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  • Hello, my name is XX, and I’m a YY here at’m really happy to have the opportunity to share with you here today what we do at to help you grow your sales with the world’s #1 sales application, the Sales Cloud.
  • And we take great care in measuring the success of our customers.What we see when we survey our Sales Cloud customers multiple times per year is that they’re able to grow their business along every major metric that sales organizations measure themselves against.For example, on average our customers see a 32% increase in lead conversion, a 32% increase in productivity, a 25% increase in close rates, and a 44% increase in forecast accuracy.And when you add it all up, what they see overall is a 27% increase in their sales.
  • Why are so many companies struggling with these constraints? It’s because in so many cases the systems they’re using – maybe they’re on premise-based – or maybe they’ve got fragmented systems, using spreadsheets in certain divisions, or maybe they use multiple CRM or CRM-like systems. The challenge is that all these systems and their disconnected nature are holding companies back from driving more productivity and effectiveness from their sales teams. As just one example, if your company is still forecasting in spreadsheets, it’s relying on information that quickly becomes outdated. And there is no meaningful way to collaborate on the forecast data.In short, you simply can’t work and move at the speed you need to, unless you’re working in the Cloud, have embedded mobile capabilities, and have social built into the core of the selling tools you’re using.
  • This is exactly what we see on the flipside with customers that use the Sales Cloud.When we survey our customers across all these major metrics, what we see is that companies that use the Sales Cloud grow their pipeline by 32%. They increase sales productivity by 32%. They improve rep performance by 25%. They improve forecast accuracy by 44%. And again, all of this results in a 27% improvement in sales.So now, let’s go into each of these core areas where Sales Cloud customers take advantage of key capabilities that we provide to help improve the performance of their business, to help transform themselves for growth, and to become a socially driven selling organization.
  • And another key part of growing pipeline is being able to understand your prospects and customers better.This means being able to track every single interaction your company has with your customers. But it also means tracking the interactions your customers have with their business colleagues on the Social Web – on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.This is what we call Social Accounts and Contacts, and it enables you to collaborate with your customers in the context of both your company’s interactions, and social interactions.
  • Another key to unlocking the productivity of your salespeople is allowing them to sell anywhere, on any device. With mobility and Salesforce you can access your data instantaneously. We enable access across a range of devices. And we do this with Salesforce Touch, built from the ground up on HTML5 to support the ease of use and gesture-based commands synonymous with tablet devices like the iPad. We’re very excited about Salesforce Touch, as are our many customers using it today.We also provide a variety of native apps that run on the iPad, the iPhone, Android Devices, and Blackberries.And you can build your own mobile applications on top of our platform.Companies using the Sales Cloud and our mobile capabilities typically see a 29% gain in productivity among their sales teams.
  • And a key element for success in any sales organization is being able to turn more of the opportunities in their pipeline into closed business.What’s great about Opportunities in the Sales Cloud is that they enable you to sell more effectively as an extended sales team. For example, we just spoke about Salesforce Touch, which enables members of your team assigned to an opportunity to work on and update that opportunity regardless of where they’re located.We also make it easy to update deals and collaborate in the context of each stage of the sales process.We allow you to embed your company’s best practices that are key to how you want to manage your sales opportunity process.And we give you comprehensive visibility into your complete sales pipeline.Companies that use this team-based approach to turn more opportunities to closed business using the Sales Cloud see a 25% increase in their close rates.
  • One of the keys in driving success as a sales team lies in the ability to forecast accurately. With the new Collaborative Forecasting capabilities in the Sales Cloud, you can do just that.In short, you can gain a complete real-time view of forecasts throughout your sales organization.Forecasting with the Sales Cloud provides you with automatic roll ups. It gives you visibility into quota attainment.Clicking on each cell gives you a complete picture of the associated opportunities that comprise the forecast amount.And with Collaborative Forecasting, you can easily roll up your forecast to your manager, who can do the same for her manager.You can apply management judgment to adjust forecast amounts for people on your team.And you can even start up a real-time Chatter session to discuss their forecasts.Companies using Collaborative Forecasting in the Sales Cloud see an improvement of 44% in their forecast accuracy.
  • Now, a critical driver for success that our customers use to improve sales performance is Salesforce Dashboards.With Dashboards, you can gain a complete picture of your business, based on real-time information, at a glance.And with Salesforce Dashboards, users can easily create, edit, and share dashboards, just by clicking, dragging and dropping. So if there’s a metric that’s really important to you as a sales leader or sales rep, you can just create your own dashboard rather than going to IT.And with Salesforce Dashboards, one click on a dashboard brings you into the underlying detailed data.And you can access Salesforce Dashboards from anywhere, like on an iPad.Another great use for dashboards is to model and guide behaviors. For example, let’s say there are a certain number of calls each member of your inside sales team must make to be successful. You can create a dashboard to show this activity, and see and share this information across your team to guide desired actions.
  • And the real-time Analytics capabilities in the Sales Cloud are at the heart of what companies use to improve their sales performance.With real-time Analytics, you can model your business in Salesforce and ensure you make smarter decisions.Analytics in the Sales Cloud enables you to conduct the underlying analysis on your data – and see where opportunities to improve performance exist.Filtering information to spot anomalies or trends, grouping and segmenting data to make it more meaningful and relevant, and joining separate reports from across your entire business to pinpoint areas for performance improvements– are just a few of the many capabilities sales organizations can take advantage of in the Sales Cloud.And you can gain access to these insights from any device.
  • In conclusion, these are just some of the reasons we see so many customers using the Sales Cloud to gain improvement along these many metrics for success.So let’s reiterate these improvements: a 32% increase in lead conversion, a 32% increase in productivity, a 25% increase in close rates, and a 44% increase in forecast accuracy.And when you add it all up, what they Sales Cloud customers gain overall is a 27% increase in their sales.
  • Afimilk presentation and proposal from salesforce

    1. 1. Grow Sales with the World’s #1 Sales ApplicationJulian EricksonAccount Executive - Salesforce.comDirect: (312) 288-3665Cell: 937-623-3994
    2. 2. Grow Your Business Along Every Major Metric +27% Sales Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Customers Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted March, 2012, by an independent third- party, MarketTools Inc., on 5,500+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.
    3. 3. Today’s Systems are Holding you Back Cloud . Mobile . Social Manual DisconnectedProcesses Spreadsheets Systems
    4. 4. Grow Your Revenue in the Sales Cloud Cloud . Mobile . Social +27% Sales Grow Increase Sales Improve Rep Complete Pipeline Productivity Performance Insight +32% +32% +25% +44% Improved lead Higher Higher win Improved forecast conversion productivity rate accuracySource: Customer Relationship Survey conducted March, 2012, by an independent third-party, MarketTools Inc., on 5,500+ customers randomly selected.
    5. 5. Track Every Customer Interaction Sell more effectively with social intelligence Real-time customer updates Insights from every touch-point Collaboration in context
    6. 6. Sell Anywhere on Any Device with Salesforce Touch Access all your data instantly HTML5 and native apps Any device Supports Salesforce and custom apps +29% Improved productivity with mobile
    7. 7. Turn More Opportunities into Closed Business Quickly update and share opportunity details as a team Deal updates and collaboration in context Best-practice opportunity management processes Complete pipeline visibility +25% Higher close rates
    8. 8. Forecast Accurately as a Team Gain a complete, real-time view of team forecasts Real-time, automatic roll-ups Quota attainment visibility Collaboration with teams +44% Improved forecast accuracy
    9. 9. Drive Sales Performance with Real-Time Dashboards Get a complete picture of your business at a glance User-built dashboards Drill-down into data Access insights anywhere
    10. 10. Gain the Insight to Increase Sales with Analytics Model your business in Salesforce and make smarter decisions View any data from across your business on any device Instantly group and categorize deals Identify opportunities to drive sales higher
    11. 11. Grow Your Business Along Every Major Metric +27% Sales Average Percentage Improvements Reported by CustomersSource: Customer Relationship Survey conducted March, 2012, by an independent third-party, MarketTools Inc., on 5,500+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.