Vacations in the Eyes of Women


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Vacations in the Eyes of Women

  1. 1. Penny SwansonTUTH 9:05-10:30 Vacations in the Mind of Women Vacations are a large portion of the hospitality and tourism industry. If people did not goon vacations it would take away a large section of our market. As time goes on and technologyadvances and lifestyles change so do vacations. I interviewed 25 women between the ages of20-45. Everyone who talks about vacations sees them in a different way. Depending on theperson and their lifestyle vacation means one thing to them and something totally different toanother. When talking with a number of women about vacations most thought of fun, relaxing,friends, getting away. They also thought of them as break from life and work, warmth, exoticplaces, stress free, and new experiences. All of these thoughts on vacations go together withthe basic break from the ordinary. A great thing about vacations is that no matter how peoplesee them they can be tailored to fit their description and needs . When I asked what was their favorite vacation and what made it their vacation I had anumber of answers that matched each other in a few different ways. A number of girls said thattheir favorite vacation was to somewhere in Florida and New York. These two states came upthe most and I believe that is for a few different reasons. Florida and New York both are knownas tourist destinations. They offer great sightseeing and attractions that reach out to a varietyof people. There were also tropical places such as the Bahamas and Mexico that were statedmore than once. I believe that people are drawn to these locations for the warm climate and
  2. 2. different atmosphere. The Midwest is nothing like those areas so people are more likely to seekthem on vacation. European countries were also popular. Some of the girls had family overthere and others went with family. Europe is a top destination that is on many peoples bucketlist. As for why the ladies remembered the vacation and thought of them as their favorite, thetop two main reasons where family and friends. Family was number one. Being able to bondwith family members over seeing new locations, making memoires, seeing family that theyhaven’t seen for ages, and experiencing new cultures with them were some of the reasons thedifferent girls enjoyed their family vacations the most. Friends made girls vacation because theywere able to experience the new elements with their best friends. Traveling with family andfriends makes vacations better because you are able to enjoy the experience with other thatyou enjoy and you get to see them enjoy it as well. One answer that really stood out to me wasone of the girls her favorite vacation was a house boat trip they take every year not onlybecause of family but because it’s the one vacation that she is actually able to escape society byhaving no cell phones or computers. Not many people these days have vacations where theydon’t use technology. I asked the ladies if they could go anywhere on earth for vacation where would they goand why. A large portion of the response included Ireland, Europe, and a couple of tropicallocations.Ireland was a top destination for the following reasons; a few of the girls wanted totravel there because of family ancestors. A number of their families are from Ireland and theywould like to see the area their family came from. Others wanted to travel there because of the
  3. 3. scenery and land. Many people list Ireland as a top destination and I believe it is among the topdestinations. Europe was also very popular among the group I surveyed. Europe was popularfor reasons such as the tourist attractions, and culture. Other locations that were brought uppeople were interested because of the pictures and experiences that their friends had whenthey traveled there, the warm climate, animals, people, food, and celebrations. I believe thatpeople pick locations and dream of traveling to areas because of things they enjoy that the areaoffers. Childhood memories that stick with you are the ones you will remember for a life time.Children do not remember everything but everyone has moments from growing up . I asked thewomen what were some childhood memories that related to vacations and what made themremember them. A lot of them remember silly things they and their family did while onvacations or during the travels to vacation. Some remembered the trips they took to outdoorlocations and the adventures they would go on such as hiking and seeing the wildlife . Oneremembered camping and the activities they did such as fires, and telling stories around thecampfire. A majority of the girls remember their families’ first trip to Disney World because it issimply magical. As discussed in class children are the ones who help determine where theparents will be going to vacation. Children are influential and marketers know that. Disney doesa wonderful job at drawing in children which helps to draw in the parents. A lot of the girls hadvacations that were car trips verse planes. From the technology developments I believe that as
  4. 4. time goes on less and less people will drive for vacations and instead fly, not only because oftechnology but also from the fact that more and more people are going on vacation for shortertime periods. A large majority of the women I interviewed were in the younger part of the age rangethat I interviewed which explains why the most common next vacation for them was springbreak. When asked what is the next vacation they had planned 90% of the women all hadvacations planned within the next 6 months. When looking at the women interviewed I believethis is true because a large amount of them are in college and are looking to experience springbreak. Many of them will be going to Florida or Mexico over spring break. They picked theseareas because of friends, family, and prime college spring break locations. Others planned to goto California and Disney. California was both for the Disney Park, and family. Whereas Floridawas family, Disney, and spring break. The few others were different areas where family islocated. A trend that is appearing among the different questions is that people travel largelybased on family. I asked the ladies what influences their vacations and why. The top influences werecost, people, and sites to see. The girls think about who they would be traveling with. Theyconsider if it will be with family or friends and how many of them. Many take into considerationthe cost. Depending on the budget that they have for the vacation is a major factor on wherethey can travel. People who are on a $800 budget are most likely going to be staying in thestates, whereas a $1700 budget is likely to travel further or longer. Also the sites that are
  5. 5. available to see are a major impact. Girls want to experience different cultures and meet avariety of people. They want to see places that are different and they haven’t seen before .People want to know that where they are going is going to be fun and full of enjoyablememories. When looking at women between the ages of 20-43 and comparing what they think ofvacations and past experiences a large amount of the data related to each other . Topdestinations that the ladies wanted to travel to be the same for the most part . They reasons thegirls remembered certain factors was because the way they judge things. I believe anotherreason that the answers tended to relate was because of advertising and the media and theirinfluences.
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