2013 Hispanic Marketing Symposium: Mobile Apps for Business


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Magaly Chocano was one of the featured speakers for this outstanding event put on by the Austin Ad Fed. She discusses the impact and the importance of mobile apps in business and the growth for the future.

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2013 Hispanic Marketing Symposium: Mobile Apps for Business

  1. 1. W E B MOBILE SOCIALAnalyze Build Cultivate1
  2. 2. W E B MOBILE SOCIALLONG LIVE MOBILE - DEATH OF THE DESKTOPMagaly Chocano | magaly@swebdevelopment.com | 210-617-72602
  3. 3. By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PC’s asthe most common web access deviceWORLDWIDE.
  4. 4. There are 5x as many cellphones in the worldas there are PC’s.
  5. 5. There are 271 MILLIONmobile subscribersin the U.S. alone
  6. 6. 7 BILLION peopleon the planet.4 BILLION of themuse a mobilephone
  7. 7. 1.1 billionaresmartphoneusers
  8. 8. 81% of smartphoneusers have doneproduct research viasmartphone and50% have made a purchasewith one.
  9. 9. 70%of mobile searches lead to actionwithin one hour(70% of online searchesresult in action in onemonth)
  10. 10. 91% OF ADULTShave their mobilephone within arm’sreach 24/7 .
  11. 11. In 2012, 24% of allonline shopping on“black Friday” in the USwas done via mobiles(up from 6% two yearsago)
  12. 12. (70% of online searches resultin action in one month)but we haveLEARNEDTWO things...
  13. 13. (70% of online searches resultin action in one month)technology ismovingvery quickly...
  14. 14. (70% of online searches resultin action in one month)And ...It is not necessary tochange. Survival is notmandatory.-W. Edwads Deming
  15. 15. (70% of online searches resultin action in one month)Do you have a mobilestrategy?
  16. 16. Why Should You Consider An✓CONVENIENCE: promote up-to-datecontent; push content from existing sources all througha centralized channel; providing immediate access touseful information. Connect with on-the-goconsumers.✓ACCESS: connect to customers wherever theyare; allow users to engage with your brand at thetouch of a button 24/7.16
  17. 17. Why Should You Consider An✓BRAND LOYALTY: remain relevant andvisible to your audience; empower loyal customers orsupporters with a tool to spread the word about yourbusiness or organization✓THE “WOW” FACTOR: distribute atool that will get people talking; outperformexpectations to win over new brand evangelists--position your brand at the cutting edge of mobiletechnology and innovation.17
  18. 18. What Makes For A SuccessfulApp?18
  19. 19. Our approach is collaborative, our touch is personal, and our work isresults driven.Trust us to help you build something great!AnalyzeBuildStrategy - CreativityPlanning -Web*Mobile*SocialDesign, UX, UISEO DevelopmentConversationAmplification, ApplauseAnalytics,InfluenceBehaviorCultivate19
  20. 20. What Should You Consider In AnSuccessSmartUserInterfaceFunctionalityOriginalityLongevityEntertainmentValueMaximizePhoneFeatures20
  21. 21. 21People using a smart device don’t thinkof themselves as “computer users”therefore you can’t use the sameconventions you’d use in developingdesktop software.
  22. 22. 22Do you need a native app or amobile optimized website?
  23. 23. 23Native Apps Web AppsFunction Offline Don’tPush Notifications Don’tFull access to phone’shardwareDoesn’tFull access to multiple socialfeaturesDoesn’t
  24. 24. What should you consider?24
  25. 25. (70% of online searches resultin action in one month)Step1:Define the Client’s NeedsWhat is your client expecting from the app? (Usage,Results, Sales, Benefits to the Brand)What will their audience expect from the app?(Functionalities, Interaction, Communication)What information will their audience want and/or need toaccess on the go? (Photos, Videos)
  26. 26. (70% of online searches resultin action in one month)Step2:What is its purpose?What is the differentiating factor?How does the app play with the overall strategy?What other marketing elements will be supporting theapp?
  27. 27. (70% of online searches resultin action in one month)Step 3:Promoting the App and Measuring SuccessWhat plan do you have in place to promote the app?(Traditional, Social, PR)How is your client going to rate the success of the app?(Downloads, Usage, Sales)What tools will you use to track its success?If it is successful, is there a phase 2 of the app?
  28. 28. The Process28
  29. 29. Our Digital ProcessANALYSISDesigners, developers and project managers will consult with the client, face-to-face, in order to bring the vision to fruition. Our meticulous planningprocess prevents delays and surprises during later phases.DESIGNOur talented designers will work with the client to create a user interface anddesign that is intuitive, beautiful, and consistent with the organization’s brand.DEVELOPMENTOur team of developers will implement the plans and designs of prior phasesinto well-constructed websites, web apps and native apps using efficient andwell-documented coding methods.TESTINGOur team of developers and quality assurance testers will thoroughly test anddebug prior to delivery. This testing phase includes access to the platform weare delivering on for test prior to launch.12345LAUNCHOur project manager will walk the client through Apple and Android submission,social media account setup, and/or website launch processes. We will preparematerials like hi-res screenshots, videos, and promotional graphics to tout thelaunch of the project, and work with you to promote the project through allavailable channels. At this point we also release the source code and design files29
  30. 30. Sample Work30
  31. 31. Ford iOS and Android Apps31
  32. 32. Al Jazeera iOS App32
  33. 33. Al Jazeera iPad App33
  34. 34. CPS34iOS and Android App
  35. 35. Let’s work together!35Magaly Chocano | magaly@swebdevelopment.com | 210-617-7260