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  1. 1. Spencer Swaney
  2. 2. Intro Red Bull is an Austrian company that sells energy drinks and sponsors extreme athletes. For a digital marketingcampaign to further theirproduct sales and build theRed Bull brand name, theymust use social media outlets to reach their audience. Twitter, Facebook and blogging will be the main focus. Within the blog keywords will be used to direct consumers back to a Google where they can find their home cite.
  3. 3. Goals for the Campaign Goals are simple, create a great digital campaign to improve sales and notoriety of the name. Along with creating digital campaign, involve the fans of Red Bull through social media to build the brand. Find the next athlete to be sponsored by Red Bull. (because it will be all good tricks)
  4. 4. Target Audience  Young urban professionals (upper middle class to upper class 20 to 30 years old)  People that are outgoing and obviously enjoy drinking energydrinks.
  5. 5. The Big Idea Red Bulls big idea is to create a competition for the fans. Red Bull will need to create a new commercial encompassing both of their preexisting commercials Use Red Bulls blog site and twitter to have fans upload theirs to each of the sites. With the contribution of fans videos Red Bull can choose a winner to either sponsor or give away a prize.
  6. 6. Social Media/ Mobile Strategy : You can have real time questions and submissions sent directly from consumer to company and vise versa. :Upload your pictures or videos for a chance to win. (don’t need an account) : very useful :Giving feedback and the ability to “like” the best video
  7. 7. Budget Budget would include:  Adwords  Youtubechannel Creating a blog/twitter account Paying athletes to do the stunts for the commercial Sponsoring an event that may provide good quality footage. Planning a place to shoot will cost you including flights there and back to potential filming areas
  8. 8. Summary Red Bull needs to film a newcommercial encompassing both stylesof their preexisting commercials. Thiswill show that athletes are not perfect every time, much like the restof us. A competition will be held on social media outlets for the fans. With the use of twitter, blogging and Facebook the fans can see each others and vote. Winners will get prizes or sponsorships depending on how good their videos are. With Google AdWords Red Bull can use words like “energy” and “extreme” on their blogs to get their names found in search engines and on search engine results pages
  9. 9. Thank You  Questions? Concerns?  Contact me:  Spencer Swaney 