Swcg presentation equality and diversity
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Swcg presentation equality and diversity

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South west Composites Gateway project Equality and diversity presentation.

South west Composites Gateway project Equality and diversity presentation.

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  • 1. South West Composites Gateway (SWCG) FEKE pilots Equality and Diversity Best Practice Workshop Somerset College, Genesis Centre, 13 June 2011
  • 2. SWCGProject South West Composites Gateway Project: Equality and Diversity Best practise . Jerry Corless – Project Manager Michael Ilogu – Project Officer
  • 3. What is SWCG ?- a new project designed to Support the global competitiveness of the south west composites industry by Supporting Drawing on the rich businesses to diversity of existing Creating innovative mechanisms to capitalise on the Support the global competitiveness of expertise in the region to build provide business opportunities the south west composites industry by capacity in solutions from a sustainable afforded by the application of composite design, manufacture, partnership of FE composite materials in advanced assembly and repair and HE providers engineering
  • 4. SWCG- project activities Establish Meeting business needs for collaborative FE / composite technology support HE network and services delivery mechanism Develop strongly ‘branded’ Gateway Informed response – ‘One Stop – virtual and Shop’ with necessary links physical location Support the global competitiveness of the southpartners to composites industry by network west Support for Access to composites expertise, effective engagement models develop delivery Collaborative, multiple source capacity solutions Engage with businesses and provide Project Planned business assists to improve Outputs performance
  • 5. SWCG- project services The Gateway provides a hub that Knowledge SMEs(Businesses) can tap into, helping businesses to take up and Exchange exploit new technology From analysing specific needs to Consultancy identifying relevant support opportunities, the focus is on improving the performance of businesses Support the global competitiveness of theTechnology compositestoindustry by south west through flexiblelearn new techniques Business can access high quality solutions facilities and workshops Training and Gateway partners offer training courses that lead to qualifications and improved qualifications skills and knowledge
  • 6. SWCG- Institutional approach to Equality and Diversity Equality and Diversity: Using City of Bristol Colleges (CoBC) approach in the delivery of SWCG project.
  • 7. SWCG- CoBC– Equality and Diversity introductionCity of Bristol College recognises its responsibility to promote equality and diversity.CoBc value the diversity of all individuals who study or work in the college, and thecontribution they make to the success of the college. CoBc aim to provide a safe and supportive environment in which everyone is able to study and work to achieve their goals. CoBc do not tolerate behaviour from students, staff or visitors, which may constitute harassment or discrimination.
  • 8. SWCG- CoBC– Equality and Diversity approach (management) Executive lead (The Director of Foundation Skills and Progression) Chairs the Equality and Diversity strategy group ( meets regularly, to ) Develop and implement the monitoring requirements in line with legislation. Determines the key priorities for the coming year and the actions to address them.
  • 9. SWCG- CoBC– Equality and Diversity approach 2009/2010 CoBC work on equality and diversity in the last year has concentrated on three specific aspects:- Active promotion of Equality and diversity Narrowing achievement gaps between different cohorts of learners Attracting a Diverse Workforce
  • 10. SWCG- Delivery against Equality and Diversity cross cutting themeProjects can demonstrate that we have actively considered this theme,e.g.:· Equal opportunities was considered during project design;· Positive action has been implemented within the project, for example,during recruitment, policies or procurement;· The needs of equality target groups including women, disabled peopleand BAME (black and minority ethnic) communities have been researchedand the potential for adverse impact considered;· Equal opportunities is being monitored, reviewed and evaluated basedon information captured. Management Ethnicity (if required) Gender (if required) White Black - Caribbean Other Male managed Mixed Black - Other Prefer not to say Female managed Asian Chinese No clear majority Prefer not to say Black Chinese - Vietnamese No clear majority Black - African Indian Sub Continent Management Age & Disability (if required) 0 - 15 Years 16 – 24 Years 25 – 49 Years 50 – 64 Years 65 + Years Are any members of the management team registered as disable Yes No De Minimis State Aid Has your business received more than €200,000 in support from any government agency within the last 3 years? (This might impact on your ability to receive additional assistance) Yes No
  • 11. SWCG- Equality and Diversity best practice Project objective Examples of best practice Representative Project Governance Members of the Project Board will be representative. The current FE Network Group is chaired by a Female Engineer. Established industrial steering group that Increase in numbers of BME and non traditional drives recruitment of BME and non gender apprentices in composites, by using Stem traditional gender apprentices in composites Ambassador to assist in promoting Composites Engineering in schools and when operating CPD events. Requirement for Equality and Diversity The formation of the Gateway partnership is Policies to be in place with all the Network dependent on the HE and FE collaborators partners confirming they have a HEFCE or OFSTED approved equality and diversity policy
  • 12. SWCG- Equality and Diversity best practice Project objective Examples of best practice Representative Gateway Delivery All vacant posts will be recruited to in accordance Team with the equal opportunities policy of CoBC. Current team = 40 % female, 10% BME. Address gender /BME difference in student Success rates of non- traditional gender and BME success where significant difference students same as College Success. Monitoring of the attendance of Gateway Monitor and actively encourage (through events including skills development services marketing) underrepresented groups to attend provided Gateway events. Registrations for OOA: 6% female compared with 9% female in Professional Engineering positions nationally: (source SEMTA) 5% BME
  • 13. SWCG- Promotes women in Engineering and Technology What we know ………..Girls and women remain under Although girls performrepresented in many of these equally to orareas even though they are better than boys at Aqualified to study and work in level - they continuethem. to be a minority in mostGender stereotyping in STEM STEM subjectssubjects and career choice (UKRC, 2010).directly contributes to thegender pay gap (womens payis 17% less than mensaccording to EHRC). The UK was found to have the lowest percentage of female professional engineers out of 28 European countries in a recent analysis of labour force Source WISET newsletter statistics (8.7%) (UKRC, 2007). Autum 2010