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    • We are group number 4 and we got the answer to how we should protect the nature in the National Park.
    • By:
    • Miriam Zinnanti
    • Alexander Ramharter
    • Jaime Conde
    • Belén Aragón
    • Julia Engelbrektsson
    • Kevin Gelens
    • Raphaela Kases
  • 2. Mining pollution: the problem
    • The park was threatened in 1998 by a massive spill of metallic waste from a reservoir at the Aznalcollar mine into the Guadiamar River
  • 3. Mining pollution: the solution
    • Mining shouldn't be allowed near Doñana park. It has a highly sensitive ecology and having a reservoir of metallic waste near the park has always risk of spill.
  • 4. Impact of agriculture: the problem
    • Strawberry farms surrounding the park threaten to cause catastrophic damage to the park by depleting the surrounding groundwater
  • 5. Impact of agriculture: the solution
    • Traditional strawberry farms should be away from the park and the illegal boreholes around the park should be controlled. Only organic farms that care about the nature and use few resources should be allowed.
  • 6. Biodiversity conservation
    • The park has a biodiversity that is unique in Europe. It has thousands of European and African migratory birds.
  • 7. Endangered species
    • The problem: The Spanish Imperial Eagle and Iberian Lynx are the most important endangered species in Doñana park
    • The solution: We have to understand the causes of population declines so we can avoid the population declines to continue happening
  • 8. Endangered species: the lynx and imperial eagle
    • Experts thinks that introduce rabbits in Doñana could help to preserve the lynx and imperial eagle population but it can also be a problem for the ecosystem because the rabbits reproduce and the population increases too much.
  • 9. Endangeres species: pictures Iberian lynx Imperial eagle
  • 10. Japanese Nuclear Crysis
    • The radioactive waste is a big problem actually, and is very dangerous for the people. The nuclear energy is good, but the toxic waste is very pollutant.
    • We think that it is dangerous for the enviroment, because it threatens to cause catastrophic damage to ecosymtems and people .
  • 11. Japanese Nuclear Crysis
    • A nuclear power station can produce air pollution that will affect native species hurting the ecosystems surrounding the nuclear.
    • We think that nuclear power is dangerous for nature so nuclear power station shouldn't be allowed and much less near a natural park.
    • They should evacute the proximities of the nuclear power station and investigate how the problem can be solve. We should collaborate in the investigation and donate money so they can work and carry out the evacuation.
  • 12. Save the nature
    • One day you may hear:
    • ” Cry, oh man,
    • the wind is blowing
    • The water is dark,
    • Nature is mourning
    • Then, the wind is silent
    • The sun is gone
    • The last flower dies on the Earth!”
    • Rosalba Morreale