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  • 1. helps teachers to teach and learners to learnWe develop, manufacture, install and manage hardware, software, IT networks and service and classroomresourced all specially designed for education, to help deliver inspiring engaging, established in 2009 in Johannesburg, today is a growing division of Edutain distribution,developer, distributor and publisher of local and international brands. Cutting edge technologies with arealistic perception of the needs of our containment AFRICA and territories with English as a secondlanguage. In our dedication to excellence, we combine the latest educational approaches with state of theart technology whilst striving to localize as much of the content as possible. Part of our drive is to convertthe company to a potential learning centre for any age, subject or language for the masses. We have acomprehensive range that is all encompassing for the various requirements of any grade and subject.We increase the impact of learning by making it simple, quick, relevant and cost effective through anoptimal blend of technology and methodology. Learning is a rewarding and enriching experience and wetreat is as such when we design and develop all encompassing solutions.We aim to infuse the world of education to new, more engaging ways of teaching, for an enhance learningoutcome. We are passionate about ADUCATION and our expertise is founded in our 18 years of developingthe ICT market. EDUMALL’s heritage is wide ranging, learning technology. From the latest and mosteducationally appropriate computers, innovative whole class teaching, engaging teaching and learningsoftware, easy to manage network, to a market-leading platform that is adaptable. And all reassuringlywrapped by multi-award winning consultancy, support and training services. Learning Technologies makeinnovative learning technology that customers can depend upon. An impressive chain of global partnershipand alliances with world leaders in learning trend power our solutions. Realising the needs and aspirationsof the digital savvy generation, our R&D team comprising of a mix of educationalists, educational expertsand technology professionals in software and hardware, following world trends. Whilst carefully consideringthat various territories have certain needs, that need to be established and adapted. Local contentproviders have become a huge contribution factor to enhanced and improved outcomes through theintroduction of the.
  • 2.  Mission To provide the latest quality educational and creative software and hardware to the South African market Core Brand Attributes Interactive Quality Cutting Edge Creative Educational Technical Entertaining Fun Founded 1991 Who we are Educational elearning / m learning , multimedia audio and Video specialists. What we do Publishers and distributors of educational software and other multimedia solutions and peripherals. How we do Creating an all encompassing medium, with the participation of technology, educational specialists, delivering relevant, effective solutions to our target markets.
  • 3.
  • 4. On click willshowcase grade On click will showcase other wise demo solutions from classteacher modules like assessment centre, Maths lab , science lab & classpad interface in school
  • 5. default grade Prep is selected with maths as highlighted subjectPlease note in every class there are subjects, chapters & topics highlighted that shall have active modules
  • 6. On click Math’s chapters appear and chapter name Number is highlightedPlease note in every class there are subjects, chapters & topics highlighted that shall have active modules
  • 7. On click Numbers topics with in the chapter appear . The one highlighted in red is active to be showcased. Click on RPlease note in every class there are subjects, chapters & topics highlighted that shall have active modules
  • 8. On click the module shall open in a new window and play. The icon A refers to an Activity
  • 9. R = Resource (activity, explanation, simulation or comprehensive) A= Assessment. On-click will take you to assessment centreLP= Lesson Plan .On –click takes you to the lesson plan section of the demo. L= Lab . On click takes you to the Lab section of the demo
  • 10. Click on any of the links above to explore more
  • 11. View Sample Lesson Plan, Freedom for teachers to addresources, save plan etc
  • 12. Static & DynamicTemplates for teachers as additional resource
  • 13. Data bank of Question formClassteacher Learning, teachers can create own assessment , view performance reports
  • 14. View Science Labs & Maths tool box
  • 15. Subject Titles:ScienceEnglishBusiness StudiesDesign & TechnologyGeographyICTPhysical Education
  • 16. 250 Interactive Charts 144 Fun Features / BusinessThe colourful interactive screens Activitycontain a wealth of clear and conciseinformation. Both teacher and pupil can Engaging interactive activities whichinteract with text and images, providing provide pupils with an exciting andan engaging resource that encourages stimulating way of testing theirwhole-class involvement. knowledge of key information 4,365 Interactive & Printable 274 Worksheets Quizzes Save valuable preparation time by 15 question quizzes which can be using the worksheets as an exciting performed individually or as a class lesson-based activity or challenging activity. The printable quizzes can also homework assignment. be used as a handy homework assignment.
  • 17. 500+ Additional Notes / More Info 222 Example Exam QuestionsScreens This feature provides a variety ofOnce the key concepts of the interactive example exam questions that will helpchart have been explored, study the prepare pupils for their examstopic in greater depth using theAdditional Notes / More Info screens.The notes can also be printed out andused to help with revision andhomework assignments. 13 Activity Generators / 8 Writing Frames The Activity Generators / Writing Frames challenge pupils to put into practice what they have learned in the other sections of the content packs. They consolidate learning and improve pupils_ knowledge and creativity.
  • 18.  Publish Flash and HTML5 based interactions in a single clickLocalised Content Learning interactions that go into multiple devices, including mobile phones that support Flash - Android, BlackBerry and othersSourcing Agent Great user interface to completely customize all interactions without writing a single line of code Pre-built library of learning interactions based on best practices in instructional designICT ConsultingFully compliant with Fully compliant with SCORM and AICC to track and integrate with all leading learning management systems.
  • 19. Raptivity, an award-winning software for creating rapid e-Learning interactivities, allows educators to createinteractive learning content easily. Raptivity is an easy touse, world-class rapid interactivity builder used by educatorsaround the world to create high quality learning interactionssuch as learning games, simulations, virtual worlds andmore.
  • 20.  Raptivity interaction models library is convenientlyorganized into several packs. The core packconsisting of 35 interaction models ships withRaptivity and contains frequently used models representing a wide selection of inter activities organized in various categories. With support to Unicode languages, course creators can create inter -activity in non - English languages. Raptivity provides a variety of pre- defined colourthemes. A sophisticated editor, which employs an innovative four - way customizing interface, is included for customizing of inter activity. The wizard, form and templates make Raprivity easy to master. Fully compliant with SCORM and AICC to track and integrate with all leading learning management systems.
  • 21. Winner, eLearning Guide Platinum Award: Simulations Category/ Winner, eLearning Guide A global leader in interactive eLearning, presentation and website software, today unveiled a strategic plan to create the world’s largest library of educational interactivity templates that will work on iPhones,iPads and all mobile devices using HTML5 technology.
  • 22.  iPerform is a web based platform that works as an extension of the classroom and provides a personalized self-learning environment for students. It promotes self-learning, engaging students in activities like homework, revision and even preparation of exams.