The value of facebook real time insights


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The value of facebook real time insights

  1. 1. The Value OfFacebook Real Time Insights
  2. 2. Much of the reason that marketers have an an interestin social media is the immediacy of the feedback that they get from consumers through this channel.
  3. 3. Many forms of marketing involve a large investment of both time and money before the company will get solid feedback about whether what they are doing isworking and having an impact onhow people feel about the brand.
  4. 4. In contrast, interactions oversocial media can bring immediate responses from real consumers that can guide further decisions before a campaign has gone too far off track.
  5. 5. While Facebook has long provided page owners with the opportunity to view valuable demographicinformation about who was visitingand connecting with their pages, for a long time they undermined the value of the data that they were providing by not updating it as quickly as they should have.
  6. 6. Even people who were trying to watch what was happening with their pages very closely might notget a meaningful update for days at a time, which was a tremendous source of frustration.
  7. 7. What is the New FacebookReal Time Insights? The company has finally taken action to correct this by implementing Facebook real time insights.
  8. 8. Where social media marketersmight have previously had to waitas much as four days to get access to information about how a post was performing in terms of engagement and addition, that same information may now be available in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.
  9. 9. After making a post, it is now possible for a marketer to getalmost immediate feedback on how much attention the post is attracting and how much people appear to be engaging with it.
  10. 10. Based on this, they can take actions like deciding which posts to pin to their timeline as highlights while the content is still fresh and meaningful to their fans. On the other hand, something that doesnot appear to be getting the desired response can be changed.
  11. 11. The key to the value of Facebook real time insights is that it offers marketers the chance to accessanalytics at a time when the data is fresh enough to allow them to make decisions that are going tohave an immediate impact on their relationship with the consumersthat they are attempting to engage with.
  12. 12. They have never before had the opportunity to tweak their postswithin minutes of putting them upbased on whether people appeared to be taking an interest in clickingon them or sharing them with their friends and family members.
  13. 13. For social media marketers who are willing to invest in fully taking advantage of the platform for creating connections with users, Facebook real time insights can be called a game changing addition without any exaggeration.
  14. 14. Whether they want to know howmany people have seen a post, how many people have shared it, whowas sufficiently drawn in to click on it, or even who respondednegatively (with actions like unlikinga page or reporting a post as spam),marketers have never had access to this much feedback about the results of their efforts and been able to get at it so quickly.