focused on emotional engagement. Responding to ‘live’ data requiresSocial ROI combination. C ase study: Heineken, Europe. flexibility in budgets and process.9 Data C ase study: Kraft, US. C ase study: Wieden Kennedy, UK. 6Real-time planning Buzz 4 1010 Insight Innovation The many, not the few Insight Cultural connection Corporate creativity Integrating offline and online Cultural connection Product or service innovation is word-of-mouth is a growing chal- Cultural insight is in fashion. becoming a key marketing tool. lenge. Some brands are adopting The goal is to create brands built Customer experience is the main a ‘social by design’ approach to around more than a generic emo- driver of the net promoter score. marketing communications. tional positioning. C ase study: Tontine, Australia. C ase study: Promote Iceland. Case study: Cadbury, India.© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  5. 5. 4 innovation corporate creativity How do you use innovation to drive marketing return on investment?© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Warc Trends 2012 Toolkit Innovation Innovation meets communicationIntroduction BRIEFING great communications ideas. Win- trend driversNew challenges, ners included a campaign for Puma Wnew ideas hat’s the best way to gener- that included product development. In just 12 C ompanies that are creative1 Consumers ate a return on marketing Consumer technology is providing months, across the organisation, not justThe new middle investment? Recently, opportunities for service innovation. in their communications, haveclasses there’s been a lot of work proving Apps have given brands new (and we’ve seen been shown to outperform the2 Brand the link between creative communi- cheap) ways to be useful to consum- the need for competition in share price.Management Glocal-plus cations and effectiveness. But now, ers. Twitter has transformed the cus- strategists to brand strategists are looking to ap- tomer service strategy of brands such echnology, such as apps or T3 Integration ply creativity more broadly; product as Best Buy, and near-field commu- think more cloud computing, producesOrchestration or service innovation is becoming a nication and image recognition offer in terms of huge opportunities to innovate4 Innovation key and effective marketing tool. more opportunities in the future. the complete in terms of service and delivery.Corporate creativity That was certainly the case in the In an age where marketers are 2011 Jay Chiat Strategy Awards; the looking at buzz and word-of-mouth, business C reative corporations drive5 Effectiveness Return on common theme behind the winners innovating the product or service opportunities word-of-mouth, and that is nowsponsorship was “entrepreneurship” – coming up experience may be a better bet than Andrew Delbridge, seen as the key to effectiveness. with great business ideas rather than being creative in communications. Jay Chiat Awards6 Buzz The many, s more brands use the net Anot the few promoter score as a key metric,7 Content creativity in product and serviceBrand journalism will be just as, if not more, im- portant than creativity in adver-8 Metrics tising in driving this measure.Social ROI9 Data Real-time planning10 Insight Cultural connection Puma’s award-winning campaign incorporated product development© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  7. 7. Warc Trends 2012 Toolkit Innovation Applying creativity throughout a businessIntroduction tell me more consumers in a way they never couldNew challenges, through advertising. Clorox’snew ideas Product innovation is now a huge myStain app is a great example. When you1 Consumers priority for consumer goods and food are workingThe new middle and drink firms, as it is key to driving Winning innovationsclasses revenue growth. But evidence sug- Coca-Cola’s Japanese I Lohas brand on ‘10%2 Brand gests that brands should be looking showed the power of innovation, ideas’, youManagement Glocal-plus at both product and service innova- using a crushable bottle to give it an have to tion closely. Creativity, it is argued, eco-friendly positioning. The launch3 Integration should not be a niche; it should be won the inaugural Warc Prize for overinvest inOrchestration applied across an organisation. Asian Strategy in 2011, and case measurement4 Innovation The case for corporate creativity study author David Elsworth dis- because youCorporate creativity is set out by James Hurman, Plan- cussed the findings with Warc. ning Director at Colenso BBDO. He Expect to hear more about this are unlikely5 Effectiveness Return on says creativity is most effective when topic in 2012. Unilever marketers to have thesponsorship applied across an organisation and, recently unveiled a ten-year plan familiar at a time when measures of recom- they termed ‘more magic, less logic’.6 Buzz mendation or word-of-mouth are The goal was to boost innovation, benchmarksThe many,not the few becoming more important, product or particularly around use of technol- and metrics service innovation are crucial. ogy, and to be more open to trying Jonathan7 Content Brand journalism and failing. Similar views have been Mildenhall, Entrepreneurial shift voiced by the Chief Consumer Officer Coca-Cola8 Metrics It’s worth reading the analysis of of Mars Chocolate, who offered aSocial ROI Andrew Delbridge, Chairman of the 10-point guide to innovation.9 Data Jay Chiat Awards, who argues that Also, look at Coke’s 70/20/10 ruleReal-time planning ‘entrepreneurial’ strategies came of for marketing investment. 70% goes10 Insight age in 2011. He cites cases from this on tried-and-tested ideas; 20% on in-Cultural connection year’s prize that demonstrate the novating based on what has worked; way brand strategists are thinking. and 10% on new innovations. There is plenty of literature on Watch out for more on this subject apps. Some of the most interesting when the Warc Prize for Innovation, examples are brands in low-interest a $10,000 global case study prize, categories using apps to engage The I Lohas bottle positioned the brand concludes in early 2012.© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  8. 8. Warc Trends 2012 Toolkit Innovation Customer experience drives NPSIntroduction what influences THE net promoter score? KEY FACTSNew challenges,new ideas T here is evidence to support1 Consumers the link between product andThe new middle service innovation and positiveclasses word-of-mouth.2 BrandManagement n New Zealand, one study IGlocal-plus asked consumers what made3 Integration them most likely to recommendOrchestration a brand (via a net promoter4 Innovation score measure). NPSCorporate creativity5 Effectiveness B y far the biggest influence wasReturn on customer experience – it had asponsorship score of 81% on a measure of6 Buzz factors influencing NPS scores.The many,not the few brand’s communications, in A7 Content contrast, scored just 5%.Brand journalism8 Metrics Social ROI9 Data Real-time planning10 Insight Cultural connection Customer experience 81% Word-of-mouth 8% Competitive activity 6% Communications 5% Source: Colenso BBDO, quoted by James Hurman© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  9. 9. Warc Trends 2012 Toolkit Innovation Case study TontineIntroduction expiry date brand wanted to boost sales by 30%, The date stamps were at the heart AdvertiserNew challenges, re-energise the category and take a of a media and PR campaign that Tontinenew ideas A great example of applying creativ- leadership position. included TV spots in the evening1 Consumers ity to the product rather than the ads The starting point was to and ‘pillow exchange’ events. AgencyThe new middle comes from Australia, where pillow encourage consumers to The campaign ran for Happy Soldiersclasses manufacturer Tontine won the Grand replace their pillows more just five days, but the2 Brand Prix at the 2011 Effies. regularly – beyond two concept delivered lasting MarketManagement Tontine had more than a 50% years, pillows become un- value – brand health AustraliaGlocal-plus share of the pillow market, but the hygienic, but few people metrics rose and sales3 Integration category was stagnant with little know that. jumped across the catego-Orchestration differentiation, retailers’ own-label Rather than run a ‘you need ry. And, as the pillows have4 Innovation was stealing share, and price pro- a new pillow’ campaign, Tontine expiry dates on, they will serve asCorporate creativity motions were the dominant form of used the product itself, printing ex- a reminder to users to change them.5 Effectiveness marketing. In this environment, the piry dates on the pillows. View the full case studyReturn onsponsorship6 Buzz The many,not the few7 Content Brand journalism8 Metrics Social ROI9 Data Real-time planning10 Insight Cultural connection Other examples: Gatorade, G-Series Product Launch, US Fiat, Fiat Mio, The First Pillow With An Expiry Date campaign saw Tontine re-energise the Australian pillow market Brazil© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  10. 10. Warc Trends 2012 Toolkit Innovation Action points Innovation 1 S mall innovations can have big resultsIntroduction New challenges,new ideas if they are grounded in consumer insight.1 Consumers The new middle Apps, for example, are cheap to make,classes but a good one can deliver huge benefits.2 BrandManagement 2Glocal-plus3 Integration S et budget aside to test new product orOrchestration service ideas and be prepared for a high4 Innovation Corporate creativity failure rate.5 Effectiveness 3 T hink about the metrics you want to driveReturn onsponsorship6 Buzz – they may be different to measures forThe many,not the few communications campaigns.7 Content 4Brand journalism8 Metrics T hink differently about the role of theSocial ROI marketing function. It should be more than9 Data Real-time planning the home of creative communications.10 Insight Cultural connection© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  11. 11. About Warc’s 2012 Toolkit This is a sample version of the 2012 Toolkit from Warc. The full report is available only to subscribers of www.warc.com. The 2012 Toolkit gives you current thinking and best practice in marketing from around the world. It features ten comprehensive chapters, each including case studies, data and actionable points. Key highlights: inpoints the ten biggest challenges and P trends facing marketers in 2012. ractical insight into how the world’s best P brands are responding. eal-life case studies of companies rising R to the marketing challenges they face. vailable in two convenient formats: A PDF and PowerPoint.© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. www.warc.com
  12. 12. ABOUT WARC London (Head Office) Warc is the resource of choice for 85 Newman Street brand owners, agencies, media London owners and market researchers W1T 3EX worldwide. Warc gives you access United Kingdom to more than 6,000 case studies, +44 (0) 20 7467 8100 marketing intelligence, consumer enquiries@warc.com insight, and industry trends. With material from more than 90 Singapore countries, we provide a truly 31 Pekin Street international perspective. 03-01 Far East Square 048761 Take a free trial at Singapore www.warc.com/trial +65 3157 1214 asiapacific@warc.com Washington DC 2233 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 535 Washington, DC 20007 United States +1 202 778 0680 americas@warc.com© Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved.