Aladdin or Ali Baba


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Aladdin or Ali Baba

  1. 1. Aladdin or Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? Have you ever thought of reading two verysimilar stories almost the exact same but alsohad many differences?Well I have, and my two stories are, Aladdinand Ali Baba and the forty thieves.Aladdin and Ali Baba have many differencesand similarities, in this story I will tell you allabout the similarities and difference. Aladdin is a children’s movie and there isa pore street rat named Aladdin that is madlyin love with princess Jasmine. Ali Baba and theForty Thieves is a story about a man and awoman that are married and there are fortythieves that try to steel the gold and Mariannatricks the forty thieves into death. One big similarity between the two of thestories is that they are both Arabian folktaleswhich is a story that has been past on throughgenerations written in a Arabian country. Themoral of the story is to tell people about thethieves or how we consider them as bad guysand how they are very greedy and selfishpeople. But in the end the bad guy doesn’t havea happy ending and ends up in the worst placepossible. So it is pretty much teaching us alesson to not be a greedy and selfish person.
  2. 2. There are way more then that so don’t goanywhere!! In Aladdin and Ali Baba they bothhave a trickster. You all heard of Bugs bunnyand he was a trickster. Well in Aladdin,Aladdin is the trickster and his trickster movewas Aladdin tricked the bad guy using hisbrain. And since the bad guy turned himselfinto a magical and powerful Guiney he forgotthat until his lamp gets rubbed he will betrapped up in the tiny thing forever! But in AliBaba Marianna is the trickster and she outsmarted the bad guys by poring oil into thejars and killing all of them! In both of there stories there is obviously ahapping ending with a true lover. Aladdin getsthe girl he has been waiting for and Mariannaand her husband live happily ever after!Now that you have read all of the similaritiesit is time for the differences. Aladdin and AliBaba aren’t exactly the same they have thesame amount of differences too but I thinkeven more. I would love to have a magic carpet to rideon wouldn’t you?! Well Aladdin does have aflying carpet; Aladdin rides around on it allthrough town.But sadly Ali Babe doesn’t have one. Like I was saying about that Guiney he is amagic blue humongous dude that grant’s 3
  3. 3. wishes for the lucky person that rub’s the lamp.He is in Aladdin and Aladdin is the one thatrubs the lamp and the big blue Guiney offersAladdin 3 grateful wishes.In Ali Baba they don’t have any sort of magicGuiney!! I noticed in Ali Baba is in text form whichmeans in writing and not in picture form likeAladdin. I personally like picture form. But Ialso don’t mine text form either. So there is a good amount of differencesand similarities between those two folk tails.In my opinion I like Aladdin better onlybecause I can picture everything andsometimes in text form I can’t always picture itin my mind. They are both great stories I lovethem but I just proofer Aladdin. Aladdin is anin joy able movie for kids and maybe evenadults. I know that I love that movie! Well thank you for reading my story! By: Bayley Sweet