7 exceptional innovative marketing tips


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7 exceptional innovative marketing tips

  1. 1. 7 Exceptional InnovativeMarketing Tips
  2. 2. Whether you’re trying to market a business or your personal website, one of the biggest impediments to doing Internetmarketing is often the price tag that good advertising and marketing comes with.
  3. 3. What many people fail to understandis that there are plenty of innovative marketing techniques that anyone can implement that won’t cost asmall fortune. Here are a few easy to implement marketing strategies.
  4. 4. The Power of Social Media Whether it’s an appendage of your business or your website, you need to publicize your site with social media. You can join one or many social media sites. This offers you the opportunity to create an Internet marketing strategy for little to no money.
  5. 5. The Video AdvantageAnother form of innovative marketing is to use videos to your advantage. Create an entertaining and even ahumorous video revolving around your website, your products or your services.
  6. 6. Fortunately, with the high quality handheld cameras available today as well as free editing software, asemiprofessional video can be created without any experience and expense and released on social sites such as YouTube.
  7. 7. Discounts Perhaps one of the best marketing tools that you’ll find is by simply offering discounts to potential customers. You can do this directlyfrom your website and make a point of offering substantial discounts.
  8. 8. Anyone can get small discounts but it’s the substantial ones that are going tostand out the most. They may cost you a bit of money in the short term but you’ll reap significant rewards by creating long-term loyal customers.
  9. 9. Make Things Challenging In addition to discounts, one verypopular type of online marketing is tocreate online contests. You can be as creative as you’d like, but make sure that the contests are fun andappealing to potential visitors to your website. Offering contests regularlywill keep people coming back to your website.
  10. 10. Keep Blogging An affordable innovative marketing tactic is to create a blog related toyour business or website. The upside is that creating blogs can be extremely cheap. However, it’s important to do your best to make your blog site look presentable and always remember to update the content frequently
  11. 11. The SEO Component You also may want to consider implementing a SEO (search engineoptimization) plan. This is the process by which you increase your searchengine rankings and thereby increasethe traffic that flows to your website.
  12. 12. This can be done through any number of different methods from blogging, article submissions, participating in forums and a host of other methods. You can do this yourself or if you want fasterand more reliable results, you can hirea search engine optimization service to create and implement a plan for you.
  13. 13. A Personal Touch Lastly, a good way to reach out personally to people outside of socialnetwork contacts is by participating inforums. This can put a personal face to the business or to the website for potential visitors.
  14. 14. You can engage other people personallyin forums but always remember that you should choose forums that relate to either your business or to your website. This helps with continuity and it also helps to attract the type of people that are going to either purchase your products or services or identify with the content on your website.
  15. 15. These are marketing strategies that are not only innovative but they’re cost effective as well. All of these tips havebeen proven effective and can help your business or website get the sort of attention it deserves without spending more money than you can justify.