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Discover how MPLS can streamline your Business WAN

Discover how MPLS can streamline your Business WAN



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CIMCO MPLS CIMCO MPLS Presentation Transcript

    Gateway Solutions
    Advancing Technology with Personal Commitment
  • 2/3/2009
    Table of Contents
    • What is MPLS VPN?............................................Page 3
    • Why are companies using MPLS VPN?.................Page 7
    • Features & Benefits………………………………….……Page 11
    • CIMCO MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions……………….Page 15
    • Network…………………………………………………………Page 18
    • SLA & Performance………………………………………….Page 30
    • Applications……………………………………………………Page 32
    • VoIP Trunking via MPLS VPN…………………………….Page 38
    • Hosted VoIP via MPLS VPN……………………....Page 41
    • Implementation & Support……………………………….Page 45
    • About CIMCO………………………………………………....Page 50
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    What is MPLS VPN?
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    What is MPLS—by Definition
    Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a data-carrying mechanism that belongs to the family of packet-switched networks. It is designed to provide a unified data-carrying service for both circuit-based clients and packet- switching clients. It can be used to carry many different kinds of traffic, including IP, as well as native ATM, SONET, and Ethernet frames.
    MPLS VPN is a family of methods for harnessing the power of MPLS to create Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). MPLS is well suited to the task as it provides traffic isolation and differentiation without substantial overhead.
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    How MPLS Works
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    MPLS Advantages vs. Competing Technologies
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Why are Companies Using MPLS VPN?
  • 2/3/2009
    What are the IT Department Drivers for MPLS VPN
    • Desire to eliminate fragmented services
    • Lack of a single point of contact
    • Desire to eliminate regional carriers
    • Frustration with unreliable services
    • Need to eliminate potential security breaches
    • Need to streamline and simplify equipment and service management
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    Trends in MPLS Adoption
    • A 2005 global survey of business executives was done and 45% of respondents considered convergence “important” or “critical” to achieving their strategic IT and business objectives, and 60% said they would deploy converged networks across most or all of their organizations by 2008
    • Gartner predicts that by 2010, the majority of medium sized businesses will rely on MPLS for their WAN needs
    • According to a survey of NetScout subscribers*:
    • The majority (58%) of the companies that are implementing new deployments of VoIP are also implementing MPLS
    • The majority (54%) of the companies that are expanding their existing deployments of VoIP are also implementing MPLS
    * - IT Impact Brief, December 2007
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    MPLS VPN Evolution
    • Businesses today are utilizing MPLS networks for more than just WAN connectivity
    • MPLS equips networks with the capability of handling demanding applications such as:
    • VoIP
    • Real time video
    • CRM applications
    • Operating databases
    • Billing systems
    • Financial reporting databases
    • Email management
    • SaaS
    • Internet
    • Other hosted applications
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Features & Benefits
  • MPLS Features
    Converges Multiple Applications: Provides a platform for voice/data convergence as well as support for critical applications such as email, CRM systems, Billing systems, etc.
    Simplified Packet Forwarding: Routing decisions are made only once at the edge of the network, reducing the overall complexity of the network. Aggregate forwarding in the core allows for significant scalability over traditional technologies.
    Traffic Engineering: MPLS offers the tools to control the paths taken by different flows. Using these tools, traffic could be rerouted to avoid congestion points in a network.
    Network scalability: Using the MPLS label stacking capability, MPLS domains could be arranged in a hierarchy, offering multiple levels of abstraction, and therefore, scalability.
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    MPLS VPN Infrastructure Benefits
    • Simplifies management with on underlying infrastructure
    • Future-proofs the architecture of your network so it can respond rapidly to changing business needs (e.g. New services, latency sensitive traffic, bandwidth intensive traffic)
    • Supports real-time and bandwidth intensive applications as well as best-effort data
    • Allows traffic to be “engineered” for better throughput and automatic rerouting
    • Provides Quality of Service across the network and Class of Service to prioritize your critical applications
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    Organizational Benefits from MPLS VPN
    • Keeping business running 24x7
    • Meeting regulatory requirements
    • Eliminate production loss
    • Cost reduction
    • Simplifies management
    • Standardizing platforms and technology
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Highlights of MPLS VPN at CIMCO
    Worldwide availability
    Class of Service is included in the offering, no extra costs
    Highly secure network that meets Federal Government regulations
    Facilitates compliance with HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS* and other regulatory requirements
    No on-net requirements provide cost efficiencies
    Priced competitively on overall solution, not per location
    Flexibility in managing equipment
    Intelligent routing techniques
    No high price/discount games
    Consolidated underlying infrastructure
    *Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
  • 2/3/2009
    Technologies Being Replaced by MPLS
    • CIMCO customers have been utilizing MPLS technology to replace:
    • Dial tone lines
    • Internet access lines
    • BRIs
    • ISDN lines
    • IPsec VPN tunnels
    • Video conferencing
    • Frame relay
    • Point-to-point
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO’s Infrastructure Strategy
    High-level investment to maintain & enhance
    our highly secured facilities-based network
    Backbone built utilizing industry leading equipment providers (Juniper, Cisco)
    Flexible and scalable to remain nimble
    Built-in redundancies for 99.999% uptime across all applications
    Fully redundant network can reroute traffic anytime
    Technology supports multiple local access options
    Strategic Tier 1 network relationships to bring our customers the best technology solutions
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO Network Benefits
    Multiple SONET technology networks enable ultimate (99.999%) uptime through self-healing backbone
    Latest technology provides advanced applications and newest features for utmost in innovation and reliability
    Enables failover and service continuity
    Provides diversification into multiple central offices
    You can "future-proof" the service application; future technologies may be added or transitioned into existing deployed network
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO Network
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO MPLS Network Details
    Network Infrastructure Technical Specifications:
    Cisco carrier grade routers
    Redundant processors
    Redundant power with multiple power grids
    CIMCO owned MPLS network base on RCF3031 and RCF3033
    CIMCO-managed fiber & SONET distribution throughout the metropolitan footprint
    Dual voice and data routes throughout the network with multiple entrance facilities
    Dual voice switching facilities
    24/7/365 T1 monitoring through to customer premise
    All redundancy provided by Tier 1 carriers
    State-of-the-art technology ensures network performance of Next Gen applications
    Redundancy built in for maximum network survivability
    Monitoring 24/7/365
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO MPLS Network – Redundancy
    Technical Specifications:
    Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
    Five (9’s) 99.999% 5m 15 s carrier-grade telephony; health systems
    Self-healing network technology
    The working ring – handles all data traffic
    The protection ring remains on standby
    (SONET) is an industry standard for high-speed transmissions over optical fiber
    Results in uninterrupted services
    Reliability guarantees up to a 99.999 % Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    Enhanced level of security provided by fiber-optic circuits that are tamper resistant
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO Partner Networks
    CIMCO partners with industry leaders to provide access to top national and, if required, international footprints to provide significant and critical network attributes.
    Provides the best Quality of Service (QoS) available.
    Provides networks which are highly secure and equipped to meet government compliance and regulatory requirements.
    IP Multicast is supported across the entire network (on a global level).
    Separate private edge routers (PR) are used for the MPLS network and the public Internet.
    VPN solutions are available for remote users.
    Layer 1 to Layer 5 are monitored at a circuit level.
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO Partner Network: Powered by Qwest
  • Network Details
    Qwest Technical Specifications:
    Carrier-owned fiber in U.S. and MPLS core (RFC 3031, 3032 )
    Top 5 Tier 1 provider ranked by CAIDA.Org
    292 Gbps of private peering installed
    32 peers
    Private core routers: Juniper T640, M320, M160
    Aggregation routers: Juniper M320, M160, M40, M20, Cisco 12012, 12008
    Edge routers: Juniper M40, M20, Cisco 7613, 6509, 7609, 12012, 12008, 10000, 7507, 7206VXR, Riverstone RS8600
    Signal amplified every 60 miles, regenerated every 1000 miles
    State-of-the-art technology ensures network performance of Next Gen applications
    Redundancy built in for maximum network survivability
    CIMCO Confidential
  • National Redundancy
    Qwest Technical Specifications:
    RSVP-TE used to establish optimal label switched path (LSP)
    RSVP-TE with Fast Reroute extensions creates backup paths
    1:1 Detour Style
    Primary LSP is built, based on minimum IGP metrics
    A detour LSP is pre-established around every potential failure point
    Upon failure, detour comes up very quickly (sub-100 ms in continental U.S.)
    Shortly after rerouting, a new optimal LSP is built and installed end-to-end
    CIMCO Confidential
    Eliminates need for interior gateway protocol (IGP) convergence
    Eliminates the need for a SONET ADM (add-drop multiplexer, meaning that a network element that can fail is removed from the architecture)
    Improves recovery time of 15-30 seconds (for convergence) that would be required with an IGP over SONET APS to 100 milliseconds (for Fast Reroute failover)
    Less failure points in the network infrastructure
    Improved speed of reroute and restoration
    Results in uninterrupted services
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO Partner Network: Powered by Global Crossing
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Global Crossing International Footprint
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    SLA & Performance
    SLA & Performance
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
  • What’s Driving Demand for VoIP?
    CIMCO Confidential
    • Difficult to maintain two different networks
    • Ability to have unified dialing plan to easily call other locations
    • Reduce usage expenses
    • Reduce capital maintenance
    • Lack of scalability
    • Difficult to track and communicate with multiple service providers and vendors
  • Benefits of VoIP via MPLS VPN
    • Automatic Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
    • Reduced capital expense
    • Greater service flexibility
    • Network efficiencies in the enterprise
    • Advanced feature set
    • One provider
    • Reduced cost of management
    • Delivering enhanced calling features
    • Predictable expenses - all services bundled into one
    • Productivity enhancements
    • Ability to right size and grow in the future
    • One system to manage regardless of size or locations
    • CIMCO manages infrastructure growth and maintenance
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    Historical Network Applications
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    Converged Network Applications via MPLS VPN
    CIMCO Confidential
  • CIMCO VoIP via MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions - Offerings
    Hosted and Trunking Solutions provide unique flexibility and scalability options.
    Key Benefit: You can mix and match Hosted and Trunking at different sites according to your needs!
    • CIMCO can support all sites with voice
    • Fully managed and monitored 24x7x365
    • Automatic disaster recovery routing
    • Unlimited local & LD calling
    • Your phone can follow you
    • No need to replace equipment
    • Customer manages voice but CIMCO manages and monitors the network 24x7x365
    • Unlimited local & LD calling
    CIMCO Confidential
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    VoIP Trunking via MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Benefits of VoIP Trunking via MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions
    Allows leveraging your existing phone equipment
    Allows resources to be re-allocated therefore reducing operating expenses
    Provides Business Continuity
    Increases reliability and redundancy insuring
    business quality
    Allows for trouble resolution time to be reduced
    Increases the efficiency of your network by converging applications
    Eliminate bills from many carriers
    Provides a customized solution that scales with you, allowing ease for future growth
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Highlights of VoIP Trunking via MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions
    Smooth implementation and integration with existing systems
    Rapid provisioning of services
    Future-proof architecture
    Multi-site support
    Inter-office dialing
    Unlimited lines
    Guaranteed call delivery with automatic call rerouting
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Hosted VoIP via MPLS VPN Gateway Solutions
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Benefits of Hosted VoIP viaMPLS VPN Gateway Solutions
    Reduced capital outlay – no PBX or servers to buy; only buy what you need, when you need it
    Less resources needed to manage and support the many different systems and suppliers
    Eliminates need for extra office space and environmental for on-site systems such as PBXs or servers
    Reduces amount of bills from many carriers (and hardware suppliers for maintenance)
    Single cable infrastructure allows you to install one type of cabling and reduce the number of connections per location
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Highlights of Hosted VoIP viaMPLS VPN Gateway Solutions
    Smooth implementation and integration with existing systems
    Increased reliability because solution is maintained and managed by fully redundant data center
    Rapid provisioning of services
    Future-proof architecture
    Multi-site support
    Four-digit extension dialing
    Unlimited lines
    Guaranteed call delivery with automatic call rerouting
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Features of Hosted VoIP viaMPLS VPN Gateway Solutions
    Enhanced IP PBX/IP Centrex
    Unlimited local calls
    Direct-dial phone numbers to every phone where ever you are
    Find Me Follow Me
    Simple adds, moves and changes
    Unified communications
    Customizable call flows
    Auto attendants
    Enhanced voicemail
    Voicemail notification
    Support for phones with unlimited scalability
    Call forwarding
    Music on hold
    Hold recall
    Navigator – ability to manage calls through online web portal, listen to voicemail and click to dial
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Implementation & Support
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO’s Implementation Approach
    Integrated cross-functional team involvement and approach
    Interactive design process with experienced engineers and provisioners who incorporate nuances of your business into customized plan
    Dedicated, certified Project Manager who provides a robust project plan, timeline and continual status reports
    From contract signature to first billing, your Project Manager serves as your exclusive point of contact
    Dedicated Account Manager, appointed to provide one-on-one care after installation, will ensure your continuing satisfaction and need fulfillment. Meetings will be held quarterly or monthly as customer deems necessary.
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO’s Implementation Benefits
    Dedicated, cohesive service delivery is assured
    Instant, live operator assistance as opposed to impersonal large call centers or service centers
    CIMCO is the only provider in its league that focuses one group on the entire service delivery process
    CIMCO encourages dialogue between the designer/provisioner and the customer, rather than the industry’s hands off approach that compartmentalize groups through the customer care process
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO Technical Support
    Proactive Surveillance of network infrastructure
    Minimum disruption of network services
    Surveillance of last mile loops 24x7x365
    Location level services always up during
    critical business hours
    Early detection of environmental failures
    Prevents service disruption
    Faster restoration of devices and service well beyond your network
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    CIMCO Engineering Support
    Over 15% of CIMCO’s workforce is dedicated to Engineering including infrastructure design & support, service implementation and Network Management Center.
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    About CIMCO
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    About CIMCO
    CIMCO is the largest privately held technology solutions provider in the Midwest
    Serving business customers for 24 years
    Offers a host of products and services that help improve business efficiencies at every level of operations
    Offerings include voice services, both traditional and Voice over IP, high speed Internet access, private networking such as MPLS VPN, colocation, storage, data back up, network monitoring and management…the list goes on and on
    In a nutshell, CIMCO can assist in many areas throughout your business to assure the reliability, efficiency and security of communications
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Customer Focused Approach
    Mission has remained the same: we focus on our
    customers, not shareholders, because we are privately owned
    Partner with customers to
    develop best technologies
    to meet their needs
    Meet with customer groups
    on regular basis to make
    sure we bring the right
    solutions to the marketplace
    Survey our customers monthly to keep an eye on customer satisfaction levels
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Why CIMCO?
    CIMCO eliminates the pain of working with large monopolies by providing you the best available technology along with the highest level of customer care
    CIMCO provides one bill for all of your services
    CIMCO will not penalize you for changing technology mid-contract
    CIMCO does not play pricing games (high price/discount)
    CIMCO has the ability to monitor your services
    CIMCO is available to you 24x7x365
  • 2/3/2009
    CIMCO Confidential
    Thank You!
    We Look Forward to
    Working With You.