Today's spanish english cognate


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This 4 page handout and worksheet presents the Spanish-English cognate "la memoria" in depth. It also presents vocabulary related to this particular cognate. Practice exercises included.

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Today's spanish english cognate

  1. 1. English-Spanish Helpful Handouts – For English Speakers Who Want To Learn Spanish Page 1 of 4 Today’s Spanish-English CognateSpanish and English have many similar words known as cognates. These words are constructed withthe same base, or root word, which may come from Latin, Greek, or another language. You can expandyou Spanish vocabulary quickly by using cognates. By studying cognates, you can use your knowledgeof English to help you learn Spanish. Today we will focus on this Spanish-English cognate: la memoria – memoryAs you can see, both words share the root word mem (to remember). Take a lookat the sample sentences and proverbs below. They la memoria in different ways.Please don’t be overwhelmed by the complexity of the Spanish sentences. TheEnglish translation is provided. Focus on the different forms of la memoria ineach sentence.Él está padeciendo de pérdida de memoria. (He’s suffering from a loss of memory.)Los mentirosos deben tener buena memoria. (Liars must have a good memory.)Mi ordenador tiene 4 giga de memoria. (My computer has 4 gigabytes of memory.)Has aprendido el poema de memoria. (You have learned the poem by heart.)Alicia le gusta hacer crucigramas para mejorar la memoria. (Alicia likes to do crossword puzzles toimprove her memory.)Tenía tan mala memoria que se olvidó de que tenía mala memoria y se acordó de todo.(He had such a bad memory that he forgot he had a bad memory and he remembered everything.) Ramón Gómez de la Serna (1891-1963) Spanish authorLa memoria es el único paraíso del que no podemos ser expulsados.(Memory is the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled.) Jean Paul (1763-1825) German author and humoristNow, take a few minutes to practice using the different forms of la memoria. Use the Spanish andEnglish sentences above to complete this exercise. Match the Spanish word with the English word._____ de memoria 1. to improve memory_____ la memoria 2. bad memory_____ tener buena memoria 3. loss of memory_____ pérdida de memoria 4. by heart_____ giga de memoria 5. to have a good memory_____ mala memoria 6. gigabytes of memory_____ mejorar la memoria 7. memoryFree Handout – Photos: (CreativeCommons License) philip.bitnar, Ethan Hein
  2. 2. English-Spanish Helpful Handouts – For English Speakers Who Want To Learn Spanish Page 2 of 4Here are some other Spanish words that are related to la memoria. Verbs memorizar (to memorize) conmemorar (to commemorate) Nouns la memoria Adjectives el memorándum (memorandum) conmemorativo/ conmemorativa el memorial (commemorative) (memorial) desmemoriado/ la conmemoración desmeoriada (commemoration) (forgetful) la memorización inmemorial (memorization) (immemorial) la remembranza memorable (remembrance) (memorable)Although these words are similar, there are some spelling differences between the Spanish andEnglish words. Go to page 3 to practice spelling these words.Free Handout – Photos: (CreativeCommons License) philip.bitnar, Ethan Hein
  3. 3. English-Spanish Helpful Handouts – For English Speakers Who Want To Learn Spanish Page 3 of 4Use the words on page 2 to complete the crossword puzzle in Spanish. The clues are in English. Twoof the Spanish adjectives on the preceding page are shown in both their masculine and feminineforms. The English clue will indicate whether to use the masculine or feminine form of the Spanishword in the puzzle. When placing a Spanish noun in the puzzle, be sure to include the definite articleel or la. 7 4 3 2 1 6 e l m e m o r i a l 5Across Down1. memorial 2. commemorate5. remembrance 3. commemorative (feminine)7. inmemorial 4. memoriize 6. forgetful (masculine)Unscramble these words and write them on the line provided.1. al rinómimcoeza _________________________ La memoria es la facultad de2. al nanoióccezimorm _________________________ recordar.3. le mráudmnmoe __________________________ (Memory is the ability to remember.)The answers to the above puzzles are on page 4.Free Handout – Photos: (CreativeCommons License) philip.bitnar, Ethan Hein
  4. 4. English-Spanish Helpful Handouts – For English Speakers Who Want To Learn Spanish Page 4 of 4The Answers 7 4 i n m e m o r i a l e 3 c m o o 2 n c r 1 6 e l m e m o r i a l d e n z e o m a s r m e m r m e a o m t r o 5 i l a r e m e m b r a n z a v r i a a d1. al rinómimcoeza __la memoraizción___2. al nanoióccezimorm __la conmemorización__3. le mráudmnmoe __el memorándum__Free Handout – Photos: (CreativeCommons License) philip.bitnar, Ethan Hein