Virtual Reality


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its about a little intelligent boy that gets A'a so his parents decided to get him a X-box which later on led to him failing all his courses and killed himself!!

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Virtual Reality

  1. 1. ~~*Impact of Virtual Reality on Society*~~
  2. 2. He got all A’s on his report card! Very impressive He deserves anything he wants, he chooses
  3. 3. After a tiring day… He played with his new X-box as well as he did his homework Finally I got a X- box, the latest version.” I will leave my studies for later”.
  4. 4. About to sit for dinner… “where are you going?” “I’m not hungry, ill eat later” “ I’m going to go play with my X-box and later on, I will do my homework”
  5. 5. His mom was looking for him all night, he locked himself up and did not do his homework. He has been sitting on his new X-box for the past 6 hours… he’s addicted!
  6. 6. School the next day… His grades have dropped suddenly..from what.. Don’t know! He’s failing math! He doesn’t concentrate in class anymore We need to find a solution..We’ll ask his friends if he’s been acting weird around them
  7. 7. I heard his parents got him a new X-box.. He’s probably spending all his time playing with it. A teacher was over hearing them and got info… I don’t consider him a good friend anymore He’s failing most his courses!! Do u know why he is acting like this? He’s a weirdo
  8. 8. Teacher’s discussion… So what do we do? I heard something about this new X-box that his parents had just bought him because of his good grades. Well, lets contact his parents!
  9. 9. Hello, I’m his teacher. I wanted to talk to you about his marks, they have completely dropped from A’s to F’s. Is there a reason to that? Well, he told me he’s been doing all his homework.. How might this happen? Ummm, well actually no, he hasn’t complained to us about anything!
  10. 10. His parents felt very blamed for this but at the same time, they couldn’t trust him anymore because he lied about doing his homework. In the first place, they bought it for him because of all his A’s, well unfortunately he’s failing!
  11. 11. Parent’s meeting with Principal… Well it seems that the X-box you and his mother got for him should be taken away. Yes, probably that is the reason. Thank you for helping!
  12. 12. Go straight to your room, your grounded! You go to school and come home do your homework!! Mother, please give me my X-box, I promise ill start working if you give it to me. I won’t go unless you give it to me.
  13. 13. Tried with his father… DAD PLEASE MOM ISN’T GOING TO GIVE IT TO ME.. PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME.. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITHOUT IT! He started crying and screaming but still didn’t get what he wanted. No…go straight to your room.
  14. 14. The child could not take it anymore, living without his X-box so he decided to jump out of the window.
  15. 15. An example of people in society when they do not get what they want. Large amount of the population will end up not surviving.