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There are so many viruses that enter the web world every day. Google Redirect Virus is one such latest malware to hit and infect millions of PCs worldwide. It is a search engine related virus that redirects Google and other search engine’s search results to malicious websites and spyware sites.

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Redirect Virus

  1. 1. Does Your Computer Have A Redirect Virus?Its easy to find out if your computer is infected with redirect virus. When using search engines,like Google for example, you can find yourself in some strange situation. The website you aretrying to reach, is not the website your browser end up. You go back to search engine, searchthe keywords again and found same results, so you click on the same link again and... you areon yet another website.If this happens- you should be sure your computer is infected with redirect virus. This is factgets even worse when you look at your task bar and see that your antivirus application is therenot seeing this at all.In general- redirect virus is not going to crash your computer, infect documents andapplications, or send a ton of spam to your friends via email. Its main function is what itsounds- redirect you to another websites when you are using search engines. When you knowsite domain and type it in address bar, you will be send to that domain, but if you want tosearch it via search engines, you probably will be redirected to another website.How To Remove Redirect VirusCurrently there is only one method to remove redirect virus and it will require to use one of thetwo programs- Backdoor.Tidserv Removal Tool- by Symantec, or Anti-Rootkit UtilityTDSSKiller- by Kaspersky Labs.The Backdoor.Tidserv Removal tool is little bit complex to use, but its still quite easy. All youhave to do is to: -Download this application from Symantec site (link: 99 ). - Next you have to close up all your programs. If you are a Windows XP user, you should aslo turn of your System Restore. - After you done that press right mouse button on this application and choose "Run As Administrator". - Read careful Redirect Virus Removal instructions. If it prompts to restart your computer then agree when you are ready. - After restarting run program again to be sure its all clear and if you are Windows XP user, turn on your System Restore.Kaspersky TDSSKiller is simpler: - Download TDSSKiller from Kaspersky site (link: qid=208283363 ). - Press right mouse button on this application and choose "Run As Administrator" - After program loads up and updates press "Start Scan" - Delete all threads found by TDSSKiller.
  2. 2. This is in fact simpler and not require you to restart your computer, but there are sometimesproblems with this application, like when you are running it from Windows XP or olderTDSSKiller could not boot up. Its because TDSSKiller is designed for Windows Vista andWindows 7. Sometimes when program updates, it can freeze on 80% of loading screen. Youjust have to run it again or download it again from same link.How To Protect Your PC From Redirect VirusThe best way to protect your PC for future attacks of this virus or any of its clones, is to installand update antivirus software, as well as let it run in your task bar, and dont force shutdownantivirus whenever it will popup. Which antivirus you should choose? You should chooseyourself, because most of common antivirus companies are aware of redirect virus and theyalready have a build-in solution in their software.