21st Century Learning & Assessment

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A power point presentation created to show my understanding of 21st Century Learning and Assessment

A power point presentation created to show my understanding of 21st Century Learning and Assessment

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  • 1. 21st CenturyLearning &AssessmentPatrice Forde21 Century Assessment12th June 2013
  • 2. What is 21st Century Learning& Assessment21st Century Learning & Assessment is embedded invarious strategies need to advance studentslearning in a dynamic world. The following can benotedProject base + Higher Order thinking + Collaboration =21st Century Learning21st Century Learning + Self & Peer Assessment +Timely Feedback & Reflection =21st Century Assessment
  • 3. Characteristics of 21stCentury StudentsStudents engaged in 21st Century learning andassessment will develop the following skillsdriven in a 21st Century Classroom» Communication & Collaboration» Creativity & Innovation» Critical thinking & Problem Solving» Technology Savvy» Self Directed Learning
  • 4. Characteristics of 21stCentury AssessmentTeacher» Teachers collaborate with other teachers» Utilizes different forms of assessment tools» Teacher becomes a facilitator and guidesstudents learning» Teacher listens more and talks less» Uses collaborative skills» Utilizes different technological tools
  • 5. 21st Century ClassroomShift21st Century Assessment integrates Formative andSummative AssessmentFormative Assessment is the process of assessingstudents during a course of study. It is used togauge students learning needs and offercorrective measures.Summative Assessment is the process of assessingstudents knowledge of the concepts coveredgiving a final grade. In 21st Century learning italso assess the products and the performances
  • 6. 21st Century Learning &Formative AssessmentProcess» Keeps track of students learning» Checks student’s understanding of concepts» Provides timely feedback» Creates independent students» Guides students in creating quality projects» Aids students in learning research skills
  • 7. 21st Century Learning &Summative AssessmentProcess» Engages students in authentic ways todemonstrate their understanding of theconcept through the use of creating videos andcreating models.» Summative Assessment in the 21st CenturyLearning and Assessment is useful because itguides further learning activities and plans forthe future.
  • 8. 21st Century Learning &Assessment21st Century Learning & Assessment can besummarized in the following way:-» 21st Century Learning & Assessment requires a shiftin the teaching and assessment practices in theclassroom.» Requires various skills which can be assessed byteachers, parents and students.» Integrates both formative and summativeassessment practices in the classroom.
  • 9. ReferenceIntel® Teach Elements: Assessment 21st CenturyClassrooms