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PADV group project powerpoint

  1. 1. Partnership Against Domestic Violence Teen Scene Lauren Towers Zane Harris Courtney Sayers Mitch Hansen Sara Wardlow
  2. 2. Overview• PADV is the largest nonprofit domestic violence organization in Georgia• PADV is working to end domestic violence by: o Offering safety and shelter for battered women and children o Restoring power and self-sufficiency to survivors o Educating the public on the dynamics of domestic violence
  3. 3. Teen Scene Initiative• Target audience: o teenagers ages 16 to 24 with a focus on preventing and ending teen dating violence• Long-tail
  4. 4. Goals• Identify the social media channels that the target audience uses most• Find ways to increase the reach of PADV’s message through social media
  5. 5. Hypotheses• High content development but low outside engagement o few mention/retweets for their Twitter Page.• NACDV links to other brands and creates content tailored for Twitter. o 3,144 on Twitter and a 10%+ mention rate
  6. 6. Hypotheses• No engagement between the PADV Facebook and Twitter o interested users not aware of the Teen Scene initiative.• Teens are spending the majority of their time on social media networks not blogs o Most efforts should be put toward social media efforts
  7. 7. Competitor Audit: NCADV• Large online presence.• Similar target audience.• Highly ranked in Google search using overlapping keywords.
  8. 8. Smikiclas’ Digital Audit Color Codes• Green = Keep going, but look for areas to improve.• Yellow = Pauses and assess. Adjust based on priorities.• Red = Stop and fill gaps. Change direction based on budget / objectives.
  9. 9. NCADV Reach & Conversion• Not the traditional funnel model.• Second level sees a lot of organic growth.• Score = GREEN NCADV Tweets to Mentions % of Previous Level Tweets 1133 - Followers 3144 277.49% Mentions 118 3.75%
  10. 10. NCADV Architecture• Clean-looking website with basic navigation.• Load times are somewhat high for each page at 2- 3 seconds.• Very small social media link icons. Can easily be overlooked.• Score = YELLOW
  11. 11. NCADV Content• Inconsistent posting, but overall high number.• May not have a SM calendar in place.• No YouTube channel or video content at all.• Score = YELLOW NCADV 7-Day Tweet Totals 25 20 15 10 Tweets 5 0 17-Oct 18-Oct 19-Oct 20-Oct 21-Oct 22-Oct 23-Oct
  12. 12. NCADV Integration• Only website has links to SM channels.• No Twitter link on Facebook.• No Facebook link on Twitter.• Score = RED
  13. 13. Channel Data Analysis What we analyzed: - PADV main website; - PADV Facebook; - Teen Scene Twitter; - Teen Scene Facebook; - Teen Scene Blog; - Teen Scene MySpace; - NCADV main website; and - NCADV Facebook.
  14. 14. PADV Social Media DataFacebookPADV: 3,357 likes · 95 talking aboutPADV Teen Scene: 184 likes · 3 talking about thisTwitter@PADVAtlanta (last Tweet 4 hours prior)1,018 Tweets | 241 Following | 453 Followers@PADVTeenScene (last Tweet 2/25/12)68 Tweets | 33 Following | 184 FollowersYouTubeLast Activity: Dec. 7, 2011Subscribers: 4Video Views: 2,817
  15. 15. How SEO Fits Into the Picture• What is SEO?
  16. 16. • How does SEO work?
  17. 17. • Why should you care about SEO? o Links o Decay o FreshRank
  18. 18. SEO Channel DataPADV Website• Google Backlinks: 37• Tweets about site: 21• Delicious bookmarks: 0• StumbleUpon Stumbles: 1• traffic analysis: 772 Unique Monthly Visitors
  19. 19. SEO Channel DataPADV Facebook• Google Backlinks: 24• Delicious bookmarks: 0• StumbleUpon Stumbles: 0
  20. 20. SEO Channel DataPADV TEEN SCENEFacebook Blog Google Backlinks: 7 Google Backlinks: 5 Delicious bookmarks: 0 Delicious bookmarks: 0 StumbleUpon Stumbles: 0 StumbleUpon Stumbles: 0Twitter MySpace Google Backlinks: 6 Google Backlinks: 1 Delicious bookmarks: 0 Delicious bookmarks: 0 StumbleUpon Stumbles:0 StumbleUpon Stumbles: 0
  21. 21. Competitor SEO Channel DataNCADV Website Google backlinks: 521 Tweets about site: 390 Delicious bookmarks: 0 StumbleUpon Stumbles: 1,091 traffic analysis: 19,924 unique monthly visitorsNCADV Facebook Google backlinks: 20 Delicious bookmarks: 0 StumbleUpon Stumbles: 0
  22. 22. Other important dataTop SEO competitors: Top Pay-Per-Click competitors:• •• •• ••
  23. 23. Social Search Engine and Geolocal Channel Analysis• can be found on StumbleUpon, but with only 1 single Stumble• has 1,091 Stumbles• PADV is not found on geolocal channels and mobile apps such as Yelp, Foursquare, CitySearch etc. and there have been 0 Facebook check-ins
  24. 24. SEO related recommendations• NCADV’s national presence, calls to action & inclusion on different types of sites fosters high backlinks & increases traffic/followers• Clear calls to action being added will link in traffic between the PADV sites and social media channels• Teen Scene can learn from success of PADV’s regular interaction, content sharing and facilitation of backlinks, but should do so with the improvements recommended to improve both channels
  25. 25. Observations
  26. 26. Target Audience is Empowered through Social Media• Almost 96% of U.S. Adults have a Facebook page.
  27. 27. • PADV’s Teen Scene Twitter page has extremely low interaction as they have only tweeted 68 times since establishing their Twitter account in early February of 2010. The last tweet posted by PADV’s Teen Scene was over 8 months ago.
  28. 28. • Comments and posts made from followers should create great conversation topics, thus increase viewings, but they have disregarded the interaction.
  29. 29. • Delicate identifying information and exact organization locations are private and reasonably more difficult to publicize due to critical content matter.• Blogging is a more comfortable for posting information related to domestic violence.
  30. 30. Hub and Spokes Model
  31. 31. Recommendations• Media outreach• Instagram• Increase the amounts of specific mentions
  32. 32. • Use a Social Media Calendar Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayFacebook Post link Post link Post link Post linkTwitter 2 tweets Retweet Reply to tweets 2 tweets Retweet Reply to tweetsBlogSpot Post blog Comment on other blogsInstagram Post Post Post Post Post Post inspirational inspirational inspirational inspirational inspirational inspirational quote or quote or quote or quote or quote or quote or picture picture picture picture picture picture
  33. 33. • Update their social media• Interrelate all social media channels• Use Hootsuite• Geolocal channels should be set up and used for Events
  34. 34. The End! Sources••• Dover, Danny, and Erik Dafforn. Search Engine Optimization Secrets: Do What You Never Thought Possible with SEO. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley, 2011. Print.• Esposito, J. (2011, June 27). Social Media Stats for the C-Suite. Retrieved from stats-c-suite• Inbound Links Report for (2012). Retrieved from•••• marketing-audit/•• Tuten, Tracy L., and Michael R. Solomon. Social Media Marketing. Boston: Pearson, 2013. Print.