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Social Media for Music

  1. 1. Social Media for Music
  2. 2. Right now their is a social media resource for just about anything or anybody, but lets focus on socialmedia for music in particular. Its not a new concept, but the differentways that social media sites go about it is very interesting. The most interesting part is that their is definitely a lot of room for innovation.
  3. 3. Social Media for Music |On MySpace MySpace is attempting to re- innovate themselves with investments from people like Justin Timberlake, but in most people’s opinion the ship has sailed, and a company that was thought to be the future of social media was hit by the wave called Facebook, washed ashore and buried undersea.
  4. 4. MySpace for music was a great way for bands to share a few songs, tour dates, messages, and artwork to potential and already establishedfans. The only problem was that the conversation was really a one way street.
  5. 5. Although their was a wall for fans to post comments, it seemed that it was so flooded with content that flowed in all directions that it was largely ignored by both artists and fans alike.
  6. 6. Social Media for Music |On Facebook There are thousands of social media for music pages on Facebook that you can easily click on in your sidebar of your profile to become a quick fan. Your friends will be notified social media for music pages that you rock out to when they see the artists in their sidebar and click on the link.
  7. 7. I’m sure that you’re fans of a lot of these pages, but as the case with MySpace forums, I feel that thepages really go largely unread and ignored. It is almost like a badge that you wear, without much interaction with the actual page.
  8. 8. However, its marketability for bands and record labels is not a bad investment, seeing that the social media for music page is free and your audience is worldwide, endless really. Its very easyfor hardcore fans to check your page for tour updates, links to videos, and other interesting stuff regarding your band’s music.
  9. 9. Social Media for Music |On Twitter As of right now, I’d say that if I had to choose one source for social media for music, it would be Twitter hands down. Following an artist on Twitter gives you an insider’s view of a musician’s life on the road and some of these pages are just damn entertaining.
  10. 10. I like social media for music on Twitter because believe it or not, alot of these artists comment on fansposts. When the post’s contain an @ with the artist’s name, you’d besurprised how many artists post little replies to the comments.
  11. 11. Social Media for Music |On Yelp Perhaps the latest social media for music game player would be Yelp. Already famous for user reviews, you would think that Yelp would be the most innovative player in the social media for music world, but it seems that they may fall into similar styles with other competitors.
  12. 12. Social Media for Music |Bottom Line The bottom line for social media for music is that the game is getting repetitive, its largely a one way conversation, and overtly ignored. So its time for you to put your innovative caps on and fix the leaks.